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The fantasy adventure anime Four Knights of the Apocalypse follows a unique group of destined heroes and villains. At the heart of it all is Percival, a mysterious boy who discovers he is one of the dreaded Four Knights.

In this article, we will explore the key figures of Four Knights of the Apocalypse and everything you need to know about the major players in this sequel to popular franchise Seven Deadly Sins.

NameAgeHeight (cm)
Anne (Anghalhad)16Not specified
Tristan Liones16172
Arthur Pendragon32170
Gawain16Not specified

Percival (Age: 16)


Percival is the main character of The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse. He was born on April 15th and is 150 cm tall.

As a young boy who knows very little of the real world, Percival is very innocent and naïve when it comes to many things.

This also causes him to have a very curious personality which directly affects his interest in going on adventures. He is very strong and tries his best to be a dependable individual who protects the weak.

Lancelot (Age: 16)


Lancelot is a familiar face to fans of the Seven Deadly Sins and is the son of Ban and Elaine. His birthday is on April 29th and he is 138 cm in height.

He is a serious and straightforward individual who opposes King Arthur Pendragon. Similar to his parents, he also possesses powerful magical and physical abilities, while using them to defeat the many enemies who come along the way.

Anne (Age: 16)

Anghalhad Anne

Also known as Anghalhad, Anne is a young girl who is appointed as a Holy Knight of Liones. She has distinguishable Cyan hair and is one of the best female characters in the entire series.

As a person who is able to see the true nature of people, Anne has understandably developed a personality that always questions those around her.

She is very headstrong and prioritizes the greater good over everything else. It is also indicated that she has romantic feelings for Percival though she keeps trying to deny it.

Tristan Liones (Age: 16)

Tristan Liones

Tristan is the son of Meliodas and Elizabeth and is also the prince of Liones. He was born on May 2nd and is 172 cm tall.

As the son of fan-favorite characters, Tristan himself is a very likable and energetic individual who has a very high opinion of justice and standing up for what is right.

He does not enjoy fighting, which can be attributed to his demonic power that can go out of control while causing unwanted destruction.

Nasiens (Age: 16)


Nasiens is a part of the Percival platoon and also becomes a Holy Knight of Liones. He was born on November 11th and is 163 cm tall.

After having been abandoned at a very young age, Nasiens has developed a mysterious aura where he tends to try and hide his true feelings and personality. However, after having spent time with Percival and his group, he slowly starts coming out of his shell while trying to place his trust in others.

Apart from what is hidden deep inside him, Nasiens is generally a calm and composed boy who shows an affinity towards plants and poisons.

Arthur Pendragon (Age: 32)

Arthur Pendragon

Arthur is the King of Camelot and the main antagonist of this series. He was born on August 17th and is 170 cm tall.

While he is initially and warm and polite man who sees the best for his kingdom and people, he soon begins to change while looking to exterminate anyone who he believes to be a threat while having his own twisted version of peace.

As the king of Chaos and owner of Excalibur, he is also a very dangerous individual who is more than capable of defeating anyone who stands in his way.

Gawain (Age: 16)


Gawain is the niece of Arthur Pendragon and is one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse.

While she seems to be elegant, mature, and kind on the outside, Gawain is a short-tempered and childish girl who has a very high opinion of herself. Being spoiled and egotistical, she is vain and quick to throw tantrums.

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