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Kon’nichiwa; Wellcome to Anime Mentor. We were frustrated with the low-quality Anime related information we found online. Being huge anime fans from childhood we created this website to give you the best and most authentic information.

Anime Mentor is not only a website but also a community and the ultimate anime magazine where all anime enthusiasts can find exciting updates and trending details about their favorite anime. We are dedicating this website to all those anime lovers who are indulged in this community and have made it a part of their life. This site is for all those who want to Explore, write articles about their favorite anime or share their opinion about their favorite Anime series.

Our Goal

  • To give our readers real and only authentic information.
  • To make discussing anime mainstream (a long shot).
  • To make a platform for those who want to interact with people of the same interest (Anime) but are unable to do so.
  • To share our knowledge and passion for anime with the newcomers to the anime lovers community.

We believe that one day we will be able to achieve all of them!

We are new and are still in the process of learning a lot of things. But, we are focused on making it possible and putting our best effort into the website. All we need is your support and love so that one day we will be able to make AnimeMentor the home of millions of otakus all over the world.

Meet Core Team Behind Anime Mentor


Favorite Anime: Mushoku Tensei
Personality: Introvert Luffy

Youth is both a lie and a form of evil.


Ayaz is a die-hard anime fan who has been engrossed in the world of Japanese pop culture since his early days and it has only grown stronger over time. He has ventured into the captivating worlds of over 150 anime series and explored the realms of manga, manhwa, and manhua. Ayaz has a special place in his heart for Isekai and fantasy genres, with Mushoku Tensei being his ultimate favorite.

Anime provides Ayaz with a magical escape from the real world, allowing him to embark on thrilling adventures. The diverse and imaginative stories allow him to embark on thrilling adventures and experience a sense of wonder that transcends reality.

He enjoys diving deep into the stories and characters, finding hidden meanings and messages. He loves sharing his thoughts and engaging in discussions with fellow fans, always eager to learn more and expand his horizons.

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Bettie Tyler

Bettie Tyler

Favorite Anime: Naruto
Personality: Tomo-Chan

Bettie is a student of Media, Culture, and Communication at the Steinhardt School of Culture. Her interest in Japanese animation began when she saw Naruto in elementary school. When she’s not working, you can find her answering people’s questions on Reddit.

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Subhra Jit

Writer & Jr Editor
Favorite Anime: One Piece
Personality: Zoro+ Jinbei

Subhrajit is a true anime and manga aficionado who has been immersed in the world of Japanese pop culture for a long time. He has watched countless anime series and read numerous manga titles, developing a deep love and appreciation for the art form. One Piece holds a special place in his heart, and it remains his all-time favorite anime series. When he’s not watching anime or reading manga, he enjoys playing video games. He is always excited to discuss and share his opinions on the latest anime and manga with anyone who shares his passion.

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Ayush Rajan

Ayush Rajan

Writer & Jr Editor
Favorite Anime: HunterxHunter

Personality: Gintoki

Ayush’s passion for animanga is truly a driving force in his life. He spends countless hours reading and watching various titles, always on the lookout for something new and exciting. His analytical mind allows him to identify key themes and motifs within each title, providing unique insights and perspectives on the stories and characters. With Ayush as your guide, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands when it comes to discovering new animanga titles. His passion, dedication, and expertise in the field make him an invaluable resource for anyone looking to explore the vast and diverse world of animanga.

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violet evergreen

Afreen Ahmed

Favorite Anime: Fairy Tales
Personality: Dazai

Afreen’s love for entertainment knows no bounds. She is an avid fan of Anime, KPop, TV shows, movies, JPop, books, and music, with a broad range of interests and tastes. She finds joy and inspiration in exploring the many different stories and worlds that these mediums offer. As a writer, Afreen uses her passion for entertainment to craft engaging and insightful articles. Her writing style is engaging and accessible, making her articles enjoyable for both casual fans and avid enthusiasts. When Afreen is not busy crafting engaging articles, she enjoys spending quality time with her beloved cats.

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Favorite Anime: Horimiya
Personality: Yato

Soumalya is a dedicated otaku who is completely obsessed with all things anime, manga, and light novels. His love for the medium runs deep, and he spends countless hours indulging in his favorite titles. As a true otaku, Soumalya is always on the lookout for the latest anime releases and manga titles. He loves to explore the diverse and captivating worlds of his favorite stories and characters, immersing himself in the intricate plots and narratives that these mediums offer. He loves to connect with other otaku and share his passion for the medium with like-minded individuals.

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Sabir Ahamed

Best Pick Writer
Favorite Anime: Attack on Titan
Personality: Johan Liebert

Sabir’s love for anime is an all-consuming passion that he just can’t help but talk about all the time. He is completely immersed in the world of anime, always eager to share his thoughts and opinions on the latest releases and classics alike. Sabir’s enthusiasm for anime is contagious, and he has a way of getting even casual fans excited about the medium. His deep knowledge and understanding of anime allow him to provide unique insights and perspectives on the stories and characters, making his discussions and recommendations highly valued among fellow fans.

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Mark Turner

Man behind the Project
Favorite Anime: Dragon Ball

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Meet Our Writers

Authors List


  • Arani Dasgupta

    Arani Dasgupta is a talented author and avid anime enthusiast whose passion for the genre shines through in his writing. Through his writing, Arani hopes to inspire others to explore the vast and diverse world of anime and manga. He believes that the genre has something to offer everyone, from seasoned fans to newcomers, and he is passionate about sharing its many wonders with the world.

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  • Shreya Karmakar

    Anime has captivated Shreya imagination for over 4 years and counting. She loves diving into exciting new series across genres. But her passion doesn't stop at watching anime. Shreya also spends time drawing manga-style art, reading manga books. She's always looking for fellow anime fans to share recommendations and discuss theories. Shreya hopes her enthusiasm will inspire others to give this creative world a try - maybe even get friends caught up in it too!

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  • Arshia Asrani

    Arshia Asrani fell in love with anime during the lockdown and has since become a fixture in the community. She contributes her passion for the artform through vivid writing that transports readers into the worlds of popular shows. When not at her keyboard, she channels her creativity into sketching and painting characters that leap off the page. Arshia's articles showcase her deep knowledge and enthusiasm, making her a must-read writer.

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  • Surya Sekhar Ganguly

    Surya Sekhar Ganguly is an anime and manga superfan on a mission to share his endless passion. He immerses readers in the worlds of Japanese anime and manga through insightful writing. When not at his keyboard, he can be found sketching beloved characters or embarking on anime marathons.

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  • Arkodeep Mukhopadhyay

    Since discovering anime in 2020, Arkodeep has been captivated by the creativity and imagination of Japanese storytelling. When he's not watching the latest series, you can find this adventurous spirit gaming, creating art, or studying psychology. Arkodeep wants to share his anime passion and open minds about the meaningful messages within.

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  • Debeshi Mandal

    Debeshi found anime when she was 12 years old. Since then, anime has always been a big part of her life. Anime has taught her about having good friends, caring about family, and loving others. She wants more people to enjoy the awesome world of anime too. Her other interests include art, academia and fashion

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  • Ann Thomas

    Ann Thomas spends too much time watching, discussing, and researching theories for manga and anime, especially for One Piece. When she's not writing or watching anime, she's usually playing video games.

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  • Prakriti Adak

    Prakriti is an MBBS student who loves writing about k-pop, dramas, and global issues! In her opinion, writing is like wielding a sword! Also, she's a little bit like Lil Medicine! She believes names have been passed down through history and will continue to be passed on. There is no doubt that in the practice of writing changes are inevitable.

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  • Sabir Ahmed

    Sabir is a huge Otaku. Anime, manga, manhwa, and light novels are among his favorite things to watch. Through his anime-related articles, he hopes to influence people to watch anime.

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  • Anasooya Praveen

    Anasooya is an avid anime and manga fan who has been immersed in Japanese pop culture for over a decade. She enjoys a wide range of anime genres, with a particular fondness for romantic comedies and isekai. When she isn't watching anime, Anasooya can usually be found reading the latest shoujo manga or catching up on popular manhwa

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  • Arushi Mittal

    Arushi Mittal has been diving into the exciting world of anime for over 7 years. She also likes to draw, read books and manga, and .making handmade merchandise. She is open to watching a wide variety of genres. It is her goal to convert enough people into the anime cult so that cosplay parties are possible.

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  • Shreya Chowdhury

    I'm Shreya, a writer at Anime Mentor. Graduated from the literature program. I love everything related to Anime and Manga. If I'm not nose-deep in a book then I'm probably drawing an anime character.

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  • Khushi

    Khushi is a great fan of amine. Her dream is to be able to express herself through writing, as she believes that the mind speaks to the pen through writing.

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  • Ekta Singh

    Ekta Singh is enthusiastic about writing, listening to music, painting, reading books and manga, and watching anime. Over the past 5 years, she has been involved in the anime manga world without discriminating between popular and underdog series. She is on the lookout to make people join the marvelous cult of the anime and manga world.

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  • Mark
  • Lavanya Joshi

    It's Lavanya's passion to analyze, discuss, and help others find their new obsessions about anime and manga. She has been in all types of fandoms throughout her life.

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  • Ayaz

    Ayaz is an avid anime fan who especially loves watching long anime series. He has been watching anime since he was a kid and has watched over 100 anime so far.

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  • Soumalya

    Soumalya is a true otaku who is obsessed with animes, mangas, and light novels. He likes to write up articles about animes and recommend anime-related stuff to people. Be sure to check all of his articles as you would find them a lot interesting.

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  • Vishwas Rajput

    At the age of ten, Vishwas Rajput discovered the wild world of Pokemon and Dragon Ball and never looked back. Since then he has watched more than 400 anime series. He decided to study Chemical Engineering after watching Dr. Stone.

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  • Kaori Nakamura (なかむら かおり)

    I'm Kaori, an anime superfan from Japan who's currently studying English in college. I've loved manga and anime for as long as I can remember. Over the years, I've taken Japanese culture classes, gone to tons of conventions, reviewed and analyzed anime, and had nonstop conversations with other anime fans.

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  • Afreen Ahmed

    Afreen is a freelance writer in love with TV shows, movies, anime, books, and music, in no particular order. When she’s not working on articles, she can usually be found glued to the TV screen with the latest episodes of her favorite shows, re-watching an all-time favorite.

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  • Ritik Katiyar

    As an elementary school student, Ritik discovered Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z and became a fan of Japanese animation. His knowledge of anime/manga has increased over the years, and he's now ready to share it with readers all over the world. He's always looking for a wonderful new anime to watch or manga series to read.

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  • Subhra Jit

    Subhrajit is a university student who loves to watch anime and read manga. He has been watching anime for a long time. Now he has decided to write and share his love for anime with others.

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  • Ayush Rajan

    Ayush is an enormous animanga enthusiast who has been watching and reading them for over 10 years. He enjoys reviewing, rating, and analyzing them as well as recommending them to his friends and peers. He hopes to introduce people to animes and mangas that tend to go under the radar and help them appreciate them.

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Ayaz is an avid anime fan who especially loves watching long anime series. He has been watching anime since he was a kid and has watched over 100 anime so far.