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Touya Mochizuki

Touya Mochizuki is the protagonist of the anime In Other World My Smartphone. He is a 15-year-old boy who gets resurrected by God into a new world because God killed him mistakenly in the old World. God grants him a wish and he asks for his old smartphone in his new world. It is later revealed that god reincarnated him from the Divine Realm’s material which enhanced his magical and physical strength. He has an affinity for all the attributes of magic along with the ability to cast null magic.


Touya Mochizuki Appearance

Touya is a young 15-year-old boy who has black eyes and hair. When he first appeared he was shown wearing his school uniform. Later with the help of Zanac Zenfield, he changes his clothes into the world’s black tunic, trousers, and shoes. After his visit to the capital city of the Kingdom of Belfast, he is seen wearing a white coat with fur on the collar and sleeves. 

When he is in his divine form he grows hair into flowing blonde hair, which doesn’t return to his normal length when he exits this divine form. He doesn’t want to go bald by repeating haircuts, he gains control over how long it becomes as seen in his fight against Ruler Class.

His alter ego “Shirogane the Oni Warrior” uses a silver mask to cover his eyes and wears an Eashene samurai outfit.


Mochizuki Touya | Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomoni Amino

Touya has a compassionate personality as it was shown he forgave God for killing him mistakenly and develops a family-like relationship with him. He is also very heroic, he helped Elze and Linze by protecting them from thugs without any payment. His gallantry has earned love from all his wives.

He also has a cruel barbaric side like torturing the contracted beasts with a slip spell and trapping another demon in an airtight box with a deadly smelling slime and using a slip spell at the same time. He realizes this sadistic side only when he is pushed to a limit where he becomes brutal and precise with his punishments. He shot a dishonest prince in his limbs until he passed out, later he healed his so he can be sentenced fully healthy.

Touya has a healthy libidic attraction towards girls his age.

Abilities & Skills

  • Combat: He can use punches, kicks, and throws taught by his grandfather.
  • Swordsmanship: He has excellent sword skills which allow him to take down his enemies. His skills are formidable and he managed to scratch Moroha Mochizuki a few times. But according to him, his sword skills are still inferior to that of Yae’s.
  • Marksmanship: He is exceptionally good with long-range weapons most notably with Brunhild.
  • Magic mastery: He has the ability to control all the 7 magical elements water, wind, fire, earth, light, and dark. He can also use the null spells as long as he knows the incantations. His magical power is superior as mentioned by Linze in a magical aptitude test he was able to knock down a divine beast using his raw energy. His magic regeneration ability is also very quick.
  • Enhanced Basic Abilities: His basic abilities were enhanced by God.
  • Strength: His strength was boosted by the god but still, his strength is inferior to Elze’s.
  • Agility: He can dodge an attack and can accurately guess the trajectory.
  • Memory: He can memorize things easily which allows him to learn the language and write the world’s languages.
  • God Power: His body is made up of a material that exists in Divine Realm which allows him to use his divine power, only given to the one who is loved by God.
  • Divinity Release: His aura is dazzling and divine which overwhelms other lower beings. His aura is golden like God’s aura.
  • Love of God: A divine safeguard from magical and physical damage which is given to the Family.
  • Delete: An ability of high-ranking Gods which allows him to delete anyone from existence other than a God.

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