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The Ancient Magus’ Bride stands as one of the most engaging recent fantasy manga and anime series. Fans across the world have fallen in love with its magical world and cast of complex, fascinating characters.

Let’s take a look at the main characters from The Ancient Magus’ Bride in this article.

CharacterAgeHeightStatusPower and AbilitiesVoiced By
Chise Hatori16UnknownApprentice, Sleigh BeggyMagic proficiency, ImmortalityAtsumi Tanezaki
Elias AinsworthCenturies7’0″Mage, Master, Thorn MageShape-shifting, Thorns control, Shadow transformationRyōta Takeuchi
RuthUnknownVariableFamiliar (Church Grim)Transformation (black dog), Mental link with ChiseKoki Uchiyama
SilkyUnknownVariableHousekeeperDutiful, Silent, Banshee originAya Endō
Angelica VarleyUnknownUnknownMage, Technician of Magus CraftMagical skills, Technical expertiseYūko Kaida
LindelMilleniaUnknownMage, Echoes: Song of FlowersMastery of Magic, Dragon caretakerDaisuke Namikawa
Leanan SídheUnknownUnknownVampiric FaerieBestows talent at the cost of early deathSaori Hayami
Simon KalmUnknownUnknownPriestToshiyuki Morikawa
Mikhail RenfredUnknownUnknownAlchemistAlchemical skills, Scarred faceSatoshi Hino
Alice Swayne18UnknownSorcerer, ApprenticeMagical talent, Devoted apprenticeMutsumi Tamura
CartaphilusUnknownUnknownImmortal BeingGruesome experiments, Body parts manipulationAyumu Murase
OberonUnknownUnknownFaerie KingMischievous natureKappei Yamaguchi
TitaniaUnknownUnknownFaerie QueenTemporary possession of other faeriesSayaka Ohara
SprigganUnknownUnknownFaerie BodyguardDislikes EliasHiroki Yasumoto

Chise Hatori (Age: 16)

Chise Hatori from The Ancient Magus' Bride

Chise is the main protagonist of the Ancient Magus’ Bride. She is a Human (Immortal) and is easily identifiable by her red hair.

At the start of the story, Chise was a depressed girl who had no expectations from life after having been abandoned. However, after getting bought by Elias in an auction and becoming his apprentice, she gradually becomes brighter while learning the beauty of magic.

Chise is dedicated and motivated while constantly pushing herself to do better, even to a reckless degree.

Elias Ainsworth (Age: Centuries)

Elias Ainsworth from The Ancient Magus' Bride

Elias is the other main protagonist of the series and is a respected mage who purchases Chise Hatori while appointing her as his apprentice as well as wife.

Despite his frightening appearance, Elias is an orderly and respectable gentleman who often treats those around him with respect. He also has a very curious personality and even wishes to learn the subtleties behind human emotion, which is one area where he is severely lacking.

Elias is usually calm and composed but can lose himself whenever Chise is in any sort of danger.

Alice Swayne (Age: 18)

Alice Swayne from The Ancient Magus' Bride

Alice is a serious and talented sorcerer who works as an apprentice under Renfred. She has blonde hair and bangs while also having amber eyes.

Having had a very rough childhood, Alice was close to wasting her life away when she was found by Renfred who sensed her talent. Due to this, she feels indebted to him and is also frustrated at her own lack of strength to protect him during the events of the series.

Apart from this, she is straightforward and is a good friend to Chise as they both share many things in common regarding their tragic lives.

Ruth (Age: Unknown)

Ruth from The Ancient Magus' Bride

Ruth is a Church Grim and shares a mental link with Chise as her familiar. Being able to transform into a large black dog, Ruth has a very strong sense of connection to Chise. He shares many memories and feelings with her while being devoted to her wellbeing.

Additionally, he has a very cautious and protective personality that fans admire very much.

Silky (Age: Unknown)

Silky from The Ancient Magus' Bride

Also known as Silver Lady, Silky is a major supporting character of the anime and is the housekeeper of the Elias household where Chise stays.

Silky is often silent and reserved while faithfully carrying out her duties. Like many others in the series, she also takes a great deal of interest in Chise while always looking out for her happiness.

She is nurturing and also enjoys playing the occasional prank.

Lindel (Age: Millenia)

Lindel from The Ancient Magus' Bride

Lindel is a very powerful mage who was the first teacher of Elias. Despite being thousands of years old, he has the appearance of a young man with clear skin and blonde hair.

Lindel has a particular affinity towards dragons and acts as a caretaker in the Dragons’ Aerie. He is mostly easygoing and relaxed but can get serious whenever anyone threatens those he loves, especially the dragons.

Lucy Webster (Age: Unknown)

Lucy Webster from The Ancient Magus' Bride

Lucy is Chise’s roommate in College and is the last surviving member of her family. With tragic events in the past as well as immense pressure clouding her, Lucy is a generally pessimistic girl who does not trust others easily.

She also does not needlessly go looking for fights but never hesitates to speak her mind. This has earned her a reputation as a problem child among her peers.

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