Frieren Characters Age, Height, Birthday & More

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Frieren Characters Age, Height & More

Frieren is an upcoming anime based on the engrossing manga by Kanehito Yamada. With philosophical themes and stirring fantasy adventure, the story enthralls fans start to finish. Here you will get everything related to Frieren Characters.

CharacterAgeHeightBirthdayOther Details
FrierenOver 1000 years old5’3″UnknownPowerful elf mage who does not age, dry-witted
EisenAppears early 30s6’1″UnknownImmortal demon sealed in a sword wielded by Heine
FernAppears early 20s5’5″UnknownSpritely elf mage, apprentice to Frieren
Stark17 years old5’7″May 19thBrash young mage, quests alongside Frieren
Sister RidgeImmortal age4’11”UnknownWise cleric, runs the Order of the Silver Tree
SolitarAncient age6’2″UnknownLegendary hero who once defeated the Demon King
Demon KingAncient ageVariableUnknownFrieren’s former enemy, persists in her memories
*Age and Height may not be correct

Frieren (Age: 1000+)


Frieren is the protagonist of the series and is the Mage of the hero party. As an elf, she lives for much longer than her friends and has white hair and green eyes.

Frieren is a very mysterious and inexpressive person who is also considered aloof by many. She does not care much about her group’s long quest to defeat the demon king as it was not a considerable amount of time for her.

After growing close to the others, however, she came to understand their feelings and tries to be more understanding of them. She is currently alive in the manga.

Fern (Age: 18)


Fern is another primary character of the series who works under Frieren as her apprentice. She has purple hair and eyes and is a very talented mage.
As a girl who has faced several troubles during her upbringing, Fern is much more mature than her age and tries to be collected wherever she can. She also assists those around her with many tasks and is an extremely hard worker. At the same time, her childish nature also gradually becomes more apparent as she becomes annoyed and upset with certain things. She is alive in the manga.

Stark (Age: 18)


Stark is the apprentice of the Dwarf warrior of the hero party, Eisen. As a strong warrior himself, he joins Frieren’s party. Stark’s hair is a mixture of red and black while he has orange eyes.

As the apprentice of the great Eisen, Stark feels that he needs to become a powerful fighter and trains relentlessly. The fruits of his training are shown often but he also has an innate fear of monsters. However, whenever those close to him are in danger, he jumps into action to protect them, while also conquering the hurdles in front of him. His status is alive in the series.

Macht (Age: Unknown)


Known as the most powerful Sage of Destruction, Macht is a terrifying demon who was the last survivor among all the sages of destruction.

Contrary to his cold and scary presence, Macht does not care much about humans and does not enjoy fighting. With his supreme power, he finds several tasks mundane and does not take part in meaningless things such as conflict. His status in the series is deceased.

Himmel (Age: Unknown)


Himmel is arguably the most influential character in the series as he is the hero who led the hero party to defeat the demon king. This sparked the next era where we follow Frieren and her new adventures.

As the charismatic leader of the main group, Himmel is a caring person who always inspired those around him. He was also playful and easy-going at times while helping everyone on his path.

This left a deep impact on characters who eventually wished to follow and support him. It is hinted that Himmel had feelings for Frieren, but these were never revealed to her. Himmel eventually died of old age.

Heiter (Age: Unknown)


Heiter is the priest of the Hero part as well as the adoptive father of Fern. He is an infamous drunkard and is also called the corrupt priest due to this. Apart from this, however, Heiter is a selfless man who cannot look away at the sight of suffering.

After realizing his declining health, he went to great lengths to ensure that Fern’s future was safe and passed away peacefully while being remembered for his compassion and friendship.

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