ONE PIECE Netflix Live Action All Cast

By AnimeMentor

Iñaki Godoy  as  Monkey D. Luffy 

He is a Mexican actor. He is best known for Netflix's Mexican crime drama Who Killed Sara?, in which he portrays Bruno. 

Mackenyu  as  Roronoa Zoro  

Mackenyu is a 25y old Japanese actor born in Los Angeles. 

Taz Skylar as  Sanji  

Taz Skylar is a British actor, writer, and producer best known for his role in the crime drama, "Villain".

Emily Rudd as  Nami

Emily Rudd is an American actress. In addition, Emily is a fan of the manga and Nami from 12. 

Jacob Gibson as  God Usopp 

Jacob Romero Gibson is a 25y old American Actor. He is known for Blairsden and Grey's Anatomy 

Peter Gadiot as  Shanks  

Peter Gadiot is 36y old British actor.   Image Edited by @K16416 

Vincent Regan as  Garp  

Vincent Regan is a British film and television actor, best known for his roles in 300 

Morgan Davies  as  Koby 

Jeff Ward as  Buggy 

Aidan Scott as  Helmeppo