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Best Sad Romance Anime, Sad Romance Anime

Top 10 Best Sad Romance Anime

Love stories in anime have the power to make us feel a whirlwind of emotions. While many romance anime end happily, there exist many shows that bring all the feelings in a melancholy way. These sad romance anime series beautifully portray the bittersweet nature of love, loss, and heartbreak. So, if you are a sucker …

Anime Where the mc is op but acts weak

15 Anime Where the mc is op but acts weak

Everyone likes to see main characters with a lot of abilities, showing off their power to confront what’s against them. But today’s list is a bit unique as today we brought you the list of top anime series where the main character hides his true powers and abilities and lives as an ordinary person. They …

Anime where Mc is an Overpowered Demon Lord

20+ Best Anime Where Mc Is An Overpowered Demon Lord

Today we are back again with another awesome list. We present to you the list of the best anime series where our main character is a demon lord with superpowers!! Whenever we talk about the main character, we think of him/her becoming a HERO. But today’s list contains the main characters who possess demonic powers …

Anime MCs Who Act Like Fools but Dependable

Top 10 Anime MCs Who Act Like Fools But Are Dependable In Nature

Kon’nichiwa, min’na!! We are back again with another exciting anime list which is about a frequently asked topic. In many anime series, the main protagonist hides their true powers and lives a simple life due to some incidents in their life. Also, some MCs are truly strong in terms of their strength but lack maturity …


Horimiya Wiki, Plot, Characters, Review & More

“Hori-san to Miyamura-kun,” also known as “Horimiya,” is a Japanese manga written by Hiroki Adachi (Hero) and illustrated by Daisuke Hagiwara. The manga was initially self-published on Hero’s website, Dokkai Ahen, from 2007 to 2011. It was later published by Square Enix in ten volumes under the Gangan Comics imprint. The series includes additional side-story …

Best Basketball Anime Series of All Time

Top 10 Best Basketball Anime of All Time

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, with fans spanning across countries and cultures. It’s no surprise that basketball has made its way into the world of anime as well. For anime fans who also love shooting hoops, basketball anime is the perfect blend of action, drama, and sports entertainment. After …

Best Short Anime Series of all time

Top 17 Best Short Anime Series In Existence

As an Anime fan I know the struggle – when you finish an epic series like One Piece or Naruto after binge-watching for days on end and suddenly feel at a loss for what to watch next. Committing to another long-running anime feels exhausting, but you still want to enjoy immersive stories and captivating animation. …

Best Volleyball Anime Series

8 Best Volleyball Anime Series (Ranked)

If you are reading this article chances are you are either a Volleyball fan who is starting with anime or an anime enthusiast who has taken an interest in volleyball. Whichever side you may be on, there is no denying that Volleyball is a sport that demonstrates the real meaning of teamwork and cooperation which …

Best Soccer (Football) Anime Of All Time

Top 10 Best Soccer Anime (Ranked)

Kon’nichiwa, min’na!! Anime or manga is not only just about superpowers, overpowered MCs, and romantic life. Besides that, there is a whole sports genre included in the animeverse. And today we have brought for you the anime series about the most-watched sport all over the world – Football/soccer. Football is not only just a sport …