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Best Manhwa

We are back with another excellent article. This time it is the best Manhwa that you should read. Here are some of our top Manhwa recommendations.

Manhwa originally refers to South Korean Comics. The global popularity of Manga brought massive success for Manhwa and Manhua in the world of comics. Manhwa is a huge part of Korean culture.

And though they are following Japan’s business footsteps, the manhwa has some features that make it inherently different from the manga. Specifically, manhwa’s colored panels with beautiful action sequences make people quickly love it.

The popularity of Manhwa is rising by the day and as we are also huge fans of manga/manhwa/manhua, we thought it would to great to talk about some of the best Manhwa series that are still very underrated. So without further ado, let’s get started.

30. Swordmaster’s Youngest Son

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son

With a great balance of fantasy, action, and adventure, Swordmaster’s Youngest Son is one of the finest Manhwas to come out in recent years. Every panel in the series is beautiful and it also has a deeply engrossing story where the power-scaling isn’t out of proportion.

The story starts by introducing us to a man named Jin Runcandel who has been shunned by his family and made his way up in the world with his hard work.

After making a contract with a god who undid a curse that haunted him, tragedy immediately struck as Jin ended up passing away.

That was only the beginning of his life, however, as Jin finds himself traveling back to the time when he was a baby.

With no curses or enemies to hinder him this time, he promises to make full use of his second opportunity and become a dependable swordmaster.

Key Takeaway: 

  • Great for fans of fantasy and adventure.
  • Perfect for those who appreciate beautiful artwork.
  • Appeals to readers looking for a well-balanced power-scaling in the story.

29. Nano Machine

Nano Machine

By combining science fiction with Martial arts, Nano Machine manages to give a very satisfying experience to readers and is filled with hype moments. The fights keep you at the edge of your seat and the story only keeps getting better with time.

Cheon Yeo-Woon is the hated son of the leader of the demonic cult and is always under threat of being killed by his enemies.

After one such attempt where he is very close to death, he gets a futuristic nanomachine that provides him with all the opportunities he hadn’t had till then.

Hoping to use this machine to surpass all those who looked down on him, he trains hard to become the strongest warrior who can defeat the father that abandoned him while becoming a leader himself.


  • Recommended for fans of science fiction and martial arts fusion.
  • Perfect for readers who enjoy intense and thrilling fight sequences.
  • Appeals to those looking for a satisfying journey of personal growth and empowerment.

28. I Will Die Soon

I Will Die Soon,

I Will Die Soon is yet another very creative series that has not been explored in Japanese manga either. It features various scenarios that dive into different genres and covers a lot of ground with only 66 chapters.

After having failed in life, Yijae Choi decides to kill himself but ends up offending Death.

To repent, he is made to play her twisted game where he lives 13 other lives in which his death is guaranteed in gruesome ways.

The only way to escape and gain a second chance at life is to find ways to survive the schemes that Death has planned.

Key Takeaway:

  • Recommended for fans of creative and diverse story scenarios.
  • Perfect for readers looking for a unique take on life and death.
  • Appeals to those interested in suspenseful survival challenges.

27. Heavenly Demon Reborn!

Heavenly Demon Reborn

Heavenly Demon Reborn! Is one of the best Murim manhwas ever made and only keeps improving as it keeps going. The story is filled with action and doesn’t hesitate to take risks while even having shocking demonstrations of gore. Most importantly, the manhwa remains consistent even as the scale of the plot expands while the art also shows major improvement.

After the spear master sect is framed for learning a forbidden art and chased by opposing forced, its successor, Hyuk Woon Seong finds himself facing death after giving a valiant fight.

However, that is not the end of his life, as he finds himself reincarnated as a member training under the demonic cult.

With this new opportunity in life, Woon Seong vows to make use of his past knowledge while defeating his peers and eventually getting revenge for his master and himself.

Key Takeaway:

  • Great for action enthusiasts craving gore.
  • Ideal for those seeking a consistent, expanding plot.
  • Recommended for readers who enjoy reincarnation and revenge themes.

26. Barbarian Quest

Barbarian Quest

Manhwa is mostly known for its leveling and Murim stories which is why something that breaks out of this trope is sure to stick in our minds for a long time. Barbarian Quest is one such unique story that features some of the best art to ever be drawn and a plot that completely captures our attention.

As a great warrior of the Boulder Axe Tribe, Urich was always curious as to what lay beyond the mountains which everyone was afraid to explore.

After being captured by mysterious invaders, he finally gets his chance as he travels to a completely different place with new a new culture that is completely unknown to him.

With his distinctive presence, he will be able to stay out of the limelight in this civilized world for only so long.

Key Takeaway:

  • Recommended for those seeking a unique and captivating storyline.
  • Perfect for fans of outstanding artwork and world exploration.
  • It appeals to readers looking for a robust and curious protagonist in an unfamiliar setting.

25. The Live

The Live
  • Author: Black Ajin
  • Chapters: 87+
  • STATUS: Ongoing
This series is not your typical OP MC manhwa. The Live is one of the most graphically violent manhwas that exist on this list. This manhwa truly describes a man’s mental state who is going through insane grief. The plot is very dark and filled with death games. If you are a person who loves to watch graphic violence at its max this might keep you hooked. Beautifully drawn art is also a positive point for this series. 

The protagonist of this manhwa Yun-Jae Kim lost his wife and daughter in a car accident. The accident scarred Yun-Jae for life and now he lives his days in despair, without hope.

However, one evening after returning home early from work on his late wife’s birthday, Kim finds that the diary entries he had been keeping for over half a year have all vanished with only one thing written: “ You can see them again – Your wife and your Daughter”.

Later, on the night of September 18th, Kim gets teleported to a parallel game-like world called “World of the Backside” along with many others.

Those who will complete the game get “The Holy Grail”, using which one can reunite with the people they have lost. 

However, it is a world where only the strong can prevail. A brutal world where one will have to kill to survive.

Will Kim ever be able to get his wife and daughter back?

24. Unholy Blood

Unholy Blood
  • Author: Lina Im
  • Chapters: 92
  • Status: Completed
  • Assisted By: Jeonghyeon Kim
  • Also Known As: White Blood
Unholy Blood is one of the most underrated manhwa on this list. This manhwa ended a long time ago but still has an ongoing effect on its fans. The plot is good and also the characters are drawn very beautifully. I loved it from the very beginning till its end in the 92nd chapter. The plot never slows down and ongoing events will keep you gasping.

10 years ago the world changed when people who could turn into vampires started appearing from nowhere.

These morphing vampires live among the masses and they slaughter humans to satisfy their bloodlust. It is said that one in every 10,000 is a vampire.

Thus, the Police are trying their best to stop the vampires by tracking them down. People are afraid of vampires and most hate these foul creatures.

Euntae Hwang is one of the officers in charge of hunting vampires.

Park Hayan on the other hand, is a pureblood vampire who hides her true identity from the rest of the world, living in an orphanage with her little siblings. Unlike other vampires, Hayan never harmed anyone and wants to have a normal life.

An officer whose goal is to free the world from vampires and a girl who wants to live a life free from hatred. What will happen when these two people meet each other?

23. Murim Login

Murim Login

Murim Login is a very unique series that doesn’t overdo the powerful protagonist stereotype while bringing a combination of both cultivation and leveling stories. It has distinctive designs and a main character who is very relatable. Additionally, it also features a great side cast and an immaculate story which makes both the Murim and real-world equally interesting.

Jin-Tae Kyung is a weak hunter who struggles to make a living in a time when people with supernatural powers battle monsters.

After accidentally going into a VR game, however, his entire life changes as he finds out that he can train and raise his powers through this new setting.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, as the Murim world inside the game also features formidable figures that don’t allow Tae Kyung to easily level up.

We get to gradually witness the development of the protagonist as he can figure out his priorities and eventually even begins to care about the NPCs in this fictional world.

Key Takeaway:

  • Recommended for readers who enjoy cultivation and leveling themes.
  • Perfect for those looking for a relatable protagonist.
  • Appeals to fans of unique world-building with a mix of real and virtual realms.

22. Leveling with the Gods

Leveling with the Gods,

While Leveling with the Gods might seem like a standard reincarnation and Tower Climbing story, it manages to execute each element very well while fleshing out its characters. The series makes use of its popular cast and unique art style to deliver dynamic fights while letting us experience various settings.

Despite being extremely strong, Kim Yuwon and his allies fail to defeat their celestial opponents that threaten the entire world.

At the brink of defeat, they decide to send Yuwon back in time to gain more strength and try again to fight their enemies.

With a renewed spirit and the will of his friends, the protagonist goes back to the start of the tower while surpassing all the expectations placed upon him.

Even while fighting monster after monster and taking on mythological powers with godly strength, he is only preparing to go back to the higher stage and face the enemies who defeated him in his past life.

Key Takeaway:

  • Ideal for fans of Tower Climbing and celestial battles.
  • Recommended for those who enjoy dynamic fights and unique art styles.
  • Perfect for readers seeking a protagonist’s journey to gain strength and face powerful enemies.

21. Kubera

  • Author: Currygom
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
  • STATUS: Ongoing
Currygom’s manhwa Kubera is not only a good read but also a very deep insight into Hindu mythology. If you are a mythology fan this might be your favorite story. The lores and storytelling are one of a kind. However, the story in season 1 was kinda slow paced and the art was quite bad. Still, from the next season and moving forward both the story and art develop a lot. The pacing issue of the story is also solved. Right now, it is time to catch up with the story of Kubera.

The story of Kubera takes place on the planet of Willarv. A young girl named Kubera Leez was rescued by a magician, Asha Rahiro after her village got destroyed.

Fueled by revenge Kubera Leez, decides to embark on a dangerous journey along with Rahiro to find the one responsible for the destruction of her village.

Throughout their journey, the two met various people and started to learn more about the mysteries regarding the God Kubera.

However, the consequences of their actions go beyond anything the girl could have foreseen.

20. Return of the Mount Hua Sect

Return of the Mount Hua Sect,

Also known as The Return of the Blossoming Blade, this is a hilariously fun series that also has its fair share of intensity. The Manhwa has pretty visuals, a very expressive protagonist who doesn’t hold back, and crisp fight sequences. It does not drag scenes out for longer than necessary and only increases our curiosity with each arc.

It starts by showing us Chung Myung, one of the greatest swordsmen in the world, as he defeats a catastrophic being known as Chun Ma.

This is too late, however, as all his friends are already been killed and he is at death’s doorstep.

In a twist, Chung Myung finds himself born again 100 years later due to a miraculous event.

To his surprise, the Mount Hua sect is close to ruin and Chung Myung attempts to restore the Sect’s glory while strengthening all those around him with his vast knowledge.

Key Takeaway:

  • Recommended for fans of intense and visually appealing fight scenes.
  • Perfect for readers who enjoy stories with reincarnation themes.
  • It appeals to those looking for a protagonist with a bold and expressive personality.

19. Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound

Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound is an exhilarating Manhwa that raises its level of excitement with each chapter. Made by the same studio that created Solo Leveling, it has art that’s easy on the eyes and an extremely likable main character who is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

The story follows a loyal member of the Baskerville family named Vikir who was willing to do anything to raise the reputation of his house.

After being betrayed by those he held dear, however, he is filled with rage for being used and thrown away

Upon being given another opportunity after facing the jaws of death, Vikir sharpens his claws to get vengeance on all of his enemies.

Key Takeaway:

  • Ideal for fans of Solo Leveling’s art and style.
  • Appeals to readers who enjoy revenge-driven plots.
  • Great for those seeking a likable, morally complex protagonist.

18. SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

  • Author: Shin Noah
  • Chapters: 63+
  • Status: Ongoing
SSS-class Suicide Hunter is a very popular light novel. Recently it also got a manhwa adaptation. The story and the actions were really great in the light novel. However, in the manhwa, the art made this series more amazing. The plot is pretty simple but the main character’s growth and emotions will hit you hard.

Many years ago a mysterious tower appeared out of nowhere in a city, now known as first-floor city. A tower so high, that it could be seen from anywhere on Earth.

Soon people learned that the tower is filled with monsters from other worlds. Few of the many who dared to enter the tower, received “skills” from the tower to defeat the monsters and they were named hunters.

Kim Gong-Ja, the protagonist of the story, is a weak F-class hunter.

Kim is envious of Yoo Soo-Ha a.k.a Flame Emperor – the current strongest hunter and feels jealous of how Yoo Soo-Ha can get away with whatever he wants to say or do.

However, one night after watching a live interview with Flame Emperor where he belittles other hunters, Kim feels extremely humiliated. Enraged, Kim breaks into tears wishing he had the same skills as the Flame Emperor.

The Tower hears Kim’s wish and he is granted an S+ skill that allows him to copy one skill from anyone who kills him.

Pissed at the absurd skill, Kim decides to drink himself to sleep. However, the events of the following day turn Kim Gong-Ja’s life upside down and possibly give him a chance to become the strongest hunter who ever lived.

17. Kill The Hero

Kill The Hero
  • Author: D-Dart
  • Chapters: 128+
  • Status: Ongoing
This is a story of betrayal and revenge. For those who like the revenge with an OP MC, this might be the one. The plot is very deep with many awesome action sequences. In the very fast episode, the stakes of this plot are set. Now to follow him on this excruciating journey of bloodbath and revenge.

Kim Woo Jin hated the world from his birth. Abandoned by his parents as soon as he was born, bullied by his peers, and betrayed by many others – Kim never trusted anyone. However, one day everything changed.

January 1st, 2020, dungeons appeared in the world out of nowhere. From those dungeons, monsters appeared that destroyed cities killing thousands of people.

However, with monsters appeared “Nimbus” who gave a small number of people a special power called authority to defeat the monsters.

Kim was among the few who were granted authority but he still hated the world the same, until he met Se-Jun Lee. Se-Jun was the one person Kim decided to follow until the world was saved. 

However, at the very end when Se-Jun and Kim were about to defeat the last boss, Kim was betrayed by Se-Jun and was stabbed to death.

Just when everything went dark Kim Woo Jin saw a light and to his surprise, Kim was back in time to the day he first received his powers.

Armed with the knowledge of the future, Kim is now set to get back at those who betrayed him.

16. Legend of the Northern Blade

Legend of the Northern Blade
  • Author: Woo-Gak
  • Author: Hae-Min
  • Status: Ongoing
A story focused on an Overpowered main character and revenge. This story might not be to everyone’s liking as its story is kinda straightforward. However, it has its highs and those are very awesome. If you love your everyday martial arts and fantasy this might be one of your cups of tea. The characters are well-written and the story, even though not very complicated, keeps you hooked from time to time. Soi if you love action give this a try obviously.

Legend Of The Northern Blade tells the tale of the brave warriors of the Northern Heavenly Sect.  For more than 100 years and 3 generations, they were protecting the world from the evil called, Silent Night maintaining the peace.

However, when the fourth Generation leader of the Sect Jin Kwan-Ho was falsely accused of colluding with the enemy by the Nine Skies of Central Heavenly Alliance, Kwan-Ho was forced to take his own in order to save his son, Jin Mu-Won.

Even after his father made the Central Heavenly Alliance to keep his son Mu-Won out of everything, he was kept under close surveillance and lived a painful life. 

One day, after receiving news that some esteemed guests of the Central Heavenly Alliance will be visiting the Northern Heavenly Sect, Jin Mu-Won encounters a badly wounded woman Eun Ha-Seol.

Mu-Won treats her wounds and Ha-Seol decides to live with him until she has fully recovered.

But What does the future hold for our hero?

15. The World After The Fall

The World After The Fall

Made by the creator of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, The World After The Fall is a very different take on tower climbing stories. Everything in the story is fresh despite it seeming stereotypical at first glance and it also has art and designs that are a delight to the senses.

Jaehwan is a man who climbs the tower along with several other strong people to save humanity from the catastrophe of its monsters.

Whenever anyone is on the brink of death in the tower, they can use a regression stone and go back in time.

Jaehwan, however, refuses to abandon his world and finally makes it to the top of the tower.

He is in for a surprise at the end which completely alters what he has believed so far and pushes him to grow stronger.

Key Takeaway:

  • Recommended for fans of tower climbing stories with a unique twist.
  • Perfect for those who enjoy surprising plot developments.
  • Appeals to readers who appreciate stunning artwork and character designs.

14. Return of the Disaster-Class Hero

Return of the Disaster-Class Hero
  • Author: San G.
  • Chapters: 26+
  • Status: Ongoing
The newest and maybe an underrated series right now. The potential of this series is great for the future. This series has aspects that might be similar to some of the most popular manhwa in existence. This manhwa depicts the basic plot of revenge and betrayal and people always crave the story of sweet revenge.

On the last day of the 20th century, the world fell into despair when unknown monsters attacked Earth. Called “Calamities”, they destroyed everything in their sight. When humanity was about to lose all hope the 12 divine gods appeared.

They tasked 12 humans called the “Saints” to save the earth. Blessed by the divine gods these 12 could achieve feats a mere human could never dream of.

However, a 13th one also appeared who was not blessed by the gods and was immensely stronger than others and his name was Lee Geon. These 13 people also known as the 13 Zodiac Signs were unstoppable but their corporation didn’t last long. 

Soon, the 12 betrayed Lee Geon and left him to die in the demon tower, and twisted a false report of his death in the strongest dungeon.

Little did the 12 saints know that Geon will survive the tower and after 20 years, he returns. Much stronger than ever before with a new younger body Geon promises to kill every single one of the saints who betrayed him.

 And thus the story of revenge begins.

13. Overgeared


Overgeared is a hilarious and beautiful Manhwa that comes under the newly fashionable MMORPG stories. It does not try to make its protagonist likable and fully embraces his scummy nature while also showing the amazing story of his growth.

Shin Youngwoo is a pitiful person who spends his days playing games while swimming in debt.

His luck takes a turn one day when he finds a book that gives him a legendary class in the game Satisfy.

While initially planning to sell it for money, he is chased by enemies which forces him to use it on himself, and to make it worse, the legendary class does not seem to have given him any noticeable powers.

Despite this, he plans to use this to the best of his abilities and change his luck for the better.


  • Recommended for fans of MMORPG stories with a comedic twist.
  • Perfect for readers who enjoy stories with morally ambiguous protagonists.
  • Appeals to those interested in witnessing a character’s growth and journey to change their luck.

12. Tomb Raider King

Tomb Raider King

Tomb Raider King is one of the rare completed Manhwa which managed to stay consistent with its quality from start to end. Brought to Life by Redice Studio, it is a very fun journey filled with action, comedy, and romance along with a memorable protagonist.

In a world where mysterious tombs have relics that give their holder powerful abilities, the main character, Jooheon tries to make a living by exploring and raiding these sites.
However, after getting betrayed by his employer and being close to death, he ends up traveling back in time before the relics and tombs were revealed.

With the experience he already gained, he decides to become the Tomb Raider king that monopolizes every power he can get his hands on.

11. Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker is considered by many to be one of greatest Manhwas to ever be made and there is good reason for it. The series perfectly executes the revenge trope while also having amazing world-building. With exciting fights and power systems, it has been delivering pure entertainment for over 160 chapters.

After the death of his mother, Yeon-woo finds a pocket watch left by his brother who had gone missing several years ago.

Through this watch, he gets to experience his brother’s memories and sees that he went to a magical world with all kinds of supernatural elements.

In this world, Yeon-woo’s brother found trusted allies with whom he climbed the ranks and eventually set up an all-powerful group.

However, after reaching the very top, he was betrayed by those close to him and stabbed in the back.

Upon seeing how his innocent brother was taken advantage of, Yeon-woo decides to follow in his footsteps and gain power inside this world to defeat all the enemies of his brother.

Key Takeaway:

  • Ideal for fans of revenge-themed stories with fantastic world-building.
  • Perfect for those who enjoy captivating power systems and exciting fights.
  • Appeals to readers seeking pure entertainment with an engaging plot.

10. The Breaker

The Breaker
  • Author: Geuk-Jin Jeon
  • Genre Martial arts, drama
  • STATUS: Complete
  • Illustrator Park Jin-hwan
  • volumes 10 (2007–2010)
Jin Jeon’s series The Breaker is quite an oddball. If you are a fan of Martial arts this might turn out to be one of your favorites or you might not like it. It’s one of these two. This series is very character driven and there's a good amount of comedy in it too. So if you are a martial fan dig into it without any second thought.

The story of the Manhwa revolves around two characters named Chunwoo Han and Shi-Woon Lee.

Han was a student of the Murim, a secret martial arts society hidden in modern society. He is a skillful martial artist who has earned the title of Nine Arts Dragon.

To hide his identity Chunwoo Han joins the Nine Dragons High School as the new English teacher. However, his secret did not last long as Shi-Woon Lee secretly saw him fighting.

Lee is a victim of constant bullying in school and decides to become Han’s disciple. Thus begins Shi-Woon Lee’s journey in the world of martial arts.

Does Shi-Woon Lee have what it takes?

9. Weak Hero

Weak Hero

There are many delinquent Manhwas that deal with corruption and high school violence but almost none are as good as Weak Hero. With gritty designs, amazing development a quickly moving story, and fantastic antagonists, there is very little to dislike about the series. If you wish to get into Manhwas that deal with elements such as facing bullying and gang fights, Weak Hero is a great place to start.

In a school overrun by bullies who enjoy tormenting the weak, a new student named Gray joins the fray.

While he looks frail, Gray is a very clever and tactical fighter who uses any means necessary to defeat his opponent.

However, after revealing his skills, he only attracts more trouble which will cause him to constantly be on his toes while also finding reliable allies to fight alongside him.

Key Takeaway: 

  • Recommended for readers interested in delinquent themes and school.
  • Perfect for those seeking a gripping story with well-developed antagonists.
  • Appeals to fans of tactical and clever fighting strategies.

8. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Omniscient Reader
  • Author: Sing Shong
  • Chapters: 92+
  • Status: Ongoing
One of the most popular manhwa of this generation. The plot of this manhwa is different from your typical manhwa’s. The character growth of the MC is very beautiful. Every character of this manhwa is beautifully drawn and developed very carefully. If you like a story that is fast-paced with a lot of twists and awesome action this series might be it.

The story follows a contract worker Kim Dokja whose hobby is reading web novels. His favorite web novel “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse” or TWSA which he has been reading for the last 10 years is coming to an end.

The novel was not popular to begin with as Dokja was the only reader for years. However, the novel was very special to him as it always gave him hope to move forward in life.

At the very end of this novel, he was the one and only reader of this series. However, he wanted a life that is like the protagonist of the novel. 

One evening while returning home from work with his colleague Sangah, Dokja receives an e-mail from the author of TWSA thanking him for the support he has shown all those years along with a text file of the entire series and a warning that the series will become paid starting today.

Little did Dokja know as soon as the clock hit 7:00 PM the world would be changed into the world of the novel.

Now as the only reader Kim Dokja knows everything about the series and what is to come in the real world. What will happen in this world where Dokja knows everything is about to happen?

7. Tower of God

  • Author: Lee Jong-Hwi(aka SIU)
  • Chapters: 527+
  • Status: Ongoing
After the release of the anime Tower of God has become very popular among its fans. The story of this series is very unique. The plot moves around a kid called Bam. With crazy twists and interesting characters, the story catches the reader’s attention pretty quickly. Also, the power system and villains of this series are quite special in their own way. So give it a try if you still haven’t.

“What do you desire? Money? Glory? Power? Revenge? Or, something that surpasses all others?”

Everything you want you can get on the top of the tower. That’s the premise of the story of the Tower of God. People went to the tower to achieve whatever they wanted. 

Bam, the protagonist, also enters the tower but for a completely different reason.

Bam used to live under the tower alone. He only had one friend whose name was Rachel.

However, when one day Rachel sneaks inside the tower to get to the top and fulfill her wish to go to the outer world, Bam promises her that he will chase her till his death. 

So, Bam also enters the tower but without any skill or power only in search of his friend.

Thus, Bam’s journey begins inside the tower filled with death traps and dangerous monsters. Will he be able to find Rachel before it’s too late?

6. Eleceed

  • AUTHOR: Son Jae-Ho
  • Illustrator: ZHENA
  • STATUS: Ongoing
A new fantasy action story which is written by Son Jae-ho. The story is very typical of any other fantasy. However, it does stuff is a way that is very much interesting. As you progress in the story you will get much more absorbed by the story. Also, even if it's a fantasy and action story, the comedy in this series is masterfully done. The art is also very engaging and beautiful. So if you want a change of pace in your typical action fantasy time it’s a first read.

The series follows the story of a high school boy named Jiwoo Seo who loves cats. Born with a super speed ability that he always hid from others, Jiwoo Seo thought he was one of a kind.

However, one day everything changed when Jiwoo Seo discovered a fat unconscious cat by the side of the road. Worried about the poor thing, Jiwoo Seo took it home.

But when the cat regained consciousness and started to talk Jiwoo Seo was dumbstruck. The cat introduced himself as the great Kayden an awakener (a being who wields magical powers) who somehow got stuck in the body of a cat.

After observing Jiwoo Seo use his super speed ability, Kayden decides to tell Jiwoo Seo about the strong world of magic.

Follow Jiwoo as he fights and tries to survive in the dangerous world of magic under the tutelage of Kayden.

5. Windbreaker

  • Author: Yongseok Jo
  • Status: Ongoing
If you are a fan of the Sports genre and you haven’t read it then you are really missing out on a great story. This series is based on Bicycle Race. A group of teenagers who are all in love with Bicycles and want to become popular or get professional with the races. Even though, it’s mainly focused on the genre of sports, it has many sub-genres and it builds up everything very beautifully. Though the beginning of the story is quite slow still, everything will get much better as you progress. The art has a very cool vibe and the characters are all very relatable and realistic. So without a second thought start reading one of the best sports manhwa.

The story revolves around a guy named Jay. He is popular 2nd year, gets top scores, and also is the student body president.

However, Jay is not happy. Coming from a family of Doctors everyone expects a lot from him be it his studies or his work as the student council president.

The only freedom he gets is when he rides his bicycle.

One Day while going to the library on his bicycle Jay catches the attention of Yoon Min-Woo, another second-year student of Sunny High the same school Jay goes to.

Impressed by Jay’s Skills Min-Woo decides to recruit Jay to his bicycle crew. Although Jay denied his request at once, Jay finally agrees to join the school Bicycle club called “The Hummingbird Crew”.

And with that, Jay’s life starts to change. He meets people and friends who introduce Jay to a world about which he didn’t know.

A story of Friendship, rivalry, Coming of age, and Bicycling.

4. Lookism


Lookism is arguably the Manhwa that put high school delinquent stories on the map. It has an excellent cast that keeps developing throughout the story, doesn’t back down from covering darker topics in society, and has some of the best-choreographed fights in Manhwa.

Daniel Park is an overweight and unattractive boy who is constantly bullied for his appearance and lack of power.

After a miraculous incident, his life changes as he finds out that he can shift into another body that is extremely attractive and blessed with good features.

While leading this double life, he tries to move out of his weak mindset while coming across various powerful individuals who wish to test his strength.


  • Recommended for fans of high school delinquent stories with character development.
  • Perfect for readers interested in exploring societal issues.
  • Appeals to those who enjoy well-choreographed fight scenes and unique body-shifting abilities.

3. The God of High School

The God of High School
  • Author: Yongje Park
  • Chapters: 573
  • Status: Complete
Recently Crunchyroll adapted the manhwa to an anime with beautifully adapted action sequences. The popularity of this series has risen higher after the anime release. The plot is very unique from typical Korean manhwa. This series also boasts of its large cast that includes many unique characters.

The plot of the God of Highschool series takes place in three different realms – the Human Realm, Sage Realm, and Heavenly Realm.

At the very beginning of time gods, humans, and demons lived together. The gods shared their powers with humans so they could survive against the demons. However, in recent times, the Earth has changed a lot. 

The protagonist of this series, Jin Mori is an expert in taekwondo – a martial arts style. One day Mori is invited to join a martial art tournament called “The God of Highschool”. The winner of this competition gets his wish fulfilled.

In the tournament, Jin meets with Daewi Han and Mira Yoo who will become his trusted friends.

However, it is not just the story of a high school martial arts tournament, as the story progresses, many mysteries regarding Jin come to light.

With twists and turns it is a must-read Manhwa.

2. The Beginning After The End

  • Author: TurtleMe
  • Chapters: 130+
  • Status: Ongoing
The Beginning after the End is a story that is kind of an Isekai. The story is typically an overpowered main character's life. However, it has its own distinct storyline that makes it a very beautiful read. This manhwa has some aspects that are better than even Solo Leveling but it still hasn’t reached its peak as the storyline is still unfolding. If you haven't read it yet then you are missing one of the best manhwa webtoon.

This story of The Beginning After The End revolves around the lonely King Grey. He is not trusted by anyone and was betrayed by many.

However, one day the lonely king saw “the light at the end of the tunnel” and realized that he had died.

While contemplating his death he was reborn in another world as Arthur Leywin.

To the late king’s surprise things were much different for him. He was the son of two loving parents and also has many trustworthy friends.

However, this world is no heaven either as it is filled with monsters and magic.

With experience from the previous life, It didn’t take very long for Grey or now Arthur to realize that to protect the people he loves he needs to become strong. 

And thus the journey of our king begins anew. Will things be different this time? You will have to read the Manhwa to find out.

1. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling
  • Author: Chugong
  • Chapters: 179
  • Status: Completed
At the top of our list is might be the most popular manhwa of all time. Solo Leveling in the past 2 years has shaken the world of manhwa that makes it best manhwa. The beautiful characters with their gorgeous action scenes made every reader mesmerized. The plot of this story is adapted from a Light Novel named Only I Level Up. Both the Light Novel and Manhwa ended. The story is very heart-wrenching. A journey of becoming the strongest from being the weakest.

The world has changed since the gate appeared – A tunnel connecting the world to another dimension where monsters dwell also known as dungeons.

A few people received magical abilities to fight monsters. The people who hunt monsters to save the world are called Hunters. 

Our protagonist, Sung Jin-Woo, is the weakest E-rank hunter in the world. Even in the weak dungeons, he almost dies. However, Sung Jin-Woo still pushes through as he needs to pay his mother’s hospital bills.

But everything changed one day when he and his party entered a double dungeon. The party was almost wiped out and Sung Jin-Woo fell unconscious. 

3 days later Jin-woo finds himself at the hospital. He survived because an unknown System chose him as its player but to his surprise the system also gave him the unique ability to level up infinitely and get stronger.

What will Sung Jin-Woo do with his newfound abilities? Read the manhwa to follow Jin-Woo on his journey through the toughest dungeons from the lowest ranks to become the strongest hunter the world has ever seen.

With this, our list of manhwa comes to an end. See you in my next article. Tell us which manhwa is your favorite in our comments. We are always eager to listen to your opinions.

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