15 Reincarnation Manhwa With a Strong Female Lead

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Reincarnation Manhwa With a Strong Female Lead

Reincarnation is quite a popular trope in manhwa, with characters being offered a second chance at life. With knowledge of the future and determination to rewrite their fate, protagonists in reincarnation manhwa are smart and calculating, captivating our hearts with their charisma.

And what’s better than a reincarnation manhwa with a strong female lead who knows exactly what she wants? If you want a tale of second chances with an absolute badass heroine, look no further. In this article, we have listed out the best reincarnation manhwa with a strong female lead who takes charge of her own destiny!

15. Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp

Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp
  • Story by Yuin
  • Art by mini

Dr. Song is a talented young professor at the College of Medicine in Korea. But in her past life, she was the bratty Princess Elise who led to the downfall of her own kingdom because of her self-centred nature. When Dr. Song drowns in her present life, she is reincarnated back as Elise. This time around, she is determined to change the course of events and save her kingdom.

She uses her knowledge of medicine from her life as Dr. Song to take care of other people. This eventually warms the hearts of those around her, and she transforms from a good-for-nothing princess to a loveable one. She also falls in love with the handsome Linden, and their romance is full of wholesome yet swoon worthy moments. With beautifully drawn characters and plenty of romance, Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp is a great read.

Key Takeaway:
⦁ The protagonist is very talented and kind.
⦁ It is drawn in a bright and pretty style.
⦁ Recommended for readers looking for a sweet yet interesting romance.

14. The Tyrant Wants to be Good

The Tyrant Wants to be Good
  • Story by Ramguel
  • Art by KAKON

Dorothea Millanaire, although a princess of the Ubera Empire, grows up without much love, power, or attention. So, she decides to take them for herself, becoming a bloodthirsty tyrant. She kills the Crown Prince and seizes the throne for herself. Eventually, she faces the consequences of her cruel actions, being executed for her tyranny. When Dorothea is given a second chance at life, she decides to make amends and live a good life.

In contrast to her dark past, Dorothea starts leading a life of kindness and compassion in this new timeline. As a result, she also makes new friends and allies, including Theon Fred and Edan Bronte. Romance blossoms as Dorothea chooses a path of love and honestly, refusing to become a tyrant again. Dorothea’s growth and self-discovery make her a complex yet likeable character, and the wide set of emotions she experiences are quite realistic. The well-written characters and the dynamic plot of its manhwa make it a captivating read.

Key Takeaway:
⦁ It has a female tyrant as the protagonist.
⦁ The story focuses on the heroine’s journey of self-discovery.
⦁ Perfect for those looking for a fantasy drama with a unique plot.

13. Beware the Villainess

Beware the Villainess,
  • Story by Bbongdda Mask
  • Art by Pureunkanna

When an ordinary college student dies in a car accident, she wakes up in the world of the fantasy novel “All the Men that Loved Her.” She has taken over the body of Melissa Foddebrat, the villainess who is loathed by all. However, she refuses to let the story play out as it originally did. Melissa vows to protect the female lead by shooing away all the useless men who pursue her. In the meantime, there is also a certain someone who yearns just for Melissa.

Beware the Villainess is a hilarious manhwa with a strong willed female protagonist. There is no animosity between the female lead and the villainess, and instead they become the best of friends. This unique friendship makes the plot fun and interesting, and the romance also has a touch of supernatural elements that adds to its charm.

Key Takeaway:
⦁ The villainess befriends the heroine, becoming her best friend.
⦁ The male lead is a werewolf.
⦁ Appeals to those who like spunky and witty female leads.

12. Baroness Goes on Strike

Baroness Goes on Strike
  • Story by Ko Eun Chae
  • Art by Yeseul

On her deathbed, all Baroness Cassia feels is peace. She thinks she will finally be free from her loveless marriage and her tiring life. All the years that Cassia has been married to her mercenary husband Zester have been spent tirelessly working to manage his territory. Cassia had never set aside any time for herself, working herself to the bone. A part of her wishes she had looked after herself a bit more.

Her wish is fulfilled when she finds herself back in the past, soon after her marriage with Zester. This time around, she is determined to change her circumstances so she can lead a relaxing life without any stress. As she declares that she is going on strike, she begins to uncover new sides to her husband. The man she had thought of as cold and heartless for so long actually turns out to be a shy and idiotic sweetheart who wants to love his wife more than anything. This manhwa has a sugar-sweet couple who totally capture our hearts. The plot is fun and filled with many comic moments that make it a great read.

Key Takeaway:
⦁ The male lead is an absolute sweetheart who loves his wife.
⦁ The female lead is strong willed and spunky.
⦁ Appeals to fans of wholesome romantic plots and cute couples.

11. Marry My Husband

Marry My Husband
  • Created by sungsojak
  • Adapted by LICO

Jiwon is a cancer patient in her late-thirties who has been confined to her hospital bed for a long time. But her already sad life takes a turn for the worse when she realises that her husband is cheating on her with her best friend. Not only that, her husband soon murders her with his own hands. As her pathetic life comes to an end, Jiwon wonders about the different choices she could have made.

Fortunately, Jiwon wakes up in the past, being given a chance to rewrite her destiny. She is also set on exacting revenge against her cheating husband and her lying best friend. As the smart and headstrong Jiwon plans her revenge, she is also assisted by Jihyuk, who has a crush on her. As the two spend more time together, Jiwon finds herself falling for Jihyuk too in this story about reincarnation and revenge. Marry My Husband has a well paced plot that combines romance and revenge, and seeing the wronged Jiwon find hope and happiness again truly warms the heart.

Key Takeaway:
⦁ A story of revenge and romance set in modern Korea.
⦁ The female lead learns to stand up for herself and grows into a strong woman.
⦁ Appeals to those seeking a modern reincarnation story with elements of office romance.

10. Behold the True Villainess

Behold the True Villainess
  • Story by Jeongdeun
  • Art by cognac

An ordinary girl from the modern world is reincarnated as Niveia Aerber, the villainess of a fantasy novel she was reading. However, the new Niveia does not plan to follow her original fate, and is adamant on avoiding her early death. So, unlike the old Niveia who aspired to become a priestess at the Grand Temple, she runs away. She leaves behind her archrival and her fiance so she can avoid all circumstances that would lead to her death.

Niviea refuses to die and instead takes up a bow to fight the final boss in charge of her destiny, God. On the way she encounters many different people, including Prince Caeles. Prince Caeles is on his own mission to uncover the nobles who are plotting to overthrow the royal family. Niviea’s own family is involved in this secret uprising, and she forms an unlikely allyship with the prince. Niveia is a strong and funny heroine who uses her strengths to further her own goals. She is also adept at archery, adding to her badass persona.

Key Takeaway:
⦁ It is drawn in a stunning art style that captivates readers.
⦁ The heroine is an absolute badass with a funny personality.
⦁ Perfect for fans of villainess manhwa with comic elements.

9. Villainess in Love

Villainess in Love
  • Story by Lee Haron
  • Art by R.Su

The protagonist of this story is reincarnated in the world of a fantasy novel as Yunifer Magnolia, the villainess. Yunifer is so lovestruck by the novel’s dashing hero, Ishid Lucrenze, that she torments the female lead to no end. Eventually, while the lead couple get their happy ending, Yunifer meets a sad death. Aware of how the story plays out, our heroine plans on changing the plot and leading a simple peaceful life.

Although Yunifer has done her best to avoid Ishid through all her years in the Academy of Magic, she somehow ends up in bed with him on her graduation day. More surprisingly, Ishid is completely in love with her! Unable to break Ishid’s heart, Yunifer gets into a relationship with him, as the two navigate this world of magic and monsters. Villainess in Love is quite funny, with Yunifer’s internal monologues being absolutely comic. Her dynamic with the softhearted but misunderstood Ishid is also very wholesome and cute.

Key Takeaway:
⦁ The female lead is a water mage, while the male lead is a fire mage.
⦁ The story has many elements of magic and magical creatures.
⦁ Appeals to those looking for a wholesome love story with a strong heroine.

8. I Raised a Black Dragon

I Raised a Black Dragon
  • Story by Dalseul
  • Art by Sottan

Noah Park, an ordinary office worker in modern Korea, tragically dies from overworking. As her soul wanders around, it enters a fantasy world where it finds a body that has recently died. As Noah’s soul becomes the new owner of this body, she realises that she has reincarnated in a novel she had once read. No less, her body belonged to Eleonora Asil, an evil witch who had committed many crimes. Desperate to escape the terrible fate that awaits the devious Eleonora, Noah escapes to a provincial town to lead a peaceful life.

However, a few years later, a mysterious egg finds its way to Noah. The egg hatches to reveal a baby dragon, who belonged to the heroine in the original novel. No matter how hard Noah tries to get rid of it, the baby dragon keeps coming back to her, now in the guise of a cute human baby. Noah’s life takes a complete turn when she also encounters Kyle Leonard, a detective who has been trying to arrest Eleonora for years. As she navigates this world of magic and fantasy with her adorable baby dragon and the dashing Kyle, Noah discovers that she is stronger than she knows. The plot of this manhwa is very well written, and it perfectly combines elements of romance, fantasy, mystery and comedy. Noah is a relatable heroine who grows into her strength, and it is truly a pleasure to witness her journey.

Key Takeaway:
⦁ The dynamic between the three main characters is very wholesome.
⦁ The heroine retains her personality and name from the original world.
⦁ Recommended for those who like mystery and comedy.

7. The Villainess is a Marionette

The Villainess is a Marionette
  • Story by Yi-Rim Han
  • Art by Manggle (Dokjeom)

Cayena is the villainess of the novel “The Black Rose Lady.” Used as a puppet by those around her, the beautiful Princess Cayena meets a tragic end. The protagonist of this manhwa is a modern day woman who feels that her life is similar to Cayena, since they are both used by other people. And one day when she is stabbed by a mysterious figure, she wakes up as Cayena.

In this new life, Cayena is determined to escape her original fate. She chooses to pave her own destiny, dealing with her evil half-brother Rezef in a court full of treachery and lies. She also grows close to the male lead Raphael, who eventually begins to fall in love with her. This manhwa is a perfect mix of romance and drama, with a gorgeous art style that can make any reader fall in love!

Key Takeaway:
⦁ The art style is absolutely gorgeous.
⦁ The heroine uses her intelligence to navigate a world full of lies and treachery.
⦁ Perfect for those looking for a villainess manhwa with an engaging romantic plot.

6. I Am The Real One

I Am The Real One
  • Story by Sam Woel
  • Art by Yuun

According to a prophecy, only one of the Grand Duke’s children would be a water elementalist. So, his daughter Kiera grows up believing that she will inherit those powers, although her father does not show her an ounce of affection. However, after years of being a perfect and dignified noblewoman, she is executed when a cunning impostor appears. This impostor, Cosette, claims to be the Duke’s real daughter, leading to Kiera being discarded by him.

However, Kiera is given a second chance at life when she wakes up in the past. She refuses to sit still like before, determined to prevent her tragic death. She tries to make new allies and friends to strengthen her position, as well as to expose the fraudulent Cosette. I Am The Real One is the story of Kiera’s strength and resolution to change her destiny. The plot has many magical elements that make it very interesting. Cosette is an antagonist who succeeds in frustrating us to no end, making our support for Kiera even fiercer.

Key Takeaway:
⦁ A story of revenge and redemption by a wronged heroine.
⦁ It has a powerful antagonist who increases tension in the plot.
⦁ Perfect for fans of magical fantasy and drama.

5. The Villainess Lives Twice

The Villainess Lives Twice (1)
  • Story by Mint

Artezia Rosan’s life revolves around ensuring her brother’s success in the political world. An expert at manipulation and scheming, she becomes a political tool for him to take over the Empire. However, he soon betrays his sister, painting her a villainess and imprisoning her for all her crimes. She is eventually rescued by Grand Duke Cedric Ebron, who seeks her help to save the Empire. Finding no other solution, Artezia performs a ritual to turn back time so she can undo all her mistakes.

Back in the past but aware of the future, Artezia forsakes her own family. She goes out of her way to help her saviour Cedric so that she can prevent her own suffering as well as preserve the peace and prosperity of the Empire. As she starts to rewrite the course of her life, Artezia slowly falls in love with the handsome and compassionate Cedric. The political and family drama in The Villainess Lives Twice is quite intense. At the same time, all the terrible things that our protagonist has gone through makes her a complex and mature character who we find ourselves rooting for.

Key Takeaway:
⦁ It has a mature and extremely intelligent heroine.
⦁ The lead couple come together to save the kingdom from ruin.
⦁ Recommended for those who like villainesses being given a chance at redemption.

4. The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass

The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass
  • Story by SANSOBEE
  • Art by Antstudio

Aria Roscente is born the daughter of a prostitute, but believes her life will change for the better when her mother marries the affluent Count Roscente. However, instead of a life of luxury, a terrible fate awaits her. She is constantly shunned by high society, mainly due to her stepsister Mielle spreading rumours about her. This leads to Aria gaining a terrible reputation and being treated as a villainess.

The despised Aria grows into a twisted individual, eventually being executed at a young age. However, she does not die, but wakes up ten years in the past. Aware of the future and the evil intentions of those around her, Aria decides to change the course of events. She sets out on a quest of revenge against Mielle and the others who had wronged her. This is a thrilling tale about a villaness’s redemption. Aria is an ambitious and intelligent protagonist, and the story focuses on both her revenge and romance. It is also drawn in a stunning art style that keeps one hooked.

Key Takeaway:
⦁ It has a strong willed protagonist who is determined to achieve her goals.
⦁ Perfect for those who are looking for a revenge thriller.
⦁ It has a beautiful art style.

3. I’ll be the Matriarch in This Life

I’ll be the Matriarch in This Life
  • Story by Kim Roah
  • Art by Mon (Antstudio)

When Firentia Lombardi’s father passes away, her life goes downhill. Despite being the Lombardi patriarch’s daughter, she is mistreated by her cruel and incompetent cousins because of her mother’s low birth. These useless relatives ultimately lead to the family’s ruin, and Firentia herself dies a tragic death at an early age, being run over by a car after drinking too much.

However, when she opens her eyes, Firentia finds herself to be seven years old again. To prevent her own death and the Lombardi family’s downfall, Firentia vows to become its matriarch. She works hard and smart to gain her grandfather’s favour, and also tries to find a cure to the disease that had killed her father in her last life. Although a child, Florentia is extremely levelheaded and mature, and has all the qualities of a perfect leader. The family dynamic between the Lombardis is also extremely wholesome and sweet, adding to the manhwa’s charm.

Key Takeaway:
⦁ The relationship between the heroine and her father is very adorable.
⦁ It has a beautiful art style.
⦁ Appeals to fans of strong heroines with leadership qualities.

2. The Villainess Needs Her Tyrant

The Villainess Needs Her Tyrant
  • Story by IL TA HONG
  • Silver Linging, Art by 8garak

Maribele lost her parents at seven, and was consequently raised by her uncle. She believed that her relatives had taken her in out of love, especially since her uncle promised to return her father’s property to her once she was of age. However, everything was merely a facade. Maribelle’s uncle steals her wealth and title, while her seemingly sweet cousin poisons her to death. In her dying moments, Maribelle also learns that her uncle is involved in a treacherous plan to commit treason against the royal family.

When Maribelle wakes up in the past, she decides to take her fate into her own hands. With valuable knowledge about the future, she plans to exact revenge from those responsible for her death. She strikes a deal with the tyrannous Crown Prince, feeding him information about the traitors plotting against him. She uses him to further her own interests as well. Cold and ambitious, Maribelle is the perfect match for the tyrant prince, and the chemistry between the two is absolutely intoxicating. The story wonderfully pairs a tale of love with court politics and vengeance, keeping us hooked for more!

Key Takeaway:
⦁ The protagonist becomes a villainess to ensure her survival.
⦁ The lead couple are involved in a contractual relationship.
⦁ Perfect for fans of cold heroines who are soft at heart.

1. I’m the Queen in This Life

I’m the Queen in This Life
  • Story by Lefaljinf
  • Adapted by Omin, Art by Themis

The Etruscan Kingdom is thrown into chaos when the king’s illegitimate son Cesare murders his half-brother Alfonso to seize the throne for himself. Cesare is assisted in his usurpation by his fiancee Ariadne, who is absolutely devoted to him. However, her love and devotion seem to mean nothing when she is betrayed by Cesare, and ultimately killed by her very own sister, who wishes to claim the position of queen for herself.

In a twist of fate, Ariadne is sent back in time and finds herself at seventeen again. Dead set on changing the tragic future that lies before her, Ariadne plays the dark and gritty game of palace politics once again, using her intelligence and charms to ensure her survival. I’m the Queen in This Life portrays the dark reality of politics and power. Ariadne is a heroine who is not afraid to get her hands dirty, proving her perseverance to turn the cards in her favour and winning our hearts in the process.

Key Takeaway:
⦁ Portrays a court full of lies and deception.
⦁ It has a strong willed heroine who is determined to change her fate.
⦁ Recommended for fans of political drama.

Our list ends with this! We hope you enjoy our romance manhwa recommendations, and please let us know your favourites from the list!

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