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Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei Himejima plays an important role in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a Demon Slayer and the current Stone Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. Gyomei also acts as Genya Shinazugawa’s aide.

Gyomei Himejima Appearance

Gyomei Himejima Wiki, Appearance

Gyomei is a bulky figure among the Demon Slayers. He is perhaps the tallest person in the series, effectively overshadowing his kindred Hashira. He is intensely fabricated and very solid. He has spiky dark hair and an unmistakable scar running evenly across his brow. Having been visually impaired since youth, he has white eyes with no noticeable irises or students. His eyes much of the time destroy when he gets enthusiastic.

Gyomei wears a high contrast uniform average of a Demon Slayer, with gauzes over his shins looking like kyahan and white zōri with an olive green happi hung over his shoulders. The nabbed edge of the happi contains the kanji for the Japanese Nianfo/Shin Buddha serenade starting from the top, alongside the different kanji all over fabric at the back. He additionally sports a huge beaded neckband around his neck and conveys ojuzu when he isn’t occupied with the fight. His left leg starting from the knee was subsequently cut off during his battle with Muzan.



Gyomei exemplifies the delicate monster archetype, being shockingly mild-mannered and touchy, notwithstanding his scary appearance. He is likewise demonstrated to be very devout, conveying his petition globules consistently and offering supplications in powerful circumstances. Most remarkably, Gyomei effectively cries over the most irrelevant things, highlighting his fairly delicate nature. This could be because of his adoration for all living animals achieved by his strict childhood and hinted when he felt so appalled by whipping an evil spirit that he could always remember that inclination for the remainder of his life.

Like the remainder of his Hashira brethren, Gyomei has a lot of regard for Kagaya Ubuyashiki. He is additionally one of the most regarded people among the Hashira, being an image of trust because of his monstrous strength. Besides, Gyomei goes about as a pioneer for them, as seen when he sat at the front during a Hashira meeting and was the one trusted by Kagaya to provide out requests to them.

However he keeps a genuinely held demeanor, Gyomei harbors an extremely evenhanded and fairly dubious perspective on individuals around him, attributable to his encounters before turning into a Demon Slayer. He is ever-mindful of what others, especially kids or those more youthful than him, are prepared to do whenever offered the chance. Because of his suspicious nature, it can take some time for Gyomei to totally acknowledge and trust others. Whenever he opens up and gives others access, he is unfaltering in his obligation to them.

Gyomei extraordinarily esteems the rules that permitted him to accomplish his status as a Hashira, dismissing Kokushibo’s thought that he should turn into an evil presence to save his body and abilities which he has dedicated his himself to, and counters by saying that being a Demon Slayer implies tolerating the way that seeing tomorrow isn’t ensured and that nobody can turn into a Hashira with Kokushibo’s apathetic goal. Like Kyojuro Rengoku, the Stone Hashira additionally observes that living and biting the dust as people save our nobility. Gyomei even resented the Upper Rank’s explanation, further complementing how profoundly he clutches his qualities.



As a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Gyomei is an extremely strong and talented combatant. He is expressed by both Tanjiro and Inosuke to be the most grounded Demon Slayer in the whole Demon Slayer Corps. As expressed by Tengen Uzui, Gyomei acquired the position of a Hashira in a simple two months. This is additionally given confidence by Kokushibo, who noticed that Gyomei’s regular actual capacities have been prepared to their outright pinnacle and furthermore expressed that in the last 300 years, he has not experienced a hero of Gyomei’s caliber. He was likewise capable set up a battle against the most grounded Upper Rank for a short time frame without the utilization of his Demon Slayer Mark, further appearing the degree of his skill.

Demon Slayer Mark

Later during his fight against Upper-Rank One, Gyomei showed that he as well has stirred his imprint, showing up as broken earth gap-like examples on both of his forearms. When enacted it definitely expands his actual capacities, like his solidarity, speed, and endurance, permitting him to battle the Upper Rank for a lengthy time of time.

Dazzling Red Nichirin Sword

During the fight against Kokushibo, Sanemi hits Gyomei’s spiked thrash with his blade, turning the two of them momentarily radiant red permitting him to annihilate Kokushibo’s head. Later in the fight against Muzan, Gyomei turned his weapons radiant red again by striking them together. 

Straightforward World: Despite being visually impaired, Gyomei acquired the capacity to admittance to the Transparent World and can foresee his adversary’s developments and sense them naturally.

Improved Hearing

Due to being visually impaired, Gyomei has redressed and exchanged his faculties to adjust to his condition, successfully fostering a godlike feeling of hearing. His feeling of the hearing was intense to such an extent that Gyomei can precisely observe and interface with his environmental elements regularly, in any event, taking part in the rapid battle with evil presences easily. All the more stunningly, Gyomei had the option to hear the sound of Muzan Kibutsuji’s tissue recovery during their concise showdown and utilized it to discover that he is not normal for any evil spirit he has at any point confronted dependent exclusively upon the sound the Demon King gave off.

Later during his fight with Upper-Rank One, Kokushibo noticed that Gyomei utilizes his chains shaking to tell the specific position the chain is in and utilizes that to direct his hatchet and thrash during combat. As seen during his discussion with Kokushibo in regards to the Demon Slayer Mark, Gyomei had the option to precisely tell that he was lying by recognizing the slight changes of the sound of his body, with Gyomei taking note of that he heard the last option shake subsequent to uncovering his misdirection.

Immense Speed and Reflexes

Despite Gyomei’s huge form, he has enormous speed and reflexes. He is the third quickest sprinter among the Hashira. Gyomei’s godlike speed was showcased during his battle against Kokushibo, where he was ready to effectively move his body around to stay away from his assaults as a whole, the Upper Rank, in any event, commenting that the simplicity and the elegance that he moved was excessively crazy to believe. Gyomei was likewise ready to stay aware of Kokushibo for the whole length of the battle, coming down on him with the assistance of Sanemi, Muichiro, and Genya. Afterward, he was equipped for staying aware of the rankling development paces of the Demon King himself, Muzan, for a decent part of the battle.

Immense Stamina and Endurance

Gyomei has colossal degrees of actual perseverance and endurance, to such an extent that his preparation during the Hashira Training Arc zeroed in on perseverance. He had the option to casually remain on the ground that was ablaze while conveying two monstrous logs being additionally weighted somewhere near four huge rocks, even serenely clarifying the subtleties of his preparation to Tanjiro and Zenitsu at the same time. He likewise showed his godlike degrees of endurance and perseverance during the battle against Kokushibo, where he had the option to hold off the Upper Rank for the whole term of the battle without essentially tiring on top of supporting slice wounds all around his body. After getting one of his legs cut off by Muzan, Gyomei had the option to persevere and keep adding to the battle against the Demon King.

Immense Strength

Gyomei has the best degree of actual strength in the whole Demon Slayer Corps, most remarkably displayed when he can without much of a stretch lift and swing his enormous spiked thrash and hatchet developed from unadulterated iron at speeds quicker than the eye can see relentlessly to obstruct the assaults of Kokushibo. He was additionally ready to push an enormous stone greater than him through a town with his exposed hands. Gyomei likewise casually persevered through the heaviness of two monstrous logs on his back additionally burdened with four huge rocks.

As indicated by Gyomei, he was normally brought into the world with the endowment of his skeptical actual strength, as displayed when he stifled an evil spirit that assaulted him when he was a kid by beating it to a horrendous mash with only his uncovered hands preceding him joining the Demon Slayer Corps and going through preparing.

Repetitive Action

Created by Gyomei, this is a method that augments focus, likewise to Total Concentration Breathing, by recollecting an excruciating memory. Gyomei is displayed to utilize this widely during his preparation, and apparently while in battle as well.

Strategic Intellect

Gyomei has shown sharp astuteness and judgment capacities while battling. While battling against Kokushibo, he understood that the Upper Rank was overwhelming him in a manner that was otherworldly yet at the same time could be gotten or countered somehow. When he accessed the Transparent World, he deduced that his eyes empowered him to get to this extraordinary world also and naturally figured out how to utilize this for his potential benefit, in any event, venturing to control his own bloodstream and breathing to upset Kokushibo’s assaults.


Unlike common Demon Slayers who use blades in battle, Gyomei utilizes a spiked thrash and hatchet suggestive of a Kusarigama, a weapon comprising of a sickle and weighty iron weight associated with a metal chain, and accordingly would utilize a comparable battling style known as Kusarigamajutsu. As a Hashira, Gyomei is incredibly capable in battle and one of the most talented warriors in the whole Demon Slayer Corps, especially in this battling style which can momentarily match any semblance of Upper-Rank One, Kokushibo, an evil spirit fighter who has north of 4 centuries of swordsmanship experience. Additionally, he was likewise demonstrated to have the option to hold off Muzan and his blisteringly quick whips for a drawn-out timeframe, utilizing his spiked thrash to convey strong disasters for the Demon King.

Stone Breathing

A Breathing Style Gyomei either dominated himself or gained from a cultivator. In his own adaptation of this Breathing Style, Gyomei consolidates his godlike feeling of hearing actual solidarity to use a spiked thrash and hatchet to utilize its methods. As the Stone Hashira, Gyomei is his age’s most talented Stone Breathing client. He showed the authority of Stone Breathing in his fight against Kokushibo, where he had the option to release assaults that had the option to match the devil’s Moon Breathing.

  • First Form: Serpentinite Bipolar: The client tosses both the thrash and hatchet towards their expected objective and controls the chain by pivoting it consequently making the hatchet and thrash likewise turn to penetrate and crush directly through their objective.
  • Second Form: Upper Smash: The client tosses both their hatchet and spiked thrash for a pincer drop prior to crushing down on the chain to make the thrash then, at that point, bounce back and crush his objective from a remote place.
  • Third Form: Stone Skin: The client releases a progression of cuts with their hatchet redirecting close by assaults.
  • Fourth Form: Volcanic Rock, Rapid Conquest: The client controls both the thrash and hatchet weapons at the two closures of the chain by swinging the chain on the two sides to strike their rival utilizing a two-dimensional wide gone assault.
  • Fifth Form: Arcs of Justice: The client uses a strong blast with their thrash and hatchet, causing a lot of harm. The hatchet is bound to hit first with the direction of the thrash following from the contrary side and ramming into the rival.

Nichirin Spiked Flail and Axe

Gyomei employs a swinging/whipping weapon like a Kusarigama, comprising of an Ono (hatchet) connected to a Chigiriki (thrash) through a long chain. All things considered, the weapon was fashioned from similar materials utilized in the production of Nichirin Swords. Its craftsmanship specifically is noted for being unbelievably elegant, and, surprisingly, better than the swords manufactured during the Sengoku time frame, when swordsmithing was at the pinnacle of development. Even Upper-Rank One, Kokushibo, couldn’t slice through the chain and had to rather turn to short proximity battle. As verified by Kokushibo, this weapon is very well thought out, as the reverberations made by the chain can be gotten by Gyomei’s intense feeling of hearing to precisely get a handle on the space and developments around him, further upgrading its viability in battle. On the grip of his hatchet, the words Destroyer of Demons is carved.

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