Shangri-La Frontier Characters Wiki, Age, Height and More

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Shangri-La Frontier Characters

Shangri-La Frontier is an ongoing anime that is bound to excite Shounen fans. Set majorly inside a video game with an expansive world and colorful characters, there is an excellent chance that the series will surpass all expectations while becoming an unexpected frontrunner of the Fall 2023 season.

In this article, we will be looking into everything we know about the characters of this anime.

Character NameHeight in cmAgeGenderVoice Actor
Sunraku16116MaleYuuma Uchida
Arthur Pencilgon163Not mentionedFemaleYouko Hikasa
Oicazzo (Uoma Kei)15516MaleMakoto Koichi
Psyger-0 (Saiga Rei)15516FemaleAzumi Waki
Emul130Not mentionedFemaleRina Hidaka

Sunraku (Voice Actor: Yuuma Uchida)

Sunraku Shangri-La Frontier

Hizutome Rakuro, better known as Sunraku, is the main character of Shangri-La Frontier. His original body has a distinctive design of blue eyes and spiky blue hair. As for his character in the game Shangri-La Frontier, he has the physique of an athletic man with the headgear of a bluebird.

Sunraku is a very determined person, however, most of his determination goes toward beating terrible games that receive criticism from others. He gains a lot of pleasure from clearing these games in the most brutal way possible.

Arthur Pencilgon (Voice Actor: Youko Hikasa)

Arthur Pencilgon Shangri-La Frontier

Arthur Pencilgon, also known as Amane Towa in the real world, is a popular idol and one of the main characters of Shangri-La Frontier. She is extremely smart and enjoys causing chaos in games while hiding behind the identity of her character.

After a scheme of hers gets disrupted by Sunraku, she becomes friends with him while joining him on his adventures.

Oicazzo (Voice Actor: Makoto Koichi)

Oicazzo Shangri-La Frontier

Uoma Kei, nicknamed Oicazzo in the Shangri-La Frontier game is a talented gamer considered one of the best in his country. Despite having the appearance of a cute girl in the game, he is a skilled player who shares a rivalry-friendship with Sunraku.

Psyger-0 (Voice Actor: Azumi Waki)

Psyger-0 Shangri-La Frontier

Psyger-0, who has the real name of Saiga Rei, is a person who knows Sunraku in real life and is also implied to have a crush on him, despite never being able to act on it.

In the game, surprisingly, she is an armored character equipped with powerful skills and objects that can easily defeat opponents who stand in her way. While she finally becomes friends with Sunraku in the game, he is still clueless about her identity or gender.

Emul (Voice Actor: Rina Hidaka)

Emul Shangri-La Frontier

Emul is a cute vorpal rabbit who accompanies Sunraku on his adventures inside the game. Despite being an NPC, she has grown to become a valued member of his group.

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