Top 10 Best Isekai Manhwa (Webtoon)

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Best Isekai Manhwa

In the world of anime and manga manhwa has taken a very strong position in recent years. Among manga and manhwa, Isekai is one of the fan-favorite genres. That’s why we are here with the best Isekai manhwa list.

Isekai is originally a sub-genre that originally represents a world that is not our Earth. Somehow the protagonist dies on Earth and reincarnates in another world. It also might happen in the other way, someone from another world reincarnates on Earth. This series is so famous among its fanbase because it covers a lot of twists and unique world-building with mesmerizing action scenes. In recent few years, many Isekai also got animated.

So without further delay, let’s get into our top 10 best Isekai manhwa list. Try to read every single one if you haven’t gotten into this genre yet. I wish you love it.

10. Elqueeness

  • Author: 이환 (Lee-Hwan)
  • Chapter: 192+
  • Genre: Adventure/ Slice of Life/ Fantasy
Typical Isekai that almost exists everywhere. Though some little changes in the plot make this series a better read than others. The plot is kinda nicely paced and the art is also beautiful. The protagonist specifically has a beautiful side and character development throughout the story. Give this story a try.

SYNOPSIS: Kang Ji-hoon, the protagonist died in an accident. His life was filled with sadness and cruelty. He was bullied and beaten by his family. So in the end, he receives a very lonely death. After that death, his soul wanders around aimlessly until soul-catchers get to him. Eventually, he came to know a truth that was unbelievable. He was not supposed to be born a human. He was originally a water spirit. Now that he has been returned to his original world he now faces many problems which needed to be solved. Elqueness shows the journey of his life as spirit-king.

9. The Scholarly Reincarnation

The Scholarly Reincarnation
  • Author: Soo Yu Hyun
  • Chapter: 198+
  • Genre: Action/ Martial Arts/ Shounen/ Isekai
This series is based on martial arts and the art is very heartwarming. The MC is also a very warm person that makes their readers feel for him. This series has some awesome martial art fights. The strong point of this series is the bonds and familial love. The characters are really very beautifully depicted. However, the lack of this manhwa is maybe it has a pretty straightforward plot. This series also has some imperial politics that might make the plot a little spicy. Still, it's a great read for Isekai fans.

SYNOPSIS: The plot follows the master of Dark-arts. He was the strongest being who called himself the “murderer”. However, he was killed in a fight with the strongest of the realm. He almost won but a suicide attack took him down. Now after everything. He has reincarnated as the firstborn child of a local lord. As soon as he was born he felt familial love. He was called Hwang Jung-woo. After 3 years, he also gets his sister. With this familial love and care, he almost forgot his past reputation. He decides to live life as a better person for whom everyone will be proud

8. Bug Player

The Second Coming of Gluttony
  • Author: Cheongcho
  • Chapter: 80+
  • Genre: Action/ Adventure/ Fantasy/ Comedy
This manhwa is also very unique in the aspect of Isekai. The main protagonist is also very caring and protective. The reincarnation is also not a person’s but his soul’s. The plot is very interesting and kinda similar to many action manhwas. Still, this series has very beautiful storytelling with awesome action and beautiful art. Also, the main character is very Op as he knows what's to come and what to do. This manhwa will make you crave more chapters as you go on.

.SYNOPSIS: Shin is the protagonist of this series and is also known as a Bug Player. He lost his mother because of cancer and since then spent all his time shutting himself down. He blames himself for not being able to do anything. Soon he gets addicted to a game called Paradiso. After 10 years of only playing, he became a genius and the top player of the game. However, one day he died at the age of 30. He died because of excessive playing. After death, his soul reincarnated in the world of Paradiso. He was in the body of Jared Escalates, a duke of Caribia. Jared was a coward and scum. He almost destroyed the county in his own idiocy until Shin reincarnated. Now Shin must use every hack and glitch he knows to protect the Caribia dukedom. Thus begins the new journey.

7. The Second Coming of Gluttony

  • Author: Ro Yujin
  • Chapter: 100+
  • Genre: Seinen/ Action/ Adventure/ Dark Fantasy/ Horror
This Isekai is quite different in the aspect of world-building from other Isekai. This manhwa has a light novel that is very popular. It might have ranked higher if it had covered the novel well. The manhwa is overall very good with aspects like art and action. However, it has skipped a lot of novel original concepts. Still, it is very good with storytelling and it's also very fast-paced. People will enjoy this manhwa very much if they like brutal murder and unexpected twists.

SYNOPSIS: The story begins on a battlefield where a fallen soldier wishes for a second chance in life. Then we move to our protagonist’s life. Seol Jihu also known as Seol, is a gambler. In gambling, he has lost everything. From a rich person, he turned into a piece of scum. He almost decides to end his life as he reached the end of his rope. Suddenly, a woman brings him into a world that is totally unknown to humanity. She gives him a second chance to turn everything around. Thus the story begins who is the fallen soldier? What’s his relation to Seol? What does life hold for him? An Isekai with many twists along with a death game. It will keep you on the edge every time you read it.

6. Daughter of the Emperor

Daughter of the Emperor
  • Author: Yunsul
  • Chapter: 230+
  • Genre: Comedy/ Fantasy/ Drama/Romance
This is am isekai but without action, this covers a lot of ground building relationships and bonds. If you like stories that have a deep storyline and beautiful characters this series might be the one. This manhwa depicts the bond between a father and her daughter. It's very wholesome and the art is quite beautiful. It’s a very fun read. A man who is known to be cruel and ruthless living with a daughter who is reincarnated. How will this story play out?

SYNOPSIS: It’s the story of Ariadna. A Korean was killed and was reincarnated in a whole different world as a kid. She had retained her past memories and consciousness. After coming to this world she first came to know about her father. Her father is the Emperor. He has killed many and ruled over the ten Empires. Everyone’s nightmare and a ruthless tyrant. Not only that she was also destined for sovereignty and a focal point of consideration in every aspect. After hearing all the things she thought of surviving first. How will she survive under these circumstances?

5. Crimson Karma

Crimson Karma
  • Author: Lemonfrog(Remongeguri)
  • Chapter: 118(Completed)
  • Genre: Isekai/ Action/ Drama
This story is very deep and the plot is just awesome. This story never feels like it's dragging or boring. In 118 chapters it ended with a great ending. The character's growth described in this manhwa is second to none. The female protagonist is also a little relatable to many of the people of our time. The male protagonist is also very emotional. The action scenes were also very well done.

SYNOPSIS: The manhwa follows Kasiya Del Roman. Kasiya was a military colonel. She was known for her ruthlessness. She never hesitated to kill. She thought that killing 100 to save 1000 is nothing but a great sacrifice. However, she was betrayed after a successful assassination mission. After death, a long time passed and she was reincarnated in a medieval era. She opened her eyes in the body of a severely injured woman. After putting her thoughts together she is in the medieval era. Now, how will she spend her second chance at life? Will her ethics change or she will be the same murderer as her last life? Follow her on his unique journey.

4. The Live

The Live
  • Author: Black Ajin
  • Chapter: 83+
  • Genre: Isekai/ Dark Fantasy/ Thriller/ Action/ Horror
This series is not your typical Isekai manhwa. The Live is one of the most graphically violent manhwas that exist on this list. This manhwa describes a man’s pain and grief who is going through the loss of someone dear. The plot is very dark and filled with brutal killing. If you are a person who loves to watch graphic violence this might be your cup of tea. The dark art style perfectly adjusts with the theme of the plot. 

SYNOPSIS: This manhwa revolves around Kim, the protagonist. Kim lost his wife and daughter in a car accident. After that, his life changed. His life became filled with despair and without hope he almost became insane. Now what a broken man, who almost is insane from losing his beloved ones, will do if he was given a second chance? This story starts from here. One Evening, Kim found his diary totally blank. After a thorough search, he saw a single note- “ You can see them again”. Then he was introduced to a game called “The World of the Backside”. Those who win this game get “The Holy Grail”. Using the grail you can reunite with the people you have lost. After this Yun-jae Kim joins the world where only the strong survive. A brutal world where you have to kill to survive. 

3. Omniscient Reader

Omniscient Reader
  • Author: Sing Shong
  • Chapter: 97+
  • Genre: Action/ Adventure/ Fantasy/ Isekai
One of the popular manhwas of this genre. The plot of this manhwa differs from typical Isekai manhwa’s. The protagonist in the story did not get teleported to another world. However, the world was swapped with a world of a novel that the MC reads. So to say simply the earth was turned into a world with monsters. The character growth of the MC is very just top-notch. Every character of this manhwa is beautiful and the action scenes are developed very carefully. If you like a story that is fast-paced then this might be your favorite. This manhwa also comes with a lot of twists and awesome action sequences that will stun the reader.

SYNOPSIS: The story follows the life of an ordinary businessman Kim Dokja. His favorite web novel “Ways of Survival” just came to an end. The novel was like a part of his life as he was reading it for 10 years. As time goes by the novel finally came to an end. He was the one and only reader at the end of this novel. He was sad at its end. However, he wanted a life similar to the protagonist of the novel. One day, While Dokja was riding a train at 7 pm the world suddenly changed. The world turned into something very similar to Dokja. It turned into the world of the novel that he was reading. Now as the only reader of the novel he knows everything of the story. He knows what incident will happen in the world.

2. Doctor Elise

Doctor Elise
  • Author: Mini and Yuin
  • Chapter: 143 (Completed)
  • Genre: Comedy/ Fantasy/ Romance/ Isekai
This webtoon is very popular among the fanbase for its quite mesmerizing storyline. Though it has many similarities with other Isekai manhwas it still has a unique flavor. Specifically, the world-building and character dynamics are by far the best of any Isekai. The art style is also very beautiful. It has also a unique comedy that makes readers smile very often and keeps them away from getting bored. This is a must-read for the Isekai fans.

SYNOPSIS: Dr. Song, the youngest professor at the leading College of Medicine in Korea, is the protagonist. She was a royal brat of a princess in her previous life. She was a wicked woman and her name was Elise De Clorence. However, in this new life, she is a genius. She is the youngest doctor who became a professor at Seoul University. Still, she remembers everything of her past life. As she has almost everything in this life she died. She met her untimely death at the ocean. Though this should have been the end, still it wasn’t. She wakes up as Elise again. She got a second chance in her past life. Now how will she spend this life? She also has all the medical knowledge she gained as Dr. Song. Follow her and see how she changes everything.

1. The Beginning After The End

  • Author: TurtleMe
  • Chapter: 130+
  • Genre: Adventure/ Fantasy/ Action/ Romance

The story has its own distinct plot that makes it a very unique read. This manhwa has some aspects that might dazzle the reader. “The Beginning after the End” follows every aspect of a story that has great world-building with character development. A character who lived his life without any love and trust dies after being betrayed. King Grey was assassinated at his home. Now he is reincarnated and found love. He has friends he can trust. So he will do anything to protect those who he loves and cares about.

SYNOPSIS: This story revolves around King Grey. Grey was a lonely king who was hated by many. As time goes on he was finally betrayed by someone. After that, he saw “the light at the end of the tunnel” and came to realize his own demise. Soon after his death, he was reborn as a child. His name was Arthur Leywin. This world was different from his past life. He was the son of two loving parents who cared for him. He also has gained many trustworthy friends. However, soon he realized the dangers with which the world was filled. This world of swords and sorcery in every way was like a hell for Arthur. It didn’t take him very long to realize the dangers of this world. He also realized that in order to protect the people he loves he needs to become strong.

CONCLUSION: Thus our list comes to end. I hope you enjoyed the manhwa recommendations. Which is your favorite manhwa tell us in the comments. We will soon return with another mind-blowing article.

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