Mushoku Tensei Characters Age, Height, Birthdate & More

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Mushoku Tensei Characters Age, Height, Birthdate & More

At a time when Isekai anime was considered to be nothing more than cheap entertainment, Mushoku Tensei managed to prove all the critics wrong by providing a detailed story filled with depth and non-stop entertainment. It follows a man who is reincarnated into another world under the name of Rudeus Greyrat.

In his new surroundings filled with magic and opportunity, he hopes to make the most of his second chance while trying to outrun the trauma of his past. In its expansive world, Mushoku Tensei has a great cast of memorable characters who each possess unique personalities. In order to help fans in getting even closer to their favorite characters, we will be diving into some of the personal information, details, and facts behind them.

Keep in mind that the calculation of birthdays in Mushoku Tensei is significantly different from our world and follows the Armored Dragon Calendar that starts with “K” which stands for years.

Rudeus GreyratMale15K407175 cmAlive
Roxy MigurdiaFemale40K373150 cmAlive
Eris Boreas GreyratFemale17K405170 cmAlive
SylphietteFemale15K407110 cmAlive
Ruijerd SuperdiaMale566Before K149190 cmAlive
Ghislaine DedoldiaFemale40sMarch 28th185 cmAlive
Zenith GreyratFemale32K390Unknown
Paul GreyratMale34K388Unknown
Elinalise DragonroadFemale200+UnknownUnknownAlive
Lilia GreyratFemaleUnknownK38XUnknownAlive
Anime Version Upto Season 2

Rudeus Greyrat (Age: 15)

Rudeus Greyrat

Rudeus Greyrat is the main protagonist of Mushoku Tensei who was reincarnated in a magical world after dying in his previous life. He was born on K407 and is 175 cm tall. His current status in the anime is alive.

Due to his experiences in his previous life, Rudeus is a lot more mature and thoughtful than other kids of his age. However, since he was not an upstanding citizen either, his perverted and naïve side has also carried over to his new life which has often caused him a lot of trouble. Despite this, Rudeus is still very kind to others and uses his powerful magic abilities to protect his loved ones to the best of his ability.

Roxy Migurdia (Age: 40)

Roxy Migurdia

Roxy Migurdia, aged 40, is an intriguing character in the series. Despite her youthful appearance, Roxy was actually born on K373 and stands at a petite height of approximately 150 cm. While her outward appearance may lead others to mistake her for a child, Roxy possesses a wealth of wisdom and serves as a mentor to Rudeus. As their relationship deepens, she later becomes a significant love interest for him.

Having traversed the world and encountered a multitude of experiences, Roxy exudes an aura of calmness and composure. She carries herself with a level-headed demeanor, rarely allowing external circumstances to disrupt her poise. One of Roxy’s remarkable attributes is her formidable command over magic. She demonstrates an innate talent for manipulating magical forces, allowing her to wield them with exceptional proficiency. Her mastery over magic grants her the freedom to shape its effects according to her desires, showcasing her strength as a sorceress.

Eris Boreas Greyrat (Age: 17)

Eris Boreas Greyrat

As everyone’s favorite tsundere character, Eris is a red-haired short-tempered girl who are cousins with Rudeus. She was born on K405 and is 170 cm tall.

Eris is the perfect example of a pampered child as she is violent, impulsive, and doesn’t listen to anyone. However, after experiencing several dangers, she changes for the better and even develops feelings for Rudeus while getting stronger to face her enemies.

Sylphiette (Age: 15)


The green-haired and loveable elf Sylphiette was one of the first friends of the protagonist. Similar to Rudeus, she was also born on K407 and is 110 cm during her introduction. Her status in Mushoku Tensei is alive.

From a young age, she was very shy and dependent on Rudeus while having no strength to stand up for herself. However, after parting with him, she finds her independence and decides to train in order to become a person that can support the main character. She steadily grows into becoming a gentle yet strong woman who is very loyal to those closest to her.

Ruijerd Superdia (Age: 566)

Ruijerd Superdia

The powerful warrior Ruijerd is feared by almost everyone in the land but ends up becoming one of the closest allies to Rudeus Greyrat and goes on several adventures with him. He was born before K149 and is 190 cm tall. He is also currently alive in the series.

Ruijerd was believed to be scary and commanding, but in sharp contrast, he is actually very caring. While becoming a mentor to both Rudeus and Eris, he helps in training them while clearly pointing out anything they do wrong. Through this, we see the great father figure that he is. He also has a very strong sense of morals and is adamant about doing any sort of wrong. His unwavering devotion and strength to protect those close to him have made him a favorite among the fans.

Ghislaine Dedoldia (Age: 40s)

Ghislaine Dedoldia

The muscular and talented swordsman from the beast race, Ghislaine, was an instant hit among the fans on her introduction. She was born on March 28th and is 185 cm in height. Her status is alive.

While she is not the smartest in the series, Ghislaine is a dedicated individual who serves her lord to the best of her ability. She can be brash and violent and is also very emotional despite her apathetic demeanor. She is very recognizable due to her revealing clothing and body covered with scars. With her meat-headed yet devoted nature, she was able to become a very memorable addition to the series despite her lack of screen time.

Zenith Greyrat (Age: 32)

Zenith Greyrat

The kind and caring Zenith is the mother of Rudeus Greyrat. She was born on K390 but her height is unknown. She is alive in the anime but has passed away in the novel.

Zenith is a beautiful woman who is very warm and approachable. She is a very good parent who even puts up with her husband despite his womanizing ways. However, after being teleported and separated from her family, she becomes emotionless and in a dream-like state while hardly ever-changing. This is very hard to watch for fans of the former adventurer who was like a ray of sunshine.

Paul Greyrat (Age: 34)

Paul Greyrat

Paul Greyrat is the father of Rudeus and husband of Zenith Greyrat. He was born on K388 and his height is not known. While he is alive in the anime, he has died in the novel.

As one of the first characters introduced to us, Paul is a confident yet jolly man who is known to be very strong. While he tries his best to be a good father, he still finds himself attracted to other women despite being married. After the teleportation event where he was separated, Paul became distraught and turned into a hopeless individual without accountability till Rudeus picked him back up on his feet. Overall, while he is very caring, Paul is far from a loveable person and has done a lot to earn the disdain of fans.

Elinalise Dragonroad (Age: 200+)

Elinalise Dragonroad

The beautiful and lustful Elinalise Dragonroad is one of the main side characters in the series. While she is an elf, details regarding her height and birthday are still not available. Her status in the series is alive.

Due to a curse, she is forced to have an erotic nature while having relations with several men. Despite this, she longs for love and care and eventually even manages to find it. Her carefree nature and alluring presence were able to gain the love of fans worldwide.

Lilia Greyrat (Age: Unknown)

Lilia Greyrat

The composed maid of the Greyrat family is a very underrated addition to the cast of Mushoku Tensei. Lilia Greyrat was born during K38X but her height is not revealed. She is alive in the anime but has died in the novel.

With her reddish hair and glasses, she has a face that is very hard to forget. This also led to her becoming Paul Greyrat’s second wife. While Zenith was hesitant at first, with convincing from Rudeus, Lilia was taken in by the family. She tries her best to control her emotions but they slip out on occasion. Lilia is also a very faithful maid who does her duties to perfection and ensures not to get in the way.

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