Top 10 Best Soccer Anime (Ranked)

Best Soccer (Football) Anime Of All Time

Kon’nichiwa, min’na!! Anime or manga is not only just about superpowers, overpowered MCs, and romantic life. Besides that, there is a whole sports genre included in the animeverse. And today we have brought for you the anime series about the most-watched sport all over the world – Football/soccer. Football is not only just a sport … Read more

Top 10 Best Time Travel Anime


Time travel is one of the most fascinating and popular genres in anime shows in recent days and has worked as the main premise of various fantasy or sci-fi shows. Time-traveling may look like an overused plot in anime but there are many series that have managed to portray this topic elegantly. Through these Animes, … Read more

Top 15 Best Anime Where MC Is A GOD 2022 [Ranked]

Best Anime Where MC Is A GOD

We are back again with another heart-throbbing list. This list contains the top anime series where the main protagonist is himself a GOD or is considered a GOD. Everyone likes characters who display huge strengths and powers to make the scenes enjoyable.From Dragonball to Noragami, we bring forth the best list where the MC is … Read more

Best Anime on Netflix

Best Anime on Netflix

Nowadays the craze for Netflix shows has gotten quite huge. Fortunately for anime lovers like you and me, Netflix does offer a good number of official anime content in a variety of different genera. From Death Note to Black Clover Netflix has it all! So today we are listing down the best anime series that … Read more

All Upcoming Anime Releasing in Fall 2022

Upcoming Anime Releasing in Fall 2022

It has been a great year for anime fans, but it will get even better with some of the best upcoming anime series scheduled for this fall. Today’s list contains all the top anime series which are going to be released in the fall of 2022 which would make you fall in love with them! … Read more

Top 20 Best Anime With A Genius MC 2022

Best Anime With A Genius MC

We have seen many characters in anime series who are highly intellectual or prodigies by birth. They have overcome many situations only by using their wits and we enjoy the moments where they manage to escape from the harsh situations. Seeing these people managing to do their stuff is so satisfying to us viewers because … Read more


North Blue

The North Blue is a sea where many sea myths or real stories originated like the Liar Noland and the warrior of the sea- Sora. We don’t know if they were all real or not but based on facts they were bound to be true. The North Blue also like the other seas is comprised … Read more

South Blue

South Blue Wiki

The South Blue which consists of several scattered islands and the borderline- the Red Line is one of the four oceans in the blue sea. A famous island known as the Karate Island is situated here which is known for its martial arts specialty. We have seen Mr.5 using a revolver for Breeze Breath Bomb … Read more

West Blue Wiki

West Blue Wiki

West Blue is often referred to as the sea of the underworld, due to the presence of mafia organizations. There are mainly five mafia organizations present here collectively known as the Five Families Of The West. The West Blue like all the other seas consists of several scattered island and ocean areas with the border … Read more

East Blue Wiki

East Blue Wiki

The East Blue which is also known as the Sea of Schemes is considered the weakest among all the four seas. The story of One Piece starts from this ocean and lasts for six arcs. This ocean also comprises many small and scattered islands and has a borderline- the Red Line. Although it’s considered the … Read more