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Chained Soldier is an extremely fun Action-Ecchi series that is scheduled to release in the Winter 2024 anime season. In this article, we will be looking at the characters age, Height, Date of Birth.

Yuuki Wakura (Age: 18)

Yuuki Wakura From Chained Soldier Anime

Yuuki Wakura is the protagonist of Chained Soldier. His birthday is on March 12th and his height is 173 cm.

As a male in a world where only females are idolized for their strength, Yuuki wishes to change this system through his abilities. He is a strong-minded and kind individual who is willing to do anything to protect his loved ones, even if it means working as a servant in the Anti-Demon Corps.

While he is initially awkward after joining the corps and his fellow members are also distant from him, Yuuki soon wins over their hearts and many of them even end up joining his harem.

Kyouka Uzen (Age: 21)

Kyouka Uzen Chained Soldier Anime

Kyouka is the main female protagonist of Chained Soldier and is the leader of the 7th unit of the Anti-Demon Corps. Her birthday is on September 4th and she is 167 cm tall.

Kyouka is a serious and dependable individual who almost everyone respects. She has a strong sense of duty and also tries to remain calm no matter the situation.

However, she often loses her composure when it comes to dealing with Yuuki. Despite not wanting to admit it, Kyouka has developed feelings for him and also easily gets jealous when other women get too close to him.

Himari Azuma (Age: 18)

Himari Azuma Chained Soldier Anime

Himari is one of the most loved supporting characters in the series and is the Vice Chief of the 7th unit of the Anti-Demon Corps. Her birthday is on August 28th and she is 159 cm tall.

Being from a powerful family, Himari was always put in hard situations which made her a very hardworking individual. She is distrustful of Yuuki when he first joined but comes to appreciate his abilities.

Himari also looks up to Kyouka and dreams of eventually reaching her level.

Shushu Suruga (Age: 17)

Shushu Suruga Chained Soldier Anime

The cheerful Shushu is a member of the 7th unit and a notable side character in Chained Soldier. She was born on November 13th and is 165 cm in height.

While many girls in the series did not like Yuuki initially, Shushu was an exception and was very curious about him. Shushu is cheerful and carefree but can also be innocent in many aspects, especially with her own feelings.

She was also one of the very first people who came to like Yuuki but struggled to express herself to him.

Nei Ookawamura (Age: 11)

Nei Okawamura Chained Soldier Anime

The young and cute Nei is the main scout of the 7th unit. Her birthday is on May 5th and she is 145 cm in height.

Despite her young age, Nei has gone through a lot from the Mato disasters which has given her the ability to keep up in Kyouka’s squad of powerful individuals.

She is kind and helpful towards others and can also be surprisingly mature compared to many of her older peers.

While her demeanor might often be well beyond her years, Nei still gets flustered whenever she sees the other women getting too close to Yuuki.

Tenka Izumo (Age: 21+)

Tenka Izumo Chained Soldier Anime

Among the many girls who love Yuuki in the series, Tenka is a character whom almost every fan wishes to win apart from Kyouka in this harem battle. Her birthday is on October 1st and she is 163 cm tall.

As the chief of the 6th unit, Tenka is mature and calm while facing any enemy. She is very genuine and does not hold any prejudices against anyone.

The main trait of her character, however, is her obsession with Yuuki. She will find any excuse to spend more time with him and even jump headfirst into danger to protect him.

Ren Yamashiro (Age: Unknown)

Ren Yamashiro Chained Soldier Anime

Ren Yamashiro is the leader of the 10th unit and also acts as the head commander of the entire Anti-Demon Corps. Her birthday is on February 11th and she is 162 cm tall.

In addition to her beautiful appearance, Ren is widely considered the strongest human to exist. To complement her power, Ren has a strong sense of belief in herself and does not give in to any sort of external pressure.

She doesn’t mind using fear and brutality as a tool to lead others and is extremely dedicated to wiping out the Mato.

Yachiho Azuma (Age: 19+)

Yachiho Azuma Chained Soldier Anime

Yachiho is Himari’s older sister and is the Vice Chief of the 6th unit. Her birthday is on February 14th and she is 155 cm tall.

Yachiho is confident in her abilities and being a representative of her influential family. At the same time, she also respects hierarchy and knows her own limits.

While she can often be seen picking on her sister for her weakness, in reality, Yachiho is extremely obsessed with Himari. This is often even to a creepy level where she has several hidden photos and even overreacts to anything concerning Himari.

Aoba Wakura (Age: Unknown)

Aoba Wakura Chained Soldier Anime

Aoba is Yuuki’s elder sister who had taught him several valuable lessons in their time together. She had been missing for a long time due to a Mato disaster but was revealed to be living in a place called the Hidden Village.

Having been turned into a Humanoid Shuuki during her time in Mato, Aoba leads the other Humanoids in the hidden village. She shows her hatred for the Anti-Demon Corps but is also open to reason while keeping an open mind.

Aoba also cares about her brother very much and is willing to do everything possible to keep him safe. As a leader, this also extended to the people under her as she showed compassion to all of them.

Fubuki Azuma (Age: 38+)

Fubuki Azuma Chained Soldier Manga

Fubuki is the mother of Himari and Yachiho who goes on to become the leader of the Azuma family. Her birthday is on April 16th and she is 171 cm tall.

As an older and ambitious woman, Fubuki is a figure of maturity and composure. She cares deeply about her family and values success and strength very highly. Due to this, she is also often critical of Himari. 

However, Fubuki also wishes to do away with the harsh traditions of her family and wishes to come up with more nurturing techniques for the newer generations.

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