How did Iruma turn into an Evil Demon?

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How did Iruma turn into an Evil Demon?

In Welcome, to Demon School Iruma Kun One of the most interesting twists in this fantasy series was when Iruma’s personality became twisted. One could say he turned Iruma turn into Evil Demon “evil Iruma”. For us to understand why and how he turned into a bad boy we need to have some information about the series first.

Who is Iruma?

Iruma-kun is your not-so-average teenager as he was sold to the demon Sullivan by his horrible parents. Sullivan decided to adopt Iruma and be a good grandpa which resulted in Iruma attending the school for demons.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Storyline

Now, this is a bit tricky as Iruma is a human which is considered a delicacy in the Netherlands. However, he did manage to fit in and made some friends along the way.

How Iruma Become Demon?

Iruma never becomes a demon; not in the latest manga.

As he is a human he does not have any magic. But he acquired the Ring of Gluttony which now permanently resides on his finger. Initially starting with the rank Aleph (1), he has now reached rank Gimel (3) after overcoming hardships that were very interesting for us to watch because demons are not the only one that has a sadistic side.

How Iruma Become Demon

After Iruma reached Gimel, the previously ever-hungry screeching Gluttony ring developed consciousness and named himself Arikured. Demons go through an Evil (wicked) cycle periodically when their stress level reaches its limit which results in their personality change.

They become more inclined to act on their root urges and desires which can understandably be a bit demonic. This obviously doesn’t affect Iruma as he is a human.

This information combined with Amelia’s personality change made Iruma curious as he concluded that there is still so much he doesn’t know about demons.

So Arikured decided to help Iruma out by inducing a fake wicked cycle in him where his personality did a complete 180 shift.

Evil Iruma Personality

Evil Iruma making Clara sit on his lap

Iruma became rude, authoritative, reckless, a little twisted, and much more charismatic. Calling Sullivan an old geezer, ordering Asmodeus around, making Clara sit on his lap because he was “cold” and using his charms to manipulate Amelia was a part of it.

Iruma was still himself as he was still kind and couldn’t say no, he was just more assertive about grabbing what he desired which was the Royal Classroom in this case.

The royal classroom is the VIP class that was used by the previous demon king.

Evil Iruma Personality

Iruma was tired of people mistreating his classmates and wanted everyone to recognize them as great demons. Getting into the VIP class was part of his class to get his classmates the respect they deserve.

To realize this plan, he manipulated his classmates and teachers which is very uncharacteristic of the previous Iruma-kun.

He wasn’t “evil” per se as he didn’t commit any truly horrible acts but one could say that he became a bit more demonic.

At the end of the day, Iruma is still a human, and when the wicked cycle induced by Arikured that brought on this drastic personality change ended, he turned back into the guy with flowers surrounding his head.

Iruma using fire speal

The characters as well as the audience loved the “evil” Iruma-kun however they still seem to prefer our innocent Iruma over the “demonic Iruma”.

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