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Mission Statement

The mission of Anime Mentor is to provide readers with reliable and accurate information about the world of anime while actively combating the spread of misinformation.

Ethics Policy

The following ethics policies guide the journalism practices at Anime Mentor as we deliver news and information in the dynamic and evolving anime industry.

Conflict of Interest

Anime Mentor News aims to avoid conflicts of interest whenever possible. In the rare cases where a conflict of interest may arise, appropriate disclaimers will be included in the content to ensure transparency for our readers.


At Anime Mentor, our editors strive for fairness in reporting. Fairness entails:

  • Including all relevant and important facts without intentional exclusions.
  • Presenting information accurately and without misleading or deceiving the reader.
  • Offering the opportunity for individuals or organizations mentioned in a story to provide comments or responses to assertions or claims.


Opinion pieces, also known as “op-eds,” will be clearly labeled as such to differentiate them from factual news articles. Occasionally, an editor may provide their opinion at the end of a story, and it will be clearly indicated as the editor’s opinion through a sub-heading such as “Anime Mentor’s Perspective” or “Author’s Opinion.”

Author Rules

Any writer found copying or plagiarizing content or violating the company’s policies will have their content transferred to the company’s staff account, and the writer will be removed from our network. Anime Mentor takes strict actions against authors who mislead or provide false information to our readers.

Spoiler Considerations

For previews and reviews, Anime Mentor respects embargoes and refrains from sharing spoilers without permission or until after the official release. We make an effort to avoid including sensitive spoilers in headlines and images, ensuring that readers are not exposed to unintended information. If spoilers are included and publication occurs during the release window, a prominent spoiler warning will be provided at the top of the article.

Correction or Update Requests: For any corrections or update requests, please contact our team at [email protected]. We value accuracy and are committed to promptly addressing any inaccuracies or updates that may arise in our content.

By adhering to these ethics policies and mission statements, Anime Mentor aims to provide readers with trustworthy and accurate information about the anime industry while upholding the highest journalistic standards.

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