One Piece 1095: The Beginning of the God Valley Flashback

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One Piece 1095 The Beginning of the God Valley Flashback

One Piece Chapter 1095 is phenomenal from start to finish. From the introduction of Saturn’s terrifying power to the heart-wrenching backstory of Kuma, everything aligned perfectly to create this masterful chapter. So without further delay, let’s get into the review and future story predictions related to this chapter.

Jay Garcia Saturn

The chapter established the power of the Gorosei in the One Piece verse. Saturn is the first Gorosei that we see directly in action for the first time. From start to finish he is one of the most ruthless character’s of the series. It is insanity how Eiichiro Oda even after 1090+ chapters can pull off such great characters.

The first thing in this chapter that was confirmed is that he has an insane amount of Haki that was always active. The marines saw massive lightning bolts everywhere which represents the presence of strong Haki. Then we also see his attack that almost knocked out Sanji in a single hit. Sanji showed insane defensive capabilities which were proved nothing in front of a Gorosei.

As he is almost at the point of killing Bonney, she confirms that Saturn is the person who gave the order to erase Kuma’s Humanity. Then we transfer to the flashback of Kuma.

Kuma and His Race

After a long wait we finally started the Kuma flashback in the story. The flashback takes place 47 years ago in Sorbet Kingdom. We see the birth of the Kuma, a person from the Buccaneer race. There has been many theories and predictions regarding the race of Kuma and it is finally revealed.

The backstory was quite literally very painful to read as we see Kuma suffer through the death of his parents. However, we saw the missing link of Nika and Buccasneer people. 

Who’s Who in Wano talked about slaves talking about a God called Nika. We see the visual depiction through Kuma and his father. However, it didnot end very well as Kuma saw the death of his father shot to death. 

From here we jumped to something unimaginable and most probably the fan’s favourite part.

God Valley

From Sorbet Kingdom we jump to a place in West Blue 38 years ago. This place is non affiliated with the World Government. Then we see the reveal and the name of the Kingdom is God Valley

Here, the Government came and started their game of hunting humans. It is like a arena where they make humans fight to death. However, the most interesting part of this section is the presence of two characters.

First, Figarland Garling is present here. 38 years agohe looked almost like a young Shanks. The second one is the Emporio Ivankov who is also a slave like Kuma.

The chapter ends with a huge cliffhanger introducing Ivan along with a new girl named Ginny. The flashback hasn’t ended yet so we might get a lot more things to come in.

Theories and Predictions

Now, this chapter was mind blowing in the craziest way. So here are some of thethings you may expect in the future and some theories too.

Buccaneer Race:

In real life there are pirates who are called Buccaneers. The Pirates who created the Golden Age at 1700s are called Buccaneer. They usually raided Spanish ships and settlements in Carribean.

However, in the story of One Piece they are a mixed of Giant and human blood. They look human but have a huge body and strength like Giants. Kuma maybe the last existing member of that race. 

Now the point is were there any other character we’ve seen that may be from the same race? The first person that comes to my mind is Whitebeard. There are some uncanny similarities between Kuma and Whitebeard from bodily structures.


A new mysterious girl has been introduced. We do not have any record of her in the present story. However, we are here to theorize what maybe her role in the flashback and what fate awaits her.

First of all as we don’t se her in the current storyline may represent that she might die in that flashback. However, who was she?

For me the first thought was she may be Bonney’s mother and Kuma’s wife. This makes the flashback even more heart wrenching than it is. However, after thinking a lot there was a certain thought that crossed my mind which is very insane. She may be the mother of Luffy. As we see the first meeting of Kuma and Ivankov the creators of Revolutionary army. It is not far fethched that Dragon also may become a part of this flashback. He was 17 during this time period. So having a bond to grow up from there is not very unlikely.

What to Expect from this Flashback:

  1. First of all we will finally get everything related to Kuma and his situation.
  2. From the timeline it seems very possible we see Rocks vs Roger or at least our first look at Rocks D. Xebec. 
  3. We also will finally know the reason why Roger and Garo saved the Celestial Dragons. 
  4. We also might see how Roger found Shanks in this flashback.
  5. We might see the the first meeting of Kuma and Dragon.
  6. We might see the creation of Revolutionary Army.
  7. God Valley also might reveal information related to Kaido and Big Mom.
  8. We will also see how God Valley was erased from the history.
  9. We might also come to know the grave sin of the Buccaneer Race.


With this I end this today. This chapter gave many great ideas and theories to the community and a great flashback again. Chapter 1100 is coming very soon and we might see some epic incidents happening towards the end of the year. Next week sadly is a break but after that we will see the continued flashback of Kuma. Until then bye bye….

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