A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Characters Age, Height, Birthday & More

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A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Characters

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special follows Desir Arman, a magician who is sent back in time and given a second chance to save his world from destruction. If your a fan of the series want to know more about your favorite Character then here is a list of all A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Characters Age, Height, Birthday and More.

Desir Arman16Unknown3613
Ajest Kingscrown18-19UnknownUnknown
Romantic EruUnknownUnknownUnknown
Zod Exarion91UnknownUnknown
Pram Schneider16UnknownUnknown

Desir Arman (Age: 16)

Desir Arman

Desir is the protagonist of A Returner’s Magic Should be Special. He enrolled into the Hebrion Magic Academy in the year 3613 and is part of the 172nd batch.

After experiencing a disastrous future, Desir travels back to the past to strengthen himself and his friends more to prevent the events from happening again. While he is very serious, he is also extremely kind and nurturing. Desir is also willing to do whatever it takes to prepare the world for the Shadow Labyrinth that destroyed it in his previous life.

Ajest Kingscrown (Age: 18-19)

Ajest Kingscrown,

Ajest is the main female protagonist and love interest of Desir. She is the heir to the Hebrion Empire and is considered by many to be among the strongest in the academy.
Ajest was initially as cold as the ice magic she uses but gradually became a more approachable person with the help of Desir.

Ajest also easily gets disappointed when Desir decides to not enlist her help for fights and is an example of the great character development that the series features.

Romantic Eru (Age: Unknown)

Romantic Eru

Romantica is one of the first members of Desir’s group and is one of his closest friends. She uses wind magic and was initially cocky because of her position as a noble. After experiencing Desir’s skills, however, she warms up to him and even begins training under him despite feeling his methods to be hellish. Romantica is also believed to be one of Desir’s closest friends from his previous life and he still has PTSD about losing her last time.

Zod Exarion (Age: 91)

Zod Exarion

Known as the greatest mage in the world, Zod is a close ally and mentor of Desir in both his previous and current life. He is calm and extremely knowledgeable while looking upon Desir in a positive light after hearing his ingenious schemes. Zod is also notable for having a very young appearance in spite of his old age.

Pram Schneider (Age: 16)

Pram Schneider

The blue-haired Pram has already become one of the most loveable characters in the series with his adorable antics yet fierce nature. Pram is a very well-mannered and cute boy who deeply cares about the members of Desir’s group. He is also a genius with the sword and has proven his usefulness multiple times as he has saved those close to him and swiftly defeated enemies.

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