The Rising of The Shield Hero Characters, Age, DoB, Height, Personality, and More

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Are you a fan of The Rising of The Shield Hero and want to learn more about Characters? Get all the details here on The Rising of The Shield Hero main characters – including their Age, Date of Birth, Height, Personality traits, and more!

Naofumi Iwatani (Age: 20)

Naofumi Iwatani from The Rising of The Shield Hero anime

Naofumi is the main character of The Rising of the Shield Hero anime. While his birthday is unknown, his height is believed to be around 183 cm.

As a man summoned to another world as the Shield Hero, Naofumi was initially very enthusiastic. However, after being played by the princess became pessimistic and cautious.

At the same time, he also retains his good qualities such as kindness and the willingness to protect the weak even at the cost of being hated.

Raphtalia (Age: 10)

Raphtalia from The Rising of The Shield Hero anime

Raphtalia is the female main character of the series and plays a huge role in healing Naofumi’s heart after he gets betrayed. While her age is 10, her mental maturity is at least that of a 16-18 year old. Raphtalia’s birthday is on June 29th and she is 170 cm tall.

Having been raised by Naofumi, she was shy during introduction but grew to become a strong and dependable girl. She always assists Noafumi wherever possible and wishes for everyone to know how caring he truly is.

Filo (Age: >1)

Filo from The Rising of The Shield Hero anime

Filo is yet another very important character in the series who is an invaluable ally of Naofumi. While her height keeps changing, she is around 130 cm tall in her human form.

Filo is an innocent and naïve girl with the traits of anyone her age. She can be cranky and spoilt at times but is also brave in moments of danger.

Ren Amaki (Age: 16)

Ren Amaki from The Rising of The Shield Hero anime

Ren Amaki was summoned along with Naofumi as the sword hero to the other world. He is 160 cm tall and tends to work on his own while caring very little about others.

While he does not show much animosity towards Naofumi as the other heroes, he is still very arrogant and reckless and keeps becoming more unstable throughout the anime.

Motoyasu Kitamura (Age: 21)

Motoyasu Kitamura from The Rising of The Shield Hero anime

Motoyasu is the Spear Hero and is also one of the most hated characters in the entire series. He is 170 cm tall and is distinguishable by his blonde hair.

While Motoyasu is not unlikeable for any evil thing he does, he has grown to annoy fans because of how easily he is fooled as well as his gullibility which easily believes others.

Due to this, he is manipulated by Malty and keeps being ignorant towards those around him.

Itsuki Kawasumi (Age: 17)

Itsuki Kawasumi from The Rising of The Shield Hero Anime

Itsuki is the bow hero and similar to the rest of the heroes other than Naofumi, he is also fooled quite easily with words of praise.

He is 155 cm tall and has dull, golden eyes. As a person who was always looked down upon, Itsuki needed to prove his superiority and had a very high opinion of himself until he found out that he had been used by those he trusted.

Melty Q Melromarc (Age: 10)

Melty Q Melromarc from The Rising of The Shield Hero Anime

Melty is the crown princess of Melromarc who also became engaged to Naofumi due to politics.

While she is only 10 years old, Melty is much more mature than her age and exhibits many qualities of a princess, especially fairness and being kind to everyone, no matter their status.

After spending time with Naofumi, however, she is also able to let loose and enjoy herself as a child for some time rather than face the burden of her responsibility.

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