Dr. Stone Characters Age, Height, Birthday & More

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dr stone Characters Age, Height & More

Dr Stone takes us to a world where humanity has been turned into stone due to a mysterious phenomenon. However, one day, a young genius named Senku manages to escape this and finds the world to be devoid of any sort of technology or modern device. Using his intellect, he decides to save humanity by finding the cause behind the petrification and restoring modern society through the use of Science.

Watching his journey of overcoming challenges is extremely engaging while keeping the audience in constant wonder. In addition to its fun story, every cast member of Dr. Stone is loveable and memorable.

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To help audiences get a better understanding of the characters, we will be taking a look at some of the most important information about them. While most of these characters are 1000s of years old, we will be considering their true ages without the time they spent being petrified.

CharacterAgeBirthdayHeightGenderJapanese Voice Actor
Senku Ishigami15January 4th5’7″MaleYusuke Kobayashi
Gen Asagiri19April 1st5’9″MaleTomoaki Maeno
Chrome16February 4th5’7″MaleMakoto Furukawa
Kohaku16August 8th5’3″FemaleManami Numakura
Ryusui Nanami20November 11th6’1″MaleKENN
Tsukasa Shishio18October 10th6’5″MaleYuichi Nakamura
Taiju Ooki16April 2nd6’2″MaleKentaro Ito
Suika9September 9th3’11”FemaleKarin Takahashi
Ukyo Saionji24June 5th5’8″MaleYoshiki Nakajima
Yuzuriha Ogawa15March 31st4’9″FemaleKana Ichinose

Senku Ishigami (Age: 15)

Senku Ishigami

Senku is the main protagonist of the Dr. Stone series. He wishes to become to restore humanity to how it was and become its saviour. He was born on January 4th and is 5’7” tall.

While he has a weak structure which is unideal for the new world where the strongest survive, Senku makes up for it with his brain, adaptability and ability to think on his feet. He is very confident and logical while always going for the rational option. While this might make him seem cocky at some points Senku is a very caring individual at the end of the day who does everything in order to make the lives of those around him better. His charismatic nature has made him beloved by fans everywhere.

Gen Asagiri (Age: 19)

Gen Asagiri

Gen Asagiri is a character who had a rollercoaster journey where he was initially part of the enemy but was later converted to Senku’s side after hearing of his huge ambitions. His birth date is one April 1st and he is 5’9” in height.

Identifiable by the marks left in his face after being trapped in stone, Gen is an extremely greedy individual who is looking for profit in every situation. He also has a very prideful personality and is cunning in several instances. His ability to manipulate people by reading their psyche is the perfect complement to Senku’s straightforward nature. While Gen is definitely not the most loyal person and has been shown to betray others several times, he is an extremely valuable member to have in your team.

Chrome (Age: 16)


Chrome is part of the generation of humans that came after the petrification incident. He is one of the main characters in the series who works right under Senku and absorbs his knowledge. Chrome was born on February 4th and is 5’7” tall.

Chrome embodies all the characteristics of an aspiring scientist and researcher as he is filled with curiosity about everything be it elements, chemicals or newer technologies which Senku invents. He is also very energetic and willing to risk his life for pursuing his passions. While he has a tendency to talk more than necessary, he makes up for it by being extremely brave and selfless and always placing the priority on the goal over his own well-being.

Kohaku (Age: 16)


Kohaku is one of the female main characters of Dr. Stone who is also a descendant of the humans is part of the next generation which came after the petrification. Her birth date is on August 8th and she is 5’3” in height.

She is a very strong and independent woman who is equally caring and considerate. She was willing to fight against anyone to protect her sister against an unwanted marriage. She pays close attention to those around her and is often outspoken about what she believes is best for them. Despite her seeming wisdom, however, Kohaku is deeply impulsive as well and loses all sense of reason whenever danger surrounds those she loves. While this might be a hindrance in several cases, it speaks to her kind nature.

Ryusui Nanami (Age: 20)

Ryusui Nanami

Ryusui is a character introduced relatively later compared to the others but was quick to make his way into the hearts of fans. He is renowned for his expertise in sailing and was revived to assist Senku with travelling. Ryusui was born on November 11th and is 6′1” tall.

Similar to Senku, Ryusui is also known for his lofty goals and ambitions as well as his seeming arrogance. He also has a caring side which shows up once he gets close to people but his greedy personality and love for women is what sticks out.

Tsukasa Shishio (Age: 18)

Tsukasa Shishio

Known as the strongest high school primate, Tsukasa Shishio was the main antagonist of Dr. Stone for its first part. He was born on October 10th and is 6’5” tall.

His ideology is the exact opposite of Senku as he believes modernization brings ruin to everything it touches. Hence, Tsukasa wished to build a world without any technology and only for those with a pure heart. Despite his negative view on humanity and using violence to get his way, Tsukasa is a very rational and caring person who looks after those on his side. He later becomes a trusted ally to Senku while attempting to bring his Kingdom of Science to life without any corruption.

Taiju Ooki (Age: 16)

Taiju Ooki

Taiju is one of the first character we’re introduced to in Dr. Stone and is one of Senku’s closest friends. He was born on April 2nd and is 6’2” in height.

While he isn’t very bright or smart, Taiju is extremely energetic and loyal to Senku. To help Senku in achieving his dreams, he acted as a spy in Tsukasa’s camp for a long time while blindly trusting his word. He is very diligent to his work and is willing to put in the effort for anything. In addition, Taiju is also one of the most friendly and approachable people in the series.

Suika (Age: 9)


Identifiable by her signature watermelon helmet, Suika is a supporting character and friend of Senku. She was born on September 9th and has a height of 3’11”.

While she is initially shy and embarrassed due to the helmet she has on for bad eyesight, Suika is a very cute and kind character who has all the positive traits of a young kid. She is extremely curious and sets off on an adventure whenever she is given a chance. Senku uses this and her affinity for spying to his advantage on several occasions.

Ukyo Saionji (Age: 24)

Ukyo Saionji

Ukyo was one of the people Senku was wary of most on Tsukasa’s side due to his archery skills, enhanced hearing and insightful nature.  He was born on June 5th and is 5’8″ tall.

Despite initially being part of the enemy, he is an avid follower of non-violence and refuses to harm anyone with good reason. While he believed Tsukasa’s side to be the most peaceful solution, after watching his violent methods, he opted to join Senku. He is also one of the more intelligent characters in the series and rose to popularity rapidly.

Yuzuriha Ogawa (Age: 15)

Yuzuriha Ogawa

Yuzuriha was also one of the earlier characters introduced as one of Senku’s best friends and Taiju’s love interest. She was born on March 31st and has a height of 4’9”.

Similar to Taiju, she also unconditionally trusts Senku and worked as a spy in Tsukasa’s camp. She is a very kind person who chooses to help anyone in need. Her most impressive trait is her unparalleled grit and determination to complete her tasks and save lives as we see her reassembling the broken the petrified humans who were destroyed by Tsukasa.

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