10 Best Revenge Manhwa Everyone Needs to Read

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Best Revenge Manhwa,

Manhwa is known for its dynamic fights and explosive action sequences which instantly hook the reader. With stunning art and badass protagonists, there is very little that is more enjoyable.

The Revenge genre which shows a main character following a path of vengeance only further enhances this while making fans fall more in love with the stories. To their luck, there has been an abundance of revenge manhwa that has been produced. In this list, we shall be separating the wheat from the chaff and rank the best among these revenge manhwas.

10. Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker is an extremely popular manhwa that is up there with the likes of Solo Levelling. It introduces us to a man named Yeon-woo who finds his missing brother’s pocket watch one day.

Through this, he finds out that his brother was able to enter a Tower where he was able to form a lot of connections and even fall in love. However, this ended in tragedy as his brother was ultimately betrayed and killed in a brutal way. Filled with rage, Yeon-woo decides to take the same path as his brother while getting revenge for him.

Equipped with the knowledge and experiences his brother faced, he keeps growing in strength while facing several strong opponents on his journey. With over 150 chapters, the series keeps us on the edge of our seats throughout as we watch Yeon-woo destroy anyone who dares to oppose him.

9. God of Blackfield

God of Blackfield

God of Blackfield is a unique story that follows a protagonist named Kang Chan who was a fearless soldier. However, in the heat of battle, he ends up being killed by one of his own allies and is reincarnated in the body of a school student.

After finding out that the previous owner of the body had been bullied and pushed to kill himself, Kang Chan is determined to defeat both his new enemies as well as the ones of his old life who betrayed him. This amazing revenge manhwa is completely exhilarating while having intense action sequences and undertones of romance to add to the level of satisfaction.

8. Neon Revenge

Neon Revenge

Neon Revenge presents an exciting and creative take on the issue of tackling bullying. It revolves around a boy named Seongbin who lost a loved family member due to bullies and is left scarred.

To get vengeance, he creates an organization that is dedicated to wiping out every single delinquent. While seeming ordinary from the outside, Seongbin holds a darkness deep in his heart which wishes for a brutal ending to all his enemies.

The series manages to keep audiences hooked through every chapter while building up enough hype for the next season which is set to release.

7. The Return of the 8th Class Magician

The Return of the 8th Class Magician

The Return of the 8th Class Magician is a short but impactful manhwa that takes us to a magical world. It follows its protagonist, a powerful magician who ended up being backstabbed by the people he helped in bringing to power. However, rather than that being the end, he is reborn back in time due to a spell.

With his past knowledge on hand, he decides to make better decisions this time around while also getting revenge for being betrayed by someone he considered his closest friend. The series has stunning art and an extremely likable protagonist. It manages to stay engaging throughout and though many might be disappointed by its relatively quick ending, it is well worth a read.

6. Rooftop Sword Master

Rooftop Sword Master

Rooftop Sword Master is a brutal and exciting series that makes us instantly fall in love with its plot which holds nothing back and stays true to its path of revenge. It introduces us to a tragic young boy named Seayoung who is bullied by his classmates and ends up losing his family due to unfortunate circumstances. While cowering in fear wondering what to do, he finds a mysterious sword on his rooftop.

As if he is attracted by its power, he begins working towards gaining enough strength to wield it properly which would mean he could face any enemy who pops up against him. Through this, we watch him grow from a frail young boy to a monster feared by the entire world. The story of the series is extremely bold and holds nothing back as we see the gory life of retribution which its protagonist follows.

5. Villain to Kill

Villain to Kill

Villain to Kill is a refreshing addition to the revenge manhwa genre which has a great balance of action and fantasy. It follows a man named Cassian who is extremely strong and respected as a hero.

However, his life is completely upturned when he is framed by those around him. In a twist, his soul is transferred into the body of a villain. Forced to live life from the other end of the spectrum, he uses his skills to explore the world of his former enemies and realizes that they are different from how he judged them. At the same time, he also plots his revenge on those who ruined his comfortable life as a hero.

4. Heavenly Demon Reborn

Heavenly Demon Reborn

Heavenly Demon Reborn is a rare series that consistently keeps getting better in quality while properly building its world in addition to the main story of revenge. It revolves around a young boy of the Spear Master Sect named Woon Seong who is killed by the enemies of his master.

We then watch as he is reincarnated as a member of the Demonic Cult. In a harsh environment where one could die at any moment, he pushes through with the anger in his heart against those that falsely accused his master.

Watching Woon Seong use his spear techniques to stun others while moving towards taking over the entire Demonic Cult is an exhilarating journey no one should miss out on.

3. The Legend of the Northern Blade

The Legend of the Northern Blade

The Legend of the Northern Blade is an extremely popular manhwa that tells the classic weak-to-strong protagonist story in a very interesting manner. It introduces us to a young boy named Jin Mu Won who is part of a dying sect and has no skills in martial arts.

However, with dangers surrounding him and ready to strike, he is determined to grow stronger and finds secret techniques hidden by his father. With these, he works tirelessly towards growing strong enough to protect those he loves and defeating the enemies of his late father who conspired against him.

With a very unique art style and an amazing cast of main characters, it is no surprise why this manhwa is ranked highly on the list.

2. Nano Machine

Nano Machine

Yet another extremely beloved martial arts manhwa that deals with a protagonist who is very weak when being introduced but grows to surpass expectations is Nano Machine. It follows a young boy named Cheon Yeo Woon who is caught up in a political struggle and nearly killed by his enemies.

On the brink of death, however, he procures a futuristic system called Nano Machine which provides him with an unbelievable set of options to grow stronger. With this hack, Yeo Woon grows in strength while leaving those who underestimated him in shock. The series has a great mix of action, sci-fi, and romance and is a must-read for any Manhwa fan.

1. Poison Dragon: The Legend of an Asura

The Legend of an Asura

The best revenge manhwa which is also severely underrated is Poison Dragon: The Legend of an Asura. The story starts by showing the unfortunate circumstances of its protagonist, Jin Jagang who loses his entire family and sect due to an attack by enemies. Being the sole survivor, he vows to get revenge against the entire martial arts world.

With his proficiency with poisons, we watch his blood-filled story filled with tragedy. The series features impeccable writing for both the story and the characters. It has an amazing protagonist and detestable antagonist who pair with each other very well and keep us completely interested in every chapter.

For anyone who wishes for an original take on revenge manhwa without the standard overpowered protagonist but rather one who needs to work unbelievably hard to defeat his enemies, this series will prove to be a great experience.

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