Best Manhwa (Webtoon)

Best Manhwa

We are back with another awesome article. This time it is the best Manhwa that you should read. In recent years manhwa’s popularity rose to another level. So these are some of my recommendations.

Manhwa originally refers to South Korean Comics. The global popularity of Manga brought huge success for Manhwa and Manhua in the world of comics. Manhwa is a huge part of Korean culture. The author of manhwa is called Manhwaga. Though they are following Japan’s footsteps in the business, the manhwa also has its unique features. Specifically, manhwa’s colored panels with beautiful action sequences make people love it very easily.

The popularity is rising every day and we are also huge fans of manga/manhwa/manhua. Some of the series is still very underrated. Without further ado, let’s get started.

10. Unholy Blood

Unholy Blood
  • Author: Lina Im
  • Chapters: 92
  • Status: Completed
  • Assisted By: Jeonghyeon Kim
  • Also Known As: White Blood

Unholy Blood is one of the most underrated manhwa on this list. This manhwa ended a long time ago but still has an ongoing effect on its fans. The plot is good and also the characters are drawn very beautifully. I loved it from the very beginning till its end in the 92nd chapter. The plot never slows down and ongoing events will keep you gasping.

The manhwa depicts Park Hayan’s search for her lost memories from 10 years ago. The world changed since the appearance of vampires from nowhere 10 years ago. One in ten thousand becomes a vampire and they are strong with immense bloodlust. The Police are trying their best to stop the vampires. Euntae Hwang is one of the officers who are hunting vampires. Park Hayanis a pureblood vampire and humans hate her. Hiding her true identity from the rest of the world she lives in an orphanage with her little siblings. An officer whose target is to free the world from vampires and a girl who wants to live a life free from hatred. What will happen when these two people meet each other?

9. The Live

The Live
  • Author: Black Ajin
  • Chapters: 87+
  • STATUS: Ongoing

This series is not your typical OP MC manhwa. The Live is one of the most graphically violent manhwa that exists on this list. This manhwa truly describes a man’s mental state who is going through insane grief. The plot is very dark and filled with death games. If you are a person who loves to watch graphic violence at its max this might keep you hooked. Beautifully drawn art is also a positive point for this series. 

This manhwa depicts Yun-jae Kim as its protagonist. A man who lost his wife and daughter in a car accident. After that, his life changed and now he lives filled with despair and without hope. Now what a broken man, who almost is insane from losing his beloved ones, will do if he was given a second chance? The story begins here. One Evening, Kim’s diary was blank, leaving a single not- “ You can see them again”. He was introduced to a game called “The World of the Backside”. Those who complete this game get “The Holy Grail”. Using the grail you can reunite with the people you have lost. After this Yun-jae joins the world where only the strong survives. A brutal world where you have to kill to survive. 

8. SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

  • Author: Shin Noah
  • Chapters: 63+
  • Status: Ongoing

SSS-class Suicide Hunter is a very popular light novel. Recently it also got a manhwa adaptation. The story and the actions were really great in the light novel. However, in the manhwa, the art made this series more amazing. The plot is pretty simple but the main character’s growth and emotions will hit you hard.

One day a mysterious dungeon appeared out of nowhere. People gathered around the tower and they learned that it is filled with monsters from another world. Some selected by the tower got some “skills” to defeat the monsters. Kim, the protagonist, was a fan of Flame Emperor. Flame Emperor was the strongest hunter. Because of Kim’s constant jealousy towards him, he gets an S+ skill. However, the skill offered him to steal any S rank skill from the person who kills him. He needs to die to achieve his dream. Though unwilling to die he was soon killed by the Flame Emperor. Now his journey towards becoming the strongest begins.

7. Kill The Hero

Kill The Hero
  • Author: D-Dart
  • Chapters: 84+
  • Status: Ongoing

This is a story of betrayal and revenge. For those who like the revenge with an OP MC, this might be the one. The plot is very deep with many awesome action sequences. In the very fast episode, the stakes of this plot are set. Now to follow him on this excruciating journey of bloodbath and revenge.

The story is based on the character of Kim Woo Jin. Kim hated the world from his birth. He was bullied and betrayed by many. One day everything changed. January 1st, 2020 dungeons appeared in the world out of nowhere. From those dungeons, monsters appeared and destroyed cities along with killing thousands of people. However, with monsters appeared “Nimbus” who gave people skills to defeat the monsters. Kim still hated the world until he meets Se-Jun Lee. Se-Jun was the person he decided to follow until the world is saved. At the very end of everything when they were going to defeat the last boss Kim was betrayed by Se-Jun. He died there. Then after a little while, he was reincarnated back in time. Now it’s time to get back at those who betrayed him.

6. Omniscient Reader

Omniscient Reader
  • Author: Sing Shong
  • Chapters: 92+
  • Status: Ongoing

One of the most popular manhwa of this generation. The plot of this manhwa is different from your typical manhwa’s. The character growth of the MC is very beautiful. Every character of this manhwa is beautifully drawn and developed very carefully. If you like a story that is fast-paced with a lot of twists and awesome action this series might be it.

The story follows the life of an ordinary businessman Kim Dokja. His favorite web novel “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse” just came to an end. The novel was very special to him and he was reading it for 10 years. At the very end of this novel, he was the one and only reader of this series. However, he wanted a life that is like the protagonist of the novel. While Dokja was riding a train at 7 pm the world suddenly changed into the world of the novel. Now as the only reader he knows everything of the story and what is to come in the real world. What will happen in this world where Dokja knows everything about to happen?

5. The God of High School

The God of High School
  • Author: Yongje Park
  • Chapters: 528+
  • Status: Ongoing

Recently Crunchyroll adapted the manhwa to an anime with beautifully adapted action sequences. The popularity of this series has risen higher after the anime release. The plot is very unique from typical Korean manhwa. This series also boasts of its large cast that includes many unique characters.

The plot of the God of Highschool series takes place in three different realms – the Human Realm, Sage Realm, and Heavenly Realm. At the very beginning of time gods, humans, and demons lived together. The gods shared their powers with humans so they can survive against the demons. In recent times, the Earth has changed a lot. 

The main protagonist of this series is Jin Mori. He is an expert on taekwondo, a martial arts style. At the very beginning of the story, he was invited to join a martial art tournament called “The God of Highschool”. The winner of this series gets his wish fulfilled. In the tournament, Jin meets with Daewi Han and Mira Yoo. As the story progresses many mysteries come to light regarding Jin. As we go deeper many twists and turns make this story more and more intriguing.

4. Tower of God

  • Author: Lee Jong-Hwi(aka SIU)
  • Chapters: 527+
  • Status: Ongoing

After the release of the anime Tower of God has become very popular among its fans. The story of this series is very unique. The plot moves around a kid called Bam. With crazy twists and interesting characters, the story catches the reader’s attention pretty quickly. Also, the power system and villains of this series are quite special in their own way. So give it a try if you still haven’t.

“What do you desire? Money? Glory? Power? Revenge? Or, something that surpasses all other?”  Everything you want you can get on the top of the tower. That’s the premise of the story. People went to the tower to achieve whatever they want. Bam, the protagonist, also enters the tower but for a completely different reason. Bam used to live under the tower alone. He only had a single friend whose name was Rachel. One day Rachel sneaks inside the tower. Bam promises her that he will chase her till his death. So he also enters the tower without any skill or power only in search of his friend. Now Bam’s journey inside the tower begins filled with death traps and dangerous monsters.

3. The Beginning After The End

  • Author: TurtleMe
  • Chapters: 130+
  • Status: Ongoing

The Beginning after the End is a story that is kind of an Isekai. The story is typically an overpowered main character’s life. However, it has its own distinct storyline that makes it a very beautiful read. This manhwa has some aspects that are better than even Solo Leveling but it still hasn’t reached its peak as the storyline is still unfolding. If you haven’t read it yet then you are missing on the fun of manhwa.

This story revolves around King Grey. Grey was a lonely king. He was not trusted by anyone and betrayed by many. One day he saw “the light at the end of the tunnel” and realized that he died. When King Grey was thinking about his death he was reborn as Arthur Leywin. In this world, everything changed. He was the son of two loving parents and also has many trustworthy friends. However, this was a dangerous world filled with magic and sorcery. It didn’t take very long for him to realize that in order to protect the people he loves he needs to become strong. Thus the journey of our king begins anew.

2. Return of the Disaster-Class Hero

Return of the Disaster-Class Hero
  • Author: San G.
  • Chapters: 26+
  • Status: Ongoing

The newest and maybe an underrated series right now. The potential of this series is great for the future. This series has aspects that might be similar to some of the most popular manhwa in existence. This manhwa depicts the basic plot of revenge and betrayal and people always crave the story of sweet revenge.

This story begins with the idea of the dead cannot speak so the living can create anything they want. One day suddenly the world fell into despair. Some unknown monsters attacked earth they were called the “Calamities”. They destroyed everything in their sight. Humanity lost all hope and when everything was at the end they appeared. They are 12 humans who were sent by the “Saints” to save the earth. However, a 13th one appeared who was not connected to gods and was immensely stronger than others. His name was Lee Geon. When the world was almost saved the 12 betrayed Lee Geon and twisted a false report of his death in the strongest dungeon. What will happen if the Geon returns from there after 20 years? Yes, he returns and promises to kill every single one of those “Saints”. Thus the story of revenge begins.

1. Solo Leveling

  • Author: Chugong
  • Chapters: 179
  • Status: Completed

At the top of our list is might be the most popular manhwa of all time. Solo Leveling in the past 2 years has shaken the world of manhwa. The beautiful characters with their gorgeous action scenes made every reader mesmerized. The plot of this story is adapted from a Light Novel named Only I Level Up. Both the Light Novel and Manhwa ended. The story is very heart-wrenching. A journey of becoming the strongest from being the weakest.

The world has changed. People have magical abilities to fight monsters. The people who fight monsters in order to save the world are called Hunters. Sung Jin-Woo is the weakest E-rank hunter in the world. Even in the weak dungeons, he almost dies. But everything changed one day when he enters a double dungeon. His whole party was almost totally wiped out and he was unconscious. But in the end, he found himself at the hospital. He survived because an unknown System chose him as its player. The system gave him the unique ability to level up infinitely and get stronger. What will Sung Jin-Woo do with his newfound abilities? Read the manhwa to follow Jin-Woo on his extremely dangerous journey.

With this, our list of manhwa comes to an end. See you in my next article. Tell us which manhwa is your favorite in our comment. We are always eager to listen to your opinions.

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    Subhrajit is a university student who loves to watch anime and read manga. He has been watching anime for a long time. Now he has decided to write and share his love for anime with others.

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