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Best Manhwa With OPMC, OPMC

Do you love manhwa (Korean comics) but find yourself frustrated when the main character isn’t powerful enough? You’re not alone. Many manhwa fans crave stories with overpowered, or “OP”, protagonists who dominate against all odds. The good news is there are plenty of great manhwa out there that feature OP MCs.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to some of the best manhwa with overpowered main characters.

25. The Gamer

The Gamer
  • Author: Sangyoung Seong
  • Chapter: 484+
  • Status: Ongoing

The Gamer offers an expansive and in-depth take on the video-game-inspired stories that have become very popular in recent times. The art style is easy on the eyes and the story is constantly improving while offering plenty of content for readers.
The Gamer follows its protagonist, a regular student who ends up acquiring an ability that allows him to see the rest of the world as a video game. We get to experience him trying to get used to this new life and maximizing the use of his stats and powers. In addition to this, he will also have to face many challenges including monsters and opponents with similar powers.

Han Jihan: As the protagonist of the series, Han Jihan was initially a very easygoing person with no ambitions in life. After gaining his ability and becoming the titular “Gamer”, however, he begins working in order to gain as much as he can. As a nerd who was already interested in games, Jihan’s obsession with video games carried over to this as well and he was finally able to find passion for completing his tasks.

24. The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years
  • Author: Barnacle
  • Chapters: 189+
  • Status: Ongoing

The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years is an extremely popular manhwa filled with stunning art and hype moments. Despite making some changes from its original novel, it still has amazing elements of fantasy and an overpowered, cool protagonist.
The Manhwa follows the story of Lukas Trowman, the greatest Mage in history who was imprisoned by Demigod.

After 4000 years, however, he finally escapes and takes over the body of a young bullied student named Frey Blake. With his return to the world, Lukas swears to get stronger than ever to get his revenge against Demigod.

Lukas Trowman: Lukas is the main protagonist of the series and wishes to get revenge against Demigod for imprisoning him for eternity. As soon as he escaped, he also noticed that there had been no progress of magic in the world and suspected Demigod to be behind all its misgivings. While he is generally calm and composed, Lukas becomes serious when it comes to his revenge.

23. The World After the Fall

The World After the Fall
  • Author: S-Cynan
  • Chapters: 96+
  • Status: Ongoing

The World After the Fall offers a more complex look into the tower climbing stories we all know and love. With some of the best visuals to ever grace the screen as well as a very creative story that is refreshing at a time when Manhwas are filled with generic plots, it is undoubtedly worth a read.

In a world where towers mysteriously show up and bring monsters that threaten humanity, individuals with special powers are tasked with climbing the tower in a bid to reach its top and bring back safety. These special adventurers are also able to use regression stones that can send them to the past and give them a second chance at life, but they would also be abandoning this current timeline. With the choice of life and death as well as dangerous enemies constantly attacking them, their conviction will be thoroughly tested.

Jaehwan: Jaehwan is the protagonist of The World After the Fall and refuses to use the regression stone no matter what danger arises. He is very strong-willed and suspicious and leads the adventurers to reach the top of the tower and finally end the nightmare for humanity.

22. Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha

Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha
  • Author: Hermode
  • Chapters: 64+
  • Status: Ongoing

Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha is one of the best new Manhwas that is airing right now and takes a very clever spin on the popular gacha games. It is brutal, violent and keeps readers at the edge of their seats through every chapter.

The story follows a talented player named Loki who is ranked 5th in an extremely difficult Gacha game. To his surprise, however, he finds himself transported into the game as a weak character himself. In a setting known for its treacherous nature, he will have to use his knowledge to survive while eventually aiming to clear the game and return back to his world.

Han Yslat: Loki was transported to the game as a man named Han Yslat. While his character was supposed to be only one-starred and weak, Loki, using his cunning and brutal nature manages to survive every difficult level. He also gradually makes those around him stronger in order to build a dependable team that can assist him in climbing the levels of the game.

21. Tutorial Tower of the Advanced Player

 Tutorial Tower of the Advanced Player
  • Author: Bangguseokgimssi,
  • Chapters: 185+
  • Status: Ongoing

Based on a novel of the same name, Tutorial Tower of the Advanced Player is a simple but exciting manhwa. It does not try anything very new and sticks to the classic overpowered main character story while keeping readers engaged with a plot filled with action and comedy.

Tutorial tower of the Advanced Player’s story is exactly what you would expect from the title. It follows a man who is stuck inside a tower for 12 years while having nothing to do but defeat monsters. After finally escaping, he is able to reap the benefits as he finds himself to be much stronger than everyone else around. We are taken on the adventure of his life as faces many monsters and enemies while protecting the world.

Hyeonu Kim: Hyeonu Kim is the main character and the advanced player of the Tutorial Tower himself. Hyeonu is a cool person who is aware of his strength. Due to this, he is also often cocky and has a large ego, though he is able to back up his behavior. While trapped in the tower, he used to assist many newcomers who would remember him for a long time. Finally after escaping, he hopes to track down the person who caused his imprisonment no matter the cost.

20. Solo Max-Level Newbie

Solo Max-Level Newbie
  • Author: WAN.Z
  • Chapters: 123+
  • Status: Ongoing

Hailed by many as the new Solo Leveling, Solo Max-Level Newbie is filled with all the features of an amazing overpowered manhwa – A badass protagonist, amazing art and dynamic battles.

The story is set in a world where a popular game known as the Tower of Trials comes to real life with a terrifying message that humanity will come to an end if players fail to clear its floors. While the game was known for its hard difficulty, one dedicated gamer, Jinhyeok, knows it better than anyone. Using his knowledge, he plans on gaining every advantage he can while dominating this world.

Jinhyeok Kang: Jinhyeok Kang was a gaming streamer and content creator who did a variety of things, right from Mukbangs to playing Tower of Trials and being one of the very best in the game itself. While struggling to make ends meet and planning on quitting his job, the world drastically changes and he is able to put the knowledge he gained while playing the game to use.

19. The Boxer

The Boxer
  • Author: Ji-Hun Jeong
  • Chapters: 123
  • Status: Completed

Made by the creator of The Horizon, The Boxer is an equally emotional and dramatic journey featuring an amazing cast of characters as well as art that enhances the story.
The Boxer revolves around a depressed boy named Yu, who shows an extraordinary talent for fighting.

After being scouted by a legendary boxing trainer named K, he begins destroying all his opponents ruthlessly. While initially being an emotionless robot, Yu gradually begins to find his humanity through each fight. However, with K having other plans for him, will Yu ever be able to find true happiness?

Yu: Yu is the protagonist of The Boxer and is a professional boxer under K. He is apathetic and never shows any emotion on his face. Yu is known to be a terrifying opponent to face and is disinterested in most things. He is very different from a normal human and does not seem to understand how to enjoy life.

18. Swordmaster’s Youngest Son

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son
  • Chapters: 95+
  • Status: Ongoing

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son is an exhilarating manhwa with amazing designs, a likeable main character and a plot that is written very well. Based on the novel “The Swordmaster’s Son”, the series does justice to its source material while making readers entranced with its world.

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son revolves around Jin Runcandel, a boy who was the destined head of his esteemed swordmaster family but fell short in terms of his talent. After getting banished, he runs into a god who frees him from a curse that was holding him back. Unfortunately, he ends up dying soon after. This is merely the beginning, however, as Jin ends up reincarnating back to his younger self. With no curse this time, he decides to fulfill his legacy and become an awe-inspiring swordmaster.

Jin Runcandel: As the son of the strongest Swordmaster Chiron, Jin Runcandel is the protagonist of the series. Despite working very hard, he was not able to become talented in the way of the sword in his previous life due to a curse. After being freed from its clutches and going back in time, he is able to work hard while also using the knowledge from his past life to his advantage. Jin is usually kind and compassionate but is equally unforgiving towards any enemies who want to harm him or his loved ones.

17. Duke Pendragon

Duke Pendragon
  • Author: Yuusuke Utsumi
  • Chapters: 85+
  • Status: Ongoing

Duke Pendragon is a very underrated Manhwa with an overpowered main character. The art style of the series is distinctive, it has one of the best adventure storylines currently and is also filled with great female characters.

We are introduced to Raven Valt, a man who fights against monsters in an unforgiving environment. After several years, he is finally close to getting out of this duty and is assigned to guard Eren Pendragon for his final mission. However, due to a conspiracy, both of them end up being killed. To his surprise, Raven finds himself reborn in the past inside Eren’s body. As a man who had only known hunting, will he be able to get accustomed to this life and raise the power of the House of Pendragon?

Raven Valt: As the main protagonist who later becomes Eren Pendragon, Raven was believed to be a traitor and forced to fight monsters under the Imperial army for 10 years as his punishment. Raven is cold and uneasy with affection due to his harsh lifestyle. Slowly but surely, he gets used to his new body as Eren and begins showing affection to those around him. He also wishes to find the mysterious White Dragon which he believes will restore the power of House Pendragon.

16. Leveling With the Gods

Leveling with the Gods,
  • Author: Black Ajin
  • Chapters: 93+
  • Status: Ongoing

The Tower climbing storyline has become quite saturated in manhwa, however, Leveling With the Gods manages to stick apart even in this competitive field through a stacked cast filled with memorable characters, vibrant art and edge-of-the-seat moments.

After a devastating loss against the Outer Gods, Kim Yuwon believed all hope was lost and stood at his wit’s end. In spite of this, with the help of his comrades, he was able to travel back in time to climb the tower once again. Knowing the truth, he begins to grow stronger and make powerful allies in order to stand a fighting chance against the evil forces that threaten to destroy everyone.

Kim Yuwon: As a man who was acknowledged by celestial beings and gods, Kim Yuwon is an extremely powerful protagonist who nevertheless failed to defeat the evil outer gods. After being set back in time, he uses his calm demeanour and extensive knowledge to gradually climb the tower. He also hopes to find the comrades of his past life and gain as much power as he can to face his enemies.

15. Overgeared

  • Author: Park Saenal
  • Chapters: 203+
  • Status: Ongoing

Based on the extremely popular novel, Overgeared is a hilarious, touching and exciting manhwa. It has a very unique protagonist who is different from the cool ones we have gotten used to and takes us on a wild adventure through a virtual reality game.
Shin Youngwoo is a loser who is deep in debt and is extremely unlucky in a popular game called Satify, despite being addicted to it.

His luck changes when he gets a legendary class in the game known as “Pagma’s Successor”. While this is only a blacksmithing class, Shin soon finds the various advantages that come with it and uses it to overturn his luck.

Shin Youngwoo: Known as Grid, he is a selfish and unlikeable man who always looks after his own benefit. After working hard to find the legendary class, he wanted to sell it and earn money but was forced to use it on himself as enemies were close to catching him. Through the course of the series, he becomes a more likeable man through his various experiences with the realistic NPCs as well as his fortune finally taking a turn for the better.

14. Return of the Blossoming Blade

Return of the Blossoming Blade
  • Author: Biga
  • Chapters: 94+
  • Status: Ongoing

Considered by many to be one of the best and funniest manhwas ever, Return of the Blossoming Blade takes the elements of the common Murim stories and makes them much more enjoyable for readers. The expressions of characters always make us laugh and are its best feature along with its action.

After the world is brought under terror by the Demonic Cult and its leader, Cheonma, a bloody battle takes place where everyone dies and Cheongmyeong of the Mount Hua Sect is finally able to defeat this evil enemy. Though he won, he remains regretful of all the losses suffered. Right when he thinks he is about to die, Cheongmyeong ends up reincarnating far into the future. To his surprise, the Mount Hua Sect has fallen far and is only a shadow of its former self. With his second chance at life, Cheongmyeong decides to restore the glory of this sect he calls home.

Cheongmyeong: Known in his previous life as the Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Cheongmyeong is a cheeky and carefree child after his rebirth. He does not care about showing respect unnecessarily and loves to break the rules. At the same time, he also has a deep attachment to the Mount Hua Sect and takes it upon himself to train the disciples and raise its name again.

13. Nano Machine

Nano Machine
  • Author: Hanjungwolya
  • Chapters: 176+
  • Status: Ongoing

Nano Machine is one of the manhwa greats, combining technology and murim to give an electrifying series for fans to enjoy. It has a bloodthirsty protagonist and stellar art to accompany the plot.

Nano Machine tells the story of Cheon Yeo Woon, the illegitimate son of the Lord of the Demonic Cult. After having been in danger from opposing families for most of his life, he gains a futuristic nanomachine. With its help, he begins his path towards mastering martial arts and defeating all other successors to become the leader of the Demonic Cult.

Cheon Yeo Woon: Cheon Yeo Woon was the son of the lord and his servant. Due to this, he was never officially recognized and faced criticism throughout his life. He was also forced to swear not to learn martial arts for his own safety. However, after being fatally wounded by assassins and on death’s door, his descendant visits him with the help of technology and inserts the nanomachine inside his body. Using this, he gains various powers that allow him to compete and overtake all his peers.

12. Tomb Raider King

Tomb Raider King
  • Author: Yoonz
  • Chapters: 411
  • Status: Completed

Tomb Raider King is one of those rare manhwas that was good from start to end and is loved by almost every fan. It helped in popularizing the Dungeon exploration storylines and has very thrilling adventures.

In a world where tombs with magical relics are present throughout the world, the protagonist, Joo-Heon, ends up being betrayed by his employer and left for dead. To his surprise, he ends up travelling back in time to right before the tombs emerged in the world. With his knowledge of the future, he plans his revenge while also stealing every relic possible and becoming the Tomb Raider King.

Seo Joo-Heon: Seo Joo-Heon is the main character and Tomb Raider King himself. He was always greedy and arrogant while wishing to monopolize every relic he could get his hands on. After nearly dying and time travelling, this only got worse as he also had the power and knowledge to be quicker than everyone else to raid the tombs.

11. Legend of the Northern Blade

The Legend of the Northern Blade
  • Author: Woo-Gak
  • Chapters: 165+
  • Status: Ongoing

For fans of Manhwa, it is nearly impossible for them to not have heard of the brilliant Legend of the Northern Blade. While this also features an overpowered protagonist, he is never gifted anything and works very hard to achieve all his accomplishments.
The story takes us to the Northern Heavenly Sect, a powerful sect that protects the world from the dangerous Silent Night.

However, after the Silent Night is believed to be defeated, the Sect leader is betrayed by his closest friends and killed. His son, Mu-Won, had never learned martial arts and was spared to live out his days in loneliness. What they didn’t know was that Mu-Won had been learning martial arts secretly. Quietly plotting his revenge, we follow Mu-Won’s journey of vengeance and restoration of the Northern Heavenly Sect.

Jin Mu-Won: Jin Mu-Won is the protagonist and son of the former leader of the Northern Heavenly Sect, Jin Kwan-Ho. After his father’s death, Mu-Won was imprisoned in the Sect itself while everyone was under the impression that he never learnt martial arts techniques. However, unbeknownst to others, he was learning the powerful martial arts of his sect to finally bare his fangs at those who betrayed his father.

10. I am The Sorcerer King

I am The Sorcerer King
  • Author: Miro
  • Chapter: 143
  • Status: Completed
A great mage reincarnated on the earth. This manhwa is quite underrated, to be honest. The story is very good and also the art is good. Though the protagonist is kinda OP from the beginning still, it doesn't get boring easily as it is very engaging to read.

The protagonist in his past life was a tier 9 sorcerer. He already transcended the universe three times. He also was known as Aura master, Golem master, and a craftsman of high caliber. However, he had trust issues as he stated he only remembers one woman from his past life. That was the dragon that killed him. Then he reincarnates in the 21st century.

Lee Sunghoon: In the present time somehow monsters attacked humanity. With this many people also gained new powers. Lee was in desperate need of money because of his mother’s illness. He started taking dangerous jobs and also acted as bait for monsters. One day he was heavily injured by a monster and remembers all of his past memories as the Sorcerer King Kratraus. Now regaining the memories of the past his overpowered show begins.

9. Max Level Returner

Max Level Returner
  • Author: Lee Ji-deuk
  • Chapter: 147+
  • Status: Ongoing
This series is similar to Sword art online. Like sword art online here monsters came to earth from a game. The art style is very beautiful. The action and plot are also very amazing. This manhwa is also very beautifully depicts the emotions of its characters. 

One day monsters from a game came rushing into the earth. They attacked people everywhere and killed everyone. The military failed to defeat them. At that moment the players returned. The players, who already defeated a lot of those monsters in-game, have gotten their gaming levels in reality.

Yoon Sang-Hyuk: After 22 years of struggle inside the game Masked monarch defeats the demon lord. But it turned out to be a lie. Every monster after that came into reality. He also returned to reality with his gaming stats. He was the strongest existing player of the game. He achieved everything in the game and became level 10,000. Now his fight to protect the earth begins.

8. SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter
  • Author: Shin Noah
  • Chapter: 62+
  • Status: Ongoing
SSS-class Suicide Hunter light novel is very popular among fans. It also got a manhwa adaptation very recently. The light novel is popular for its uniquely written plot. However, in the manhwa, the art made the actions scenes more amazing. The plot may seem pretty simple but the main character’s growth and emotions will hit you hard.

One day an unknown dungeon appeared out of nowhere. People gathered around the tower with curiosity. Eventually,  they learned that it is filled with monsters from another world. Some selected by the tower got some “skills” to defeat the monsters. Thus the story begins.

Kim Gong-ja:  Kim, the protagonist, was a fan of Flame Emperor who was known as the strongest hunter.  Kim was constantly jealous of him. For this reason, he gets an S+ skill. The skill granted him to copy any S rank skill from the person who kills him. However, he needs to die to acquire the skill. Though unwilling to die he was soon murdered by the Flame Emperor. Through death, he gets Flame Emperor’s skill of time travel. Now he can turn back time after death. 

7. Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker
  • Author: Nong Nong
  • Chapter: 113+
  • Status: Ongoing
This manhwa is based on a web novel. The story is very awesome with an amazing art style. The story also covers the revenge plotline for the fans who like dark plots. This manhwa also very beautifully depicts the character's mental fortitude. The writing is very good.

This story takes place inside a tower called “Obelisk”. It is said that the Sun God made this tower. The tower is inhabited by many Gods and those who climb are called “Players”. The Player gets any wish fulfilled as the prize of climbing the top. Cha Jaeng-Woo, the younger brother of the MC, died while climbing the tower. The story begins from here.

Cha Yeon-woo: After 5 years, Yeon got news of his brother and it was his death. His life was full of tragedies. His father died when he was little and his mother died 3 years prior to the incidents of the story. His brother left a box with a watch before death. Through the watch of his brother, he learns that Jaeng was killed in the tower. To get revenge he decides to become a “Player”. He reawakens as a human with the dragon bloodline. He has the knowledge of the Obelisk that he gained from his brother’s watch. He started to climb the tower and kill everyone who betrayed his brother.

6. Kill The Hero

Kill The Hero
  • Author: D-Dart
  • Chapter: 84+
  • Status: Ongoing
Kill the Hero depicts a story of revenge and betrayal. For those who like the revenge plot, this might be a hot cake for them. The plot is very deep with many twisted action scenes. In the very chapter, the stakes are set. Now to follow him on this hateful journey of bloodbath and revenge.

One day everything about the world changed. January 1st, 2020 dungeons appeared in the world out of nowhere. From those dungeons, monsters appeared and destroyed cities. Eventually, thousands of people were massacred in a little bit of time. However, with monsters appeared “Nimbus”. The “Nimbus” gave people skills to defeat the monsters. With this people came forward to save the world.

Kim Woo-jin: The story is based on the character of Kim Woo Jin. Kim hated the world from his birth. He was betrayed by people everywhere in his life and beaten because he was weak. Everything changed for him after the dungeon appeared. He meets Se-Jun Lee. Se-Jun was the person he decided to follow. He decides to save the world with him. Until Se-Jun killed him. When they were going to defeat the last boss Kim was betrayed by Se-Jun. He was stabbed to death. Though after a little while, he was reincarnated back in time. Now he is hellbent on taking revenge. He’ll get stronger now and get back at those who betrayed him.

5. The Breaker

The Breaker
  • Author: Jeon Geuk-Jin, Park Jin-Hwan
  • Chapter: 272( 2 Parts)
  • Status: Completed
This manhwa is unique among all the others on the list. It covers martial arts as its power structure.  Also, the art style is black and white like manga. It has two seasons also – “The Breaker” and “The Breaker: New Waves”.

Han Chun-woo is the new teacher of the academy. He is the strongest martial artist. He conquered all the nine seats of power. Now Yi Shi-wun wants to become his disciple. Thus the amazing story of martial arts begins.

Yi Shi-Wun: At the start, Shi-wun was a coward and always the target of bullies. He was sometimes also made a slave. In this tormenting life, he decides to kill himself. However, everything changed when he met Chun-woo. He saw him fighting some thugs and blackmailed him to become his teacher. The hard training life began. Eventually, he learned how to fight and became powerful. Follow him on his journey to become the strongest martial artist in the existence.

4. The God of High School

The God of High School
  • Author: Yongje Park
  • Chapter: 530+
  • Status: Ongoing
This series has a very beautiful and complex storyline. The plot also depicts many beautiful folklores and myths which makes the action more thrilling. Recently Crunchyroll adapted the manhwa to an anime. The popularity of this series has risen higher after the anime release. The anime is also amazing with its action sequences which make the fans happy.

The plot of the God of Highschool series takes place in three different realms. The three realms are as follows – the Human Realm, Sage Realm, and Heavenly Realm. At the very beginning of time gods, humans, and demons coexisted. The gods supported the humans with their powers so they can fight against the demons. But in recent times, the Earth has changed a lot, and it’s for the worse

Jin Mori: The main protagonist of this series is Jin Mori. He is a taekwondo practitioner. Taekwondo is a popular martial arts style. The story begins with Jin getting invited into a martial arts tournament. He was invited to join “The God of Highschool” tournament. The winner of this tournament gets one of his wishes fulfilled.  As the story progresses the plot revolving around Jin thickens with mysteries. His true origin might surprise many fans.

3. Return of the Disaster-Class Hero

Return of the Disaster-Class Hero
  • Author: San G.
  • Chapter: 29+
  • Status: Ongoing
This very new series is picking audiences very quickly these days. The plot of this story covers revenge and betrayal. It is already becoming one of the fan favorites. The setting of the story is also very beautiful.  One day suddenly the disaster fell upon the world. Unknown monsters attacked earth out of nowhere. They were the “Calamities” that may destroy the world. They destroyed everything in their sight. So God came to rescue the Earth. They send 12 saviors with special powers to Earth. However, a 13th one came without God's blessing.

My left arm is severed, and I can’t even lift my right arm. It’s probably better to die here. Don’t make me laugh. There’s no way I’ll go down like this. I won’t die until I kill those bastards who stabbed in the back.

—– Lee Geon(to Himself)

Lee Geon: There are 12 humans who were sent by the “Saints” to save the earth. However, an unknown person appeared who was not connected to gods but was immensely stronger than others. His name was Lee Geon. They together almost defeat all the “calamities”. The world was almost saved. At this instant, the 12 betrayed Lee Geon and tried to assassinate him by throwing him in the strongest dungeon. After 20 years of fighting the strongest monsters in that dark dungeon, he returns again. This time to get revenge.

2. The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After The End
  • Author: TurtleMe
  • Chapter: 130+
  • Status: Ongoing
The story is typically an overpowered main character's life. However, it has its own distinct plot that makes it a very pleasant read. This manhwa has some aspects that are better than even Solo Leveling. It still hasn’t reached its peak of popularity as the manhwa is still ongoing.

The Beginning after the End is a story that is kind of an Isekai. A character who lived his life without love dies. King Grey was assassinated at his home. Now he is reincarnated and found love. He will do anything to protect those who he loves and cares about

A king never betrays the people who trust him. And… I promised someone very important to become a better person and to cherish the people around me.

        — Arthur Leywin

Arthur Leywin: This story revolves around King Grey. Grey was a lonely king. He was not trusted by anyone. So eventually he was betrayed. One day he saw “the light at the end of the tunnel” and realized that he died. When King Grey was thinking about his death he was reborn. He was born as a kid. His name was Arthur Leywin. In this world, everything changed. He was the son of two loving parents who cared for him. He also has gained many trustworthy friends. However, this was a dangerous world filled with swords and sorcery. It didn’t take him very long to realize the dangers of this world. He also realized that in order to protect the people he loves he needs to become strong.

1. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling
  • Author: Chugong
  • Chapter: 179
  • Status: Completed
  • Solo leveling is adapted from a Light Novel called “Only I Level Up”. Both the Light Novel and Manhwa ended. The story is very heart-wrenching. It is a tale of a person who became the strongest from being the weakest. 
  • The world is different from our Earth. This world has magic. People have magical abilities to fight monsters. The people who fight monsters in order to save the world are called Hunters. Sung Jin-woo, the protagonist, is the weakest of all the hunters.

I’m going to protect my family, even if it means turning all the hunters in the world against me.

-Sung Jin-Woo

Sung Jin-woo:  Sung Jin-Woo is the weakest E-rank hunter in the world. He almost dies even in the weakest e-rank dungeons. But everything changed one day. Unbeknownst to everyone, he enters a double dungeon mistakenly with some other hunters. His whole party was almost totally wiped out and he was lying unconscious. However, after a long time, he awakes in the hospital. He came to know that he survived because of an unknown System. The system chose him as its player. The system gave him the unique ability to level up infinitely and get stronger. 

With this, our list ends here today. Tell me which one among these you liked most in the comments. I’ll be back again with another awesome and exciting article soon. Till then goodbye.

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