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Who is the Traitor in Egghead Island

Who is the Traitor in Egghead Island? One Piece Chapter 1074: Explained!

Another great chapter of One Piece has come out. This chapter was filled with pre-time skip vibes. It had many incredible moments among the Straw Hat pirates and some awesome lore drops. However, some moments were just mind-blowing. This chapter’s most intriguing things were things like the return of Vivi and the long-awaited Kuma flashback. …

Where is Kuma Going? What happened in One Piece Chapter 1067?

Where is Kuma Going? What happened in One Piece Chapter 1067?

Chapter 1067 of One Piece has dropped and it was a typical One Piece adventure chapter with more lore. This chapter was very beautiful and ended with a big cliffhanger. Where is Kuma Going? The plot is moving forward at a swift pace and many significant events are set to happen after this Egghead arc. …

Will of ohora (1)

One Piece Chapter 1066: The Will of Ohara revealed Saul is Alive, Vegapunk Face, Dragon Revolutionary Army Reason and More

Another week and another chapter of One Piece is out. However, unlike other weeks this week’s chapter is quite unique. This chapter reveals many hidden secrets and more information regarding the Void Century. This chapter is an exceptional example of great storytelling. The chapter is mostly filled with flashbacks of Ohara. However, some awesome information …

Why does Vegapunk call Dragon?

Why does Vegapunk call Dragon?

One Piece chapter 1064 dropped and this chapter was entirely a masterpiece. This chapter had full-on action with typical One Piece comedy filled with some great reveals. This chapter started with the great fight between Law and Blackbeard which ended with revealing the relationship between Vegapunk and Dragon. As we finish the chapter we get …

What Special race is Bartholomew Kuma from?

What is Bartholomew Kuma’s Race?

Chapter 1064 of One Piece is out and this chapter creates many game-changing setups for the climax of the story. This chapter has the usual comedy along with awesome lore. The biggest one among them might be the secret regarding the race of Bartholomew Kuma. The world of One Piece is filled with great and …

Who Kidnapped Pudding and Why

Who Kidnapped Pudding and Why? Black Beard can Read Poneglyph Now?

One Piece chapter 1063 was released recently and was a very excellent chapter. The chapter from beginning to end was a stunning setup for the final. From the beginning of the Final Saga, the chapters have been very information heavy. This chapter was not very different from that point. In this chapter, the first major …

SSG Vegapunk

Dr. Vegapunk Wiki, IQ, Devil Fruit, Theory

Chapter 1062 of One Piece has just recently dropped with more massive reveals. This chapter brought forth more info about one of the most mysterious characters of the series Dr. Vegapunk. So without any further delay let’s get into the analysis of the details regarding Future Scientists. Who is Vegapunk? Why there are six of …