All Winter 2024 Anime Confirmed So Far

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Winter 2024 Anime

The Winter anime season, which runs from January to March, often has a lineup of amazing series to kick off the new year. The 2024 winter season is no different and has some of the most anticipated adaptations coming out. Here are the Best Upcoming Winter 2024 anime:

Start DatesTitleEpisodesStudioDirector(s)
January 3Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki 2nd Stage13Project No.9Shinsuke Yanagi
January 3Classroom of the Elite (season 3)LercheSeiji Kishi (Chief)
Hiroyuki Hashimoto (Chief)
Yoshihito Nishōji
January 3Gushing over Magical GirlsAsahi ProductionMasato Suzuki
Atsushi Ōtsuki
January 3IshuraPassione
Sanzigen (CGI)
Takeo Takahashi (Chief)
Yuki Ogawa
January 4Chained SoldierSeven ArcsJunji Nishimura (Chief)
Gorō Kuji
January 4Delicious in DungeonTriggerYoshihiro Miyajima
January 5My Instant Death Ability Is So OverpoweredOkuruto NoboruMasakazu Hishida
January 5Sasaki and PeepsSilver LinkMirai Minato
January 5The Demon Prince of Momochi HouseDriveBob Shirahata
January 6A Sign of AffectionAjia-do Animation WorksYūta Murano
January 6Hari Maware! KoinuOperaHouseAi Ikegaya
January 6Mashle: Magic and Muscles (season 2)A-1 PicturesTomoya Tanaka
January 6Pon no MichiOLMTatsuma Minamikawa
January 6Tales of Wedding RingsStaple EntertainmentTakashi Naoya
January 6The Wrong Way to Use Healing MagicStudio Add
Shin-Ei Animation
Takahide Ogata
January 77th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy!Studio Kai
Kazuya Iwata
January 7Banished from the Hero’s Party (season 2)Studio FladMakoto Hoshino (Chief)
Satoshi Takafuji
January 7Blue Exorcist: Shimane Illuminati SagaStudio VOLNDaisuke Yoshida
January 7Fluffy ParadiseEMT SquaredJun’ichi Kitamura
January 7Kingdom (season 5)Pierrot
Studio Signpost
Kenichi Imaizumi
January 7Solo LevelingA-1 PicturesShunsuke Nakashige
January 7The Dangers in My Heart (season 2)Shin-Ei AnimationHiroaki Akagi
January 7The Strongest Tank’s Labyrinth RaidsStudio PolonMitsutaka Noshitani
January 8High Card (season 2)Studio HibariJunichi Wada
January 8Mr. Villain’s Day OffShin-Ei Animation
Yoshinori Odaka
January 8The Unwanted Undead AdventurerConnectNoriaki Akitaya
January 8Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy (season 2)J.C.StaffShinji Ishihira
January 9Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable!Silver Link
Mirai Minato (Chief)
Misuzu Hoshino
January 9Synduality: Noir (part 2)12Eight BitYusuke Yamamoto
January 9The Foolish Angel Dances with the DevilChildren’s Playground EntertainmentItsuro Kawasaki
January 9Tis Time for “Torture,” PrincessPine JamYōko Kanemori
January 9Villainess Level 99JumondouMinoru Yamaoka
January 10Doctor EliseMaho FilmKumiko Habara
January 10Shaman King: FlowersBridgeTakeshi Furuta
January 11Bang Brave Bang BravernCygamesPicturesMasami Ōbari
January 11Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!SatelightYoshiko Okuda
January 11Delusional Monthly MagazineOLM Team YoshiokaChizuru Miyawaki
January 11Metallic RougeBonesYutaka Izubuchi (Chief)
Motonobu Hori
January 11Sengoku YoukoWhite FoxMasahiro Aizawa
January 12Meitō “Isekai no Yu” Kaitaku-kiBloomZ
Tomonori Mine
January 12The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up TrashStudio MassketShigeyasu Yamauchi (Chief)
Naoki Horiuchi
January 12The Witch and the BeastYokohama Animation LaboratoryTakayuki Hamana
January 12Urusei Yatsura (season 2)David ProductionTakahiro Kamei
Hideya Takahashi
Yasuhiro Kimura
January 13Bucchigiri?!MAPPAHiroko Utsumi
January 13Snack BasueStudio PuyukaiMinoru Ashina
January 14Meiji Gekken: 1874Tsumugi Akita Animation LabJin Tamamura
January 14The Fire Hunter (season 2)Signal.MDJunji Nishimura

Whisper Me a Love Song

Whisper Me a Love Song

Whisper Me a Love Song is a beautiful romance anime that is bound to capture the hearts of fans upon release. The series follows the main character, Yori, as she attracts an underclassman named Himari with her music and eventually even catches feelings for her.

However, after finding that Himari only liked Yori for her musical talents, the innocent Yori begins to think about what Love actually means while trying to have her feelings reciprocated.

Whisper Me a Love Song is a purely romantic story with an engaging Yuri plotline and fantastic development between the characters.

The Danger in My Heart Season 2

The Danger in My Heart

With its first season, The Dangers in My Heart has already become a fan-favorite series that leaves audiences constantly entertained with its comedic scenes as well as romantic undertones.

The anime introduces us to a young boy named Kyutarou who believes himself to be a psychotic killer. While wishing to kill a bright classmate named Anna, he often runs into her and finds that she herself is quite strange and clumsy.

As these two keep spending time through the story, they gradually form a bond which seems to be growing into something more. The upcoming second season promises to feature many more hilarious as well as endearing moments that make us more attached to its main characters.

Mashle Season 2


In a magical world where those without powers are severely persecuted, Mashle tells the story of a boy named Mash who was born ordinary. However, to make up for this, Mash has developed his physical capabilities to the level where he can fight the most powerful of opponents.

In order to protect his family from the authorities, Mash eventually joins a prestigious magic academy and aims to reach its top with just his muscles. The first season of the anime introduced us to the extremely fun story of Mashle while also showcasing the ridiculous power Mash possesses.

The second season is set to follow the Divine Visionary Selection Exam, where Mash will have to compete against several other unique characters and finally achieve his goal of surpassing all his peers. With exhilarating fights, a memorable cast and funny gag humor, Mashle Season 2 will undoubtedly be one anime to look out for in the season.

Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun 2nd Stage

Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki Kun

The Winter 2024 season already has several amazing romance stories in store for fans, and Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun is yet another enjoyable addition to this. The series follows an anti-social gamer named Tomozaki who is extremely introverted.
While meeting another gamer, however, he is shocked when their identity is revealed to be a bright girl named Aoi Hinami. Seeing Fumiya’s personality, she takes it upon herself to help him in interacting with others.

By finally stepping out of the gaming world, Fumiya will go through several newer experiences and even finally have the chance to find love.

Chained Soldier

Chained Soldier

For all the Ecchi-Harem lovers out there, Chained Soldier is an exciting and steamy story that fans can eagerly look forward to.

In a world where fearsome monsters from another dimension cause rampant destruction, an elite group of women with powers form an anti-demon corps that works towards ensuring the safety of humanity.

The protagonist, a boy named Yuuki, ends up getting dragged into this world as he mistakenly stumbles onto another dimension and is rescued by a high-ranking chief of the Corps. Seeing his potential to assist them, Yuuki becomes the only male to join this group filled with women.

Unsurprisingly, this leads to a lot of fan service as well as thrilling battles between the characters and monsters.

Blue Exorcist: Shimane Illuminati Saga

Blue Exorcist

After a long hiatus, Blue Exorcist is finally back with season 3. In a world with both humans and demons, Blue Exorcist follows a young boy named Rin, who seems to be ordinary at first glance.

However, to his surprise, he soon finds out that he is the son of Satan and that his father has very evil plans for the human world he currently stays in.
To protect those he loves, Rin trains in order to become an exorcist who can combat demons.

The third season of the series will revolve around Rin and his friends fighting the Illuminati, a mysterious organization that wishes to revive Satan and unleash chaos upon the world.

With many fans lauding this as one of the best arcs in the series, anime watchers have plenty of reason to be excited for the return of Bleu Exorcist.

A Sign of Affection

A Sign of Affection

Even in a season filled with Romance Anime, the Shoujo sensation “A Sign of Affection” is assured to make its mark with its light-hearted and extremely cute story.
The series follows a girl named Yuki who has a hearing impairment. However, not letting this hold her back, she spends her days like any ordinary student.

Her life takes a drastic change one day when she runs into a multilingual boy named Itsumi. Unlike others, he does not seem to be affected when hearing of Yuki’s condition and is even a source of fascination for her.

As the two of them spend more and more time together and share their experiences, they begin finding comfort in each other.

No matter what genre of anime you like, A Sign of Affection is one series you definitely want to try.

Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy- Season 2

Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy

The first season of Tsukimichi took everyone by surprise as it introduced us to a fresh Isekai story with very distinctive characters and a likeable protagonist.

The anime tells the story of a man named Makoto who was meant to become the hero of another world. However, after the goddess finds him to be hideous, she throws him away to a corner of the world while only giving him the ability to understand all languages.
Despite this setback, Makoto keeps moving forward while meeting several kinds of creatures and building a peaceful society of co-existence.

At the same time, he also faces off against powerful enemies who bring out the true power Makoto has.

Season 2 of the anime will stay true to its adventurous roots as Makoto tries to integrate himself with human civilization and even confronts many hurdles on his path.

Classroom of the Elite Season 3

Classroom Of The Elite Season 3

Classroom of the Elite has set itself apart from other anime with a school setting through a plot featuring mind-bending twists as well as a genius protagonist.

The series follows Kiyotaka Ayanokoji as he joins a hugely competitive school where the strong are rewarded and the weak are left behind. While wishing to be a background character, he is roped into many of the competitions between classes and we get to see the true threat he poses to others.

Through its mysterious protagonist who is different from many other anime, Classroom of the Elite is a unique series that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The upcoming third season will follow the battle of wits between Manabu Horikita and Miyabi Nagumo as we are taken on yet another gripping challenge in the series.

Haikyuu!! Movie: Battle of the Garbage Dump

Haikyuu!! Movie: Battle of the Garbage Dump

After a long wait, the exciting volleyball masterpiece, Haikyuu, is finally returning to cover one of its most anticipated parts ever. The upcoming movie is currently scheduled to release on February 16th, 2024 and will adapt the Karasuno vs Nekoma match that has been built up from the very start.

While the most recent season did face criticism for its declining quality of animation, fans can be sure that the movie will deliver stellar visuals to complement this exhilarating match filled with memorable moments.

The main thing that would set apart this movie is that fans have been invested in characters from both Karasuno and Nekoma throughout the series. Due to this, the highs and lows during the course of the match would have a deep emotional impact on all viewers as we sit at the edge of our seats for the thrilling conclusion of this battle.

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is arguably the most hyped anime coming out next year, and for good reason. In a world where monsters from other worlds attack humans through inter-connecting gates, humans are gifted with supernatural abilities to defend themselves and come to be known as Hunters.

The protagonist, Sung Jin-Woo, is a man known as the weakest hunter in the world and is constantly made fun of. However, after a shocking incident, his entire life changes. With a mysterious system that he acquires and assists him in leveling up, Sung Jin-Woo gradually grows in strength to protect his loved ones as well as humanity.

Solo Leveling is filled with gorgeous art, a cool main character and electrifying fights that completely immerse you. With A-1 Pictures taking on the task of adapting the series, there is no doubt in our minds that this is going to be the best upcoming anime in Winter 2024.

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