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Obanai Iguro

Obanai Iguro is a significant supporting person of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps and the current Serpent Hashira.



Obanai is a genuinely solid man of diminutive height and pale coloring. He has straight-edged dark hair of fluctuating lengths, the longest coming down to his shoulders and the most limited halting at his cheekbones, which he wears out with two more limited strands hanging between his eyes. His eyes are almond-molded and slant upwards on the far sides, and are uncommon because Obanai has heterochromia-his right eye is yellow and his left eye is turquoise. He is to some extent visually impaired as he can scarcely see out of his right eye.

Obanai’s mouth is likewise surprising: when he was twelve, it was powerfully compromised to his ears to cause it to show up more like that of a snake, leaving a huge injury that he keeps concealed under the wrap he wears over his lower face.

He wears a naval force blue variant of the standard Demon Slayer uniform, alongside a highly contrasting pinstriped haori, the trim and sleeves of which are striped lengthways rather than in an upward direction, which covers his hands. Obanai additionally sports gauzes instead of the leg-folds over his calves giving the similarity of Kyahan, as well as one more arrangement of wraps that cover his mouth, and white with blue-lashed zōri on his feet. He is additionally seen all of the time with his white snake, Kaburamaru, folded over his shoulders.

During their fight with Muzan, Obanai and the other excess Hashira are assaulted by the evil presence’s thrashing whips, and Obanai is resulted in three long skewed scratches over his eyes, delivering him blind.

At the point when he was a kid, Obanai had midsection length hair that he wore secured his back with a long white swathe and a normal-looking mouth before it got trimmed by his loved ones. He additionally wore a plain white kimono.



Obanai is an exceptionally brutal and severe person who shows no worry for the individuals who don’t maintain the Demon Slayer rules. His assumptions for his kindred Demon Slayers are near unreasonable, scolding Tengen Uzui for experiencing weighty injuries against the “most fragile” Upper Rank and telling him to “battle until the very end” when Tengen demands resigning. 

Tengen’s retirement likewise features Obanai’s commitment to the fate of the Demon Slayer Corps, frequently to others’ detriment, for example, when he ties up lower-positioned Demon Slayers and utilizations them as obstructions during Hashira Training for somewhat negligible reasons. He additionally sees the fresher Demon Slayer initiates as frail and unequipped for development, communicating shock when Tengen illuminates him that Tanjiro Kamado endures the fight with Daki and Gyutaro.

Despite his pitiless character, there are two individuals he thinks often profoundly about Kagaya Ubuyashiki and Mitsuri Kanroji. He likes Mitsuri, which is a large portion of their sidekicks have recognized put something aside for Tanjiro and Mitsuri herself. He regularly allows his sentiments to radiate through by imparting dinners to her and giving gifts, similar to the green socks she wears with her uniform. Obanai appears to let his overprotectiveness of Mitsuri show on occasion, for example, when he compromises Tanjiro for becoming excessively near her. It was suggested that he has eyes only for Mitsuri due to her merry character that didn’t let any of the horrendous preparation she had gone through transmitting at all. Conversing with her additionally caused him to fail to remember all the hardship and struggle he had experienced during his past and caused him to feel as though he was a customary youthful man. Like all the Hashira, Obanai has a lot of regard for Kagaya as well.

Obanai is additionally noted to have a gigantic identity despising because of the way that he was brought into the world to a narrow-minded and shameless faction who might hardheartedly forfeit even infant kids to an evil spirit for their own money related gain. Obanai sees himself and his family so polluted that years after they were killed, he actually felt as though his family were digging their nails into his skin to ensure he was unable to go anywhere. He even ventures to trust that, for him to at any point truly deserve Mitsuri, he would initially need to kick the bucket and purify himself of his undermined blood prior to admitting his sentiments to her. 


Obanai Iguro Abilities

Overall Abilities

As a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Obanai is an extremely strong and gifted combatant. It was uncovered that he was pretty much visually impaired in his right eye, meaning he climbed to the most elevated rank in the Demon Slayer Corps with one working eye. This joined with his little constitution and disappointing actual strength keeping him down (no doubt because of his brutal childhood) makes it particularly noteworthy that Obanai figured out how to accomplish Hashira’s status.

Obanai had the option to rapidly behead various devils comparable to Lower Ranks easily and keep down the recently delegated Upper-Rank Four, Nakime. While participating in fighting with the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji, Obanai had the option to land a lot of hits on him, cutting off appendages and almost decapitating him throughout the fight. 

After Obanai, Giyu, Sanemi, Gyomei, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Kanao were vigorously harmed by Muzan’s assault, Obanai was quick to recapture awareness and help Tanjiro notwithstanding having his eyes pawed out during the assault prior. Despite the fact that Muzan was seriously debilitated by the medications in his framework, he and Tanjiro figured out how to fight off and drive the Demon King into a corner without anyone else, showing staggering endurance and perseverance. In the wake of getting straightforwardly hit by Muzan’s Shockwave Energy Blast procedure, he actually endured a shot for Tanjiro when Muzan was going to chomp his head off. Whenever the Demon King expanded his tissue and dramatically filled in size, Obanai actually had sufficient endurance to release one method that helped with dialing Muzan back.

Demon Slayer Mark:

During the last fight against Muzan, Obanai stirred his own Demon Slayer Mark. His Demon Slayer Mark appeared as three snake-like tattoo designs with enormous spots, extending from his passing on the arm to the left half of his chest that then, at that point, supported Iguro’s inherent capacities as a whole, as seen where he had the option to land strong blade cuts against him, quickly evade and move himself to keep away from each of Muzan’s massively quick assaults, increment his actual endurance and strength permitting him to battle despite being seriously harmed.

Dazzling Red Nichirin Sword

After recollecting how Muichiro Tokito turned his sharp edge red, Obanai places his entire existence into holding his edge, turning it radiant red. However, he put a lot of solidarity into his grasp and nearly blacked out because of the absence of oxygen.  Turning his Nichirin Sword radiant red ended up being incredibly compelling against Muzan, permitting his assaults to hamper his quick regeneration and allowing the other Demon Slayers an opportunity to turn their cutting edges radiant red also to expand their hostile result.

Straightforward World: Though momentarily, Obanai figured out how to get to the Transparent World and see Muzan’s twelve indispensable organs (seven hearts and five minds) briefly after Gyomei trained everybody to endeavor to do so.


Despite his short height and lesser actual strength because of his childhood, Obanai has a lot of actual strength, as displayed when he sticks Tanjiro to the ground with such an excess of power that he was unable to move or breathe. He was additionally one of the main Demon Slayers ready to turn his Nichirin Sword dazzling red through sheer hold strength, the other being Muichiro Tokito. Notwithstanding this, he is the second-most fragile Hashira as far as actual strength, with just Shinobu being more vulnerable than him.


Obanai, having forever been to some degree blind in his right eye, fostered a battle method using his pet snake Kaburamaru. Kaburamaru has a novel capacity that permits him to peruse and anticipate an objective’s assaults and afterward transfer that data to Obanai. The full degree of this strategy is shown when Obanai is totally dazed by Muzan, however, he is as yet ready to keep battling effectively. Kaburamaru likewise is by all accounts fit for getting human discourse and feelings, as he comprehended Tanjiro’s guidelines to snatch Yushiro’s paper charm and later shed tears while watching Obanai and Mitsuri pass away. Kanao herself expressed that Kaburamaru was outstandingly clever.

Speed and Reflexes

As a Hashira, Obanai has godlike degrees of speed and reflexes. Whenever Tanjiro Kamado was going to get hit by what might probably have been a deadly strike from Muzan, Obanai figured out how to bounce in and save him on schedule. He was fit for staying aware of Muzan Kibutsuji’s whip assaults for a drawn-out timeframe without the lift allowed by the Demon Slayer Mark yet figured out how to land many hits on the Demon King. Subsequent to arousing the imprint, Obanai was quick to the point of cutting off both of Muzan’s appendages. In any event, when totally dazed, Obanai had the option to avoid a large number of Muzan’s assaults, drive him into a corner, and got up to speed to him and punctured his body when he was fleeing, but Muzan was seriously debilitated then, at that point. Obanai was positioned seventh in a race against his kindred Hashira.

Immense Stamina and Endurance

Obanai has shown his amazing endurance and perseverance on different events during the Infinity Castle Arc and last fight. Obanai, alongside Mitsuri, had the option to play a debilitating mental contest with Upper-Rank Four, Nakime for a drawn-out timeframe yet had sufficient energy to show up to Tanjiro’s and Giyu’s guide. At the surface, Obanai and his partners had the option to slow down Muzan for around 30 minutes, supporting wounds from toxin and his tissue whips, before the Demon King overwhelmed them.

Ace Swordsman

As a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Obanai was one of the most remarkable and talented fighters in the whole organization. This was displayed during the Hashira Training Arc where he was shared with show the wide range of various Demon Slayers sword using strategies. Obanai utilizes a novel swordsmanship style that uses crawling movements to bow his sword and assaults in incomprehensible ways, permitting him to wind through restricted openings easily regardless of employing a standard wooden sword. His swordsmanship ability permitted him to stay aware of the Demon King himself, Muzan Kibutsuji.

Serpent Breathing

A Breathing Style Obanai made himself and dominated. This swordsmanship style utilizes exciting bends in the road like how a snake crawls to assault in abnormal ways. Obanai likewise figured out how to fuse his pet snake, Kaburamaru, into this Breathing Style, making it very compelling in battle as found in the last fight where he could stay aware of a debilitated Muzan while totally visually impaired nevertheless figured out how to drive him into a corner.

  • First Form: Winding Serpent Slash– The client moves like a crawling snake and deliveries a few cuts in a winding example.
  • Second Form: Venom Fangs of the Narrow Head- The client runs behind their rival at a blinding rate and expects to quickly cut off their head.
  • Third Form: Coil Choke – The client circles around their rival while utilizing their blade to cut them from all headings.
  • Fourth Form: Twin-Headed Reptile- The client jumps forward and plays out an even slice that cuts through the objective.
  • Fifth Form: Slithering Serpent- The client bends their sword in numerous headings and cuts their rival, making it equipped for executing various adversaries without a moment’s delay.


Twisted Nichirin Katana:

Obanai hefts around a vigorously altered Nichirin katana comparative in appearance to an Indonesian Kris Sword, with the blade’s shape demonstrated into waves looking like a contorting snake, which is lavender in shading. His katana’s grip has a gold roundabout shape engraved with two snakes associated with a few plant-like examples. The words Destroy Demons is engraved as an afterthought. Obanai additionally conveys along an exceptional casing made of cowhide kept intact by a powerless attractive draw that opens up at whatever point he utilizes his katana. It is planned with the goal that Obanai unsheathes his sword in an upward direction rather than horizontally.

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