10  Facts about Bleach You Never Knew

By AnimeMentor

There’s Another Arc After The End Of The Anime

The anime currently ends with the Fullbringer arc but the manga story continues, finishing upon the conclusion of the Thousand Year Blood War. 

Rukia Was The Original Protagonist

In Tite Kubo's original concept for Bleach, the series was called Snipe, and Rukia was the main character. 

The Reason It’s Called “Bleach”

There is a connection between the word "Bleach" and a story about Death Gods battling undead foes in the afterlife.

Dragon Ball Author Akira Toriyama Championed The Series

It wasn't the best start for the Bleach manga. Tite Kubo pitched Bleach immediately after Shonen canceled his previous series, but the publishing company rejected it. 

A Live Action Movie Is Due In 2018

Bleach is also due for a live-action remake following the failure of Dragonball Evolution,

Almost Half Of The Anime Is Filler

As much as 45% of Bleach, however, consists of non-canon material, according to some fans.

 The Inspiration For Kon Is Pretty Depressing 

Kubo Was Encouraged By A Tragic Fan Letter

Ichigo Only Truly Killed One Major Enemy