Can Skypieans Fly with their wings?

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Can Skypieans Fly with their wings

In the 6th season of One Piece which consists of episodes 153 – 195, we see the Straw Hat Pirates going on a new adventure. Only this time they are not setting sailing towards the sea but up towards the sky! Yes, we are talking about the infamous Sky Island Arc here. The race of people who live on the Sky Islands in the One Piece world are called Skypieans.

We are introduced to particular residents of Skypiea including Wyper, Gan Fall, Conis, Pagaya, and so on. One thing that can be notably seen in all these characters or inhabitants of Skypiea is that they have small wings protruding from their backs. And this feature extends to the Shandians as well who were initially humans who lived in the ground.

Can Skypieans Fly?

Can Skypieans Fly with their wings

The Skypieans in the One Piece world have wings, but these wings are not suited for sustained flapping flight like birds. Their wings are relatively small compared to their body size, making it difficult for them to fly on their own for extended periods. Instead, they rely on other means of transportation. So they cant fly. Here are proves-

  • Skypieans like Gan Fall and Eneru use winged mounts, such as pegasuses, to fly. This suggests that their own wings are limited in terms of flight ability.
  • Skypieans use vehicles called “wavers” to travel between floating sky islands rather than relying on their wings.
  • In the manga, there are no scenes showing Skypieans taking off and flying with wing flapping. They are shown to glide and slow down falls using their wings occasionally.
  • It’s likely that their wings are vestigial, meaning they are more for show rather than providing significant flight power.
  • Skypieans have lived on their floating islands for generations, implying that their wings are not critical for accessing their homes high in the sky.
  • Skypieans rarely use their wings for aerial maneuvers, and they seem to move around their islands mostly by walking.
  • Even Skypiean warriors like Wyper and Eneru’s priests have wings but don’t use them for flying in combat. They rely on gadgets, technology, or animals for mobility.
  • During a survival game battle on Upper Yard, no Skypieans or Shandians used their wings to fly or glide between locations.
  • In cover story panels, normal humans like Cricket can reach Sky Islands via natural upward drafts, suggesting that wings are not necessary for access.
  • The creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, has not confirmed in interviews that Skypieans can truly fly with their wings, leaving it unclear.

if Skypieans can’t fly with their wings, why do they have wings at all?

if Skypieans can't fly with their wings, why do they have wings at all?

There are a few potential explanations:

  • Vestigial features: The wings may be vestigial, meaning they are remnants of features that ancestors used to fly but now no longer serve a purpose. Over time, the wings became smaller and more ornamental as the flight was no longer necessary for Skypieans.
  • Cultural significance: Wings may hold cultural, spiritual, or symbolic meaning to Skypieans, representing things like freedom, divinity, or status. The wings are tied to their identity and mythology.
  • Adaptation to high altitudes: Some fans speculate the wings may help Skypieans adapt to living in the high-altitude sky islands, perhaps by providing better balance and mobility in strong winds. But this is unconfirmed.
  • Creative choice: Oda simply wanted to distinguish Skypieans with a unique design and wings that fit their heavenly, angelic theme. The wings may not have a true in-universe evolutionary explanation.

Are there other flying creatures in One Piece?

  • Pierre (Sky Dot Bird): Pierre is a winged horse-like creature capable of flight. Skypieans like Gan Fall and Eneru use Sky Dot Bird as their mounts to travel between sky islands.Pegasus
  • Dragon: Dragons are large mythical creatures that can fly. One of the most notable dragons in One Piece is Kaido, one of the Four Emperors and a fearsome pirate with the ability to transform into a massive Azure dragon.
  • Harpy: Harpies are bird-like creatures with the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a bird. Marguerite, one of the Kuja tribe members from Amazon Lily, is a harpy who can fly with her wings.
  • Bartholomew Kuma: While not a creature, Bartholomew Kuma was a powerful Warlord of the Sea and a member of the Revolutionary Army. He had the ability to repel pain and fatigue and could launch himself through the air using his abilities, effectively allowing him to fly.
  • Flying Fish Riders: These are fish-men from Fish-Man Island who ride flying fish as a means of transportation, allowing them to travel through the air.
  • Flappers: Flappers are winged fish found in the Sky Island Skypiea. They can fly in the air using their wings.
  • Wapol’s “Baku Baku no Mi” Ability: Wapol, the former king of Drum Island, consumed the Baku Baku no Mi Devil Fruit, which allows him to eat anything and incorporate its properties into his body. By eating wings or flying creatures, he can temporarily gain the ability to fly.

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