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Best Anime Like Black Clover

Top 10 Best Anime Like Black Clover

Black clover is a very popular Shonen anime that has earned its hype among our web community. However, it’s still incomplete which gives the watcher a sense of emptiness as we don’t get to see the ending. To fill this void, we have brought 10 amazing anime that are similar to this wonderful series. These …

Who does Asta end up with

Who does Asta end up with in the manga?

Asta is a boy of stubbornness, and headstrongness. helpful and friendly nature which has resulted in him becoming well-liked by almost everyone around him. He has a strong sense of justice and stands out in a very good way even though he doesn’t have any magic. Although Black Clover Manga entered the final saga, Asta …


Asta Wiki, Age, Height, Parents Voice Actor, Demon

Black Clover is based on the fictional character Asta, who is the main protagonist. He is a peasant orphan who aspires to become the next Wizard King. Asta Wiki Name Asta Age 15 (beginning) 18 (final arc) Height 155 cm Gender Male Birthday October 4th Magic Attribute Anti  Magic Occupation Magic Knight Squad Black Bull …

Black clover Characters

All Black Clover Characters Age, Height, Birth Date

Throughout the Black Clover universe, time has passed, which means that characters audiences have followed throughout the story may have aged a little since they were introduced. There are a variety of characters who appear in manga and anime. But in this article, we’ll look at the main character’s Age, Birthdate, and Height from Black …