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Best Action Manhwa

A fan-favorite genre of action is covered in our latest article. We have tried to cover the best action manhwa that you must give a try. This list consists of some awesome martial-arts series along with sword and sorcery.

Along with romance people are also fans of the action genre. This genre depicts also many different human emotions that people love to read. The rage, hatred, sadness, and pain always hits the audience in their heart. Someone getting betrayed and taking revenge or, someone trying to protect the people they love is some basic plotlines of this genre.

Give this list a try if you love this genre. If you are new to manhwa, some of these series are also a good starting point for you. So what are we waiting for, Let’s jump into the list?

10. Lookism

  • Author: Park Tae Joon
  • Chapter: 385+
  • Status: Ongoing
So number 10 of our list is Lookism. This series shows hand-to-hand combat at its max. The plotline is also very versatile. You can see various fights like boxing to street fights in this series. Also, the art is clean and accurate in the sequences. The plot deeply focuses on its topic and character development which makes this series more interesting to read. 

SYNOPSIS: The story takes place in Seoul. The protagonist Daniel Park is bullied because of his looks. He always is hunted and beaten. He also faces many social and financial backlashes. So he decides to change schools. 

“Lookism” refers to a kind of discrimination depending on the person’s looks. So to run away from lookism  Park transfers to Seoul. However, a miracle happened. On the first day, he found himself in another body. The body is simply “Handsome”. Now he can switch between these two bodies. So what awaits for Park in the future?


  • Author: Ryu Ki-Woon
  • Chapter: 233
  • Status: Completed
This series is very beautiful. The plot is sometimes messy but the art is amazing. This webtoon mix plot’s seriousness and light moments together awesomely. The story starts at a slow pace with light movements. However,  the plot gets darker after the first five chapters. Throughout the plot, the character-building up and the story progressing is second to none. Give it a try if you haven’t yet.

SYNOPSIS: The protagonist of this story is Gang Yong. He has set out on the path of revenge. The bitter path that he never wanted to follow as a student of Gong Ryong. To get revenge from those who betrayed his master.

         Gong Ryong was once a strong martial artist. But, he was backstabbed by his own men. Now Gong set on a journey with his masters supreme techniques to kill them. However, soon he came to know that those people are dead. Now, what will he do? How will he get his revenge back?

8. Max Level Returner

  • Author: 이지득 (Lee Ji-deuk)
  • Chapter: 147+
  • Status: Ongoing
 This manhwa is fairly popular among fans for its plotline. The story describes a plot where Earth is being invaded by monsters. The manhwa has a good art style which is backed up by awesome action scenes. The story also very beautifully describes the characters. 

SYNOPSIS: One day monsters from a game came rushing into the earth. They attacked people everywhere and killed everyone. The military failed to defeat them. At that moment the players returned. The players, who already defeated a lot of those monsters in-game, have gotten their gaming levels in reality.

         After 22 years of struggle inside the game Masked monarch defeats the demon lord. But it turned out to be a lie. Every monster after that came into reality. He also returned to reality with his gaming stats. He was the strongest existing player of the game. He achieved everything in the game and became level 10,000. Now his fight to protect the earth begins.

7. unOrdinary

  • Author: Uru-chan
  • Chapter: 257+
  • Status: Ongoing
This story is very pretty and engrossing. All the people in this fantasy-action manhwa have powers of different scales which rules out how strong a person is. The characters are likable and have personalities that collide but also cooperate. This story is the perfect example of an imperfect world. 

SYNOPSIS: A world where people are born with special abilities. People without ability are considered trash. Wellston High is the school for elites who have abilities that surpass the average tier with a serious hierarchy amongst the different tiers.

John is a kid who was born powerless. He was a student of Wellston High. So as a powerless he was constantly bullied. However, there is a twist to the plot. He also has his secrets. He covers a secret that might change the societal hierarchy of power. Information so important that might destroy the fundamental value system. What is the secret, that John is hiding and how will he survive in the world of superpowers without any power?

6. Noblesse

  • Author: Son Jae Ho
  • Chapter: 545
  • Status: Completed
The Noblesse is one of the most globally popular manhwas of all time. This story depicts the conflict between vampires, wolves, and humans. The story in itself carries a lot of actions that are awesome to watch. The plot of this story is mostly focused on action. This webtoon specifically focuses on individual fights so the art style is very vivid.

SYNOPSIS: This action manhwa focuses on Cadis Etrama Di Raizel(Rai). Rai is a powerful vampire who is sleeping for 820 years. As he sleeps he lost all of his connection to the human world. Now after eight long centuries he awakens again.

In recent times, Rai doesn’t have any prior knowledge of human science and technology. So to familiarize himself with the present timeline he locates his servant, Frankenstein. Frankenstein is a Headmaster of a South Korean High School. Rai to learn more decides to join the school. There he meets with a teenager named Shin-Woo. Now, what will this meet-up bring to Rai’s newfound life?

5. The God of High School

The God of High School
  • AUTHOR: Yongje Park
  • CHAPTERS: 528+
  • STATUS: Ongoing
This series has a very beautiful and complex storyline. The plot also depicts many beautiful folklores and myths which makes the action more thrilling. Recently Crunchyroll adapted the manhwa to an anime with beautifully adapted action sequences. The popularity of this series has risen higher after the anime release. This manhwa is also shown martial arts as its action sequence. Though soon it will be epic to see how God uses martial arts as their fighting style.

SYNOPSIS: The plot of the God of Highschool series takes place in three different realms – the Human Realm, Sage Realm, and Heavenly Realm. At the very beginning of time gods, humans, and demons lived together. The gods shared their powers with humans so they can survive against the demons. In recent times, the Earth has changed a lot.

        The main protagonist of this series is Jin Mori. He is an expert on taekwondo, a martial arts style. At the very beginning of the story, he was invited to join a martial art tournament called “The God of Highschool”. The winner of this series gets his wish fulfilled. Follow our hero who has many secrets that might blow your mind.

4. Tower of God


AUTHOR: Lee Jong-Hwi(aka SIU)


STATUS: Ongoing

  • After the release of the anime Tower of God has become very popular among its fans. The story of this series is very unique. The plot moves around a kid called Bam. With crazy action and interesting characters, the story catches the reader’s attention pretty quickly. Also, the power system and villains of this series are quite special in their own way. This series also has unexpected twists and crazy betrayals. In action, it also is one of the best.

SYNOPSIS: The manhwa begins with some questions. “What do you desire? Money? Glory? Power? Revenge? Or, something that surpasses all other?”  Everything you want you can get on the top of the tower. That’s the premise of the story. People went to the tower to achieve whatever they want. 

            Bam, the protagonist, also enters the tower but for a completely different reason. Bam used to live under the tower alone. He only had a single friend whose name was Rachel. One day Rachel sneaks inside the tower. Bam promises her that he will chase her till his death. So he also enters the tower without any skill or power only in search of his friend. Now Bam’s journey inside the tower begins filled with death traps and dangerous monsters.

3. Solo Leveling

  • Author: Chugong
  • CHAPTERS: 179
  • Status: Completed
Solo Leveling is the most popular manhwa of recent years. This series has amazingly beautiful action scenes. The complex plotline also made every reader mesmerized. The plot of this story is adapted from a Light Novel named Only I Level Up. This gets more and more interesting and twisted as the story reaches towards its end. 

SYNOPSIS: The world of “Solo Leveling” is different from our Earth. People have magical abilities to fight monsters. The people who fight monsters in order to save the world are called Hunters. Sung Jin-woo, the protagonist, is the weakest of all the hunters. Even in the weak dungeons, he returns almost dead. One day when he enters a double dungeon everything changed. 

        Inside the dungeon, his whole party was almost totally wiped out and he was unconscious. However, he awakes in a hospital. Baffled by this rude awakening he tries to remember the incidents again. Then he realizes, he survived because of an unknown System. The system chose him as its player. The system gave him the unique ability to level up infinitely and get stronger. What will Sung Jin-Woo do with his newfound abilities?

2. The Beginning After The End

  • Author: TurtleMe
  • Chapter: 130+
  • Status: Ongoing
The Beginning after the End is a story that is kind of an Isekai. However, that doesn't mean it lacks in action. It has its own distinct storyline that makes it a very beautiful read. This manhwa has some aspects of an overpowered main character's life. However, it still hasn’t reached its peak as the storyline is still unfolding. If you like action with adventure and an amazing storyline give it a go now.

SYNOPSIS: This story revolves around King Grey. Grey was a lonely king. He was not trusted by anyone and betrayed by many. One day he saw “the light at the end of the tunnel” and realized that he died. When King Grey was thinking about his death he was reborn as Arthur Leywin.

In this new world, everything changed. He was the son of two loving parents and also has many trustworthy friends. However, this was a dangerous world filled with magic and sorcery. It didn’t take very long for him to realize that in order to protect the people he loves he needs to become strong.

1. The Breaker

The Breaker
  • Author: Jeon Geuk-Jin, Park Jin-Hwan
  • Chapter: 272( 2 Parts)
  • Status: Completed
The top of this list is taken by The Breaker. This manhwa is unique among all the others on the list. It covers martial arts as its power structure.  Also, the art style is black and white like manga. Though unlike other manhwas this art style makes the action scenes more impactful. The series is completed and it has two seasons titled – “The Breaker” and “The Breaker: New Waves”.

SYNOPSIS: Han Chun-woo is the new teacher of the academy. He is the strongest martial artist of the era. He conquered all the nine seats of power. At the start, Shi-wun was a coward and always the target of bullies. He was sometimes also made a slave. In this tormenting life, he decides to kill himself.  However, everything changed when he met Chun-woo. 

Han Chun-woo is the new teacher of the academy. He is the strongest martial artist of the era. He conquered all the nine seats of power. Now Yi Shi-wun wants to become his disciple. He saw him fighting some thugs and blackmailed him to become his teacher. The hard training life began. Eventually, he learned how to fight and became powerful. Thus the amazing story of martial arts begins. 


And with this, we come to the end of our list. Have you watched all of these manhwas? If you haven’t watched them all yet, what are you waiting for?

Comment below if you like our content and tell us which one is your favorite manhwa from our list. 

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