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Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho is a huge supporting individual of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. She is a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps and the current Insect Hashira.

Shinobu Kocho is likewise the more youthful sister of Kanae Kocho alongside her supportive more youthful sister Kanao Tsuyuri. After a devil killed her folks, Shinobu joined the Demon Slayer Corps alongside her sister to safeguard others from experiencing a similar destiny as her.

Shinobu Kocho Wiki

NameKochō Shinobu
Age18 Years
Height151 cm (4’11½”)
BirthdayFebruary 24th
Hair ColorBlack to Purple
Eye ColorPurple
OccupationDemon Slayer
Insect Hashira
Combat StyleInsect Breathing
Anime DebutEpisode 15
Manga DebutChapter 28
Japanese VoiceSaori Hayami
English VAErika Harlacher


Shinobu Kocho Appearance

Shinobu is a dainty young lady with a pale tone. She has dull wavy hair that foggy spots to a faint purple, styled at the back of her head into a level yakai-maki bun, joined with a white, turquoise, and light purple butterfly decoration.

Shinobu is short in tallness and has been depicted as having a little and feeble-looking form, which is subsequently supported by her referencing that she doesn’t have sufficient actual solidarity to execute a devil as the other Hashira do. As indicated by Zenitsu Agatsuma, Shinobu is adorable to the point that she could get by on her looks alone.

Whenever Shinobu was fourteen, her appearance was adjusted marginally. Her jaw length strands of hair before her ears were wrapped up, and she had an alternate Demon Slayer uniform consisting of silver buttons and material a hazier shade of purple. She additionally donned a plain white haori over it.

Shinobu Kocho-personality


Shinobu shows a splendid, cordial, and merry disposition, continuously having a nice grin all over no matter what the circumstance she is in. Be that as it may, her outward conduct is shown rapidly to be a façade. This is shown in the manner she appreciates prodding others, with the result of being fairly vicious about it, getting a charge out of most outstandingly to single out Giyu Tomioka. 



For the most part Abilities: As a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Shinobu is a very impressive and gifted warrior. Despite not having the actual solidarity to remove an evil presence’s head normal to that of a normal Demon Slayer, Shinobu utilizes her inventiveness, creativity, and other actual capacities to more than compensate for it. Rather than the conventional strategy for beheading an evil presence with a Nichirin Sword to kill them, Shinobu picks to utilize an altered adaptation of a katana that goes about as a stinger to infuse deadly Wisteria poison that is harmful to devils. 

Other than her mind, she is incredibly quick and coordinated, permitting her to overwhelm evil spirits rapidly. Her actual strength was uncovered during her fight with the second most impressive Upper-Rank devil, Doma, where she had the option to go head to head with the evil spirit, in any event, figuring out how to overwhelm him somewhat and got acclaim from Doma.

Enhanced Ability:

In agreement with her Insect Breathing swordsmanship style, Shinobu is amazingly coordinated and quick, shown when she moved through rich timberland easily and sidestepped the Spider Demon (Daughter’s) silk Blood Demon Art effortlessly and artfulness. While battling, Shinobu depends on aerobatic developments to convey many short pushes with her katana to infuse as much toxin as possible into her foe on the double. This additionally permits her to avoid and dodge assaults rather than impeding them. Shinobu’s nimbleness even amazed Doma who experienced difficulty staying aware of her handy developments.

Upgraded Strength:

Despite being the littlest individual from the Demon Slayer Corps and in this manner having the most fragile swing strength because of her little arms, Shinobu rather shows strong pushing and wounding strength, as demonstrated when she punctured a stone rock into equal parts and figured out how to break a roof with a vertical push assault. Her fortitude furthermore allows her to infiltrate the assortment of Upper-Rank Two, Doma, as well as his neck.

Speed and Reflexes:

Shinobu Shinobu Kocho GIF - Shinobu Shinobu Kocho Butterfly Dance -  Discover & Share GIFs

Shinobu has godlike speed and reflexes empowering her to easily sidestep and outperform evil spirits, assaulting them before they might actually enroll what occurred. Shinobu is quick to the point that it frequently shows up as though she is magically transported. Her barbaric speed even figured out how to astound Doma as she out-sped the Upper-Rank various times during their battle, releasing many strikes that even Doma couldn’t completely obstruct or avoid, causing him to concede that Shinobu is the quickest Hashira that he had ever met. Besides, she once moved so speedily, even while genuinely hurt, that even Doma couldn’t enlist and hardly countered. Most amazingly, she moved so quickly that she separated a scaffold after being seriously harmed by Doma.

Stamina and Endurance:

Shinobu Gif - GIFcen

As a Hashira, Shinobu has accomplished huge degrees of endurance and perseverance because of long stretches of cruel preparation. This was shown during her fight against Doma where she had the choice to keep combating the Upper Rank notwithstanding losing a lot of blood, having one of her lungs infiltrated, and being not ready to inhale, an achievement which made Doma question accepting that she was human.

Dauntless Will:

Shinobu has an unfaltering soul and amazing determination, generally because of her voracious disdain for devils. Indeed, even with her feeling of inadequacy achieved by her little size and feeble actual strength, and notwithstanding losing such a lot of blood to the point she was unable to stand and not have the option to relax. In the wake of recollecting her guarantee to Kanao and hearing Kanae’s words, Shinobu stayed relentless and stood up, an accomplishment that amazed even Doma.

Sharp Intellect:

Shinobu has tremendous information in involving poison in battle. During her fight with Doma, she had the option to compute how much toxic substance and the toxin blend that would be the best against him. After her sister’s demise, she had the option to utilize what miserable data Kanae gave her to devise a technique that in the long run prompted the loss of Doma. She additionally fostered a type of gesture-based communication with Kanao to impart essential data in a limited ability to focus time, while helping Kanao in battling and overcoming the Upper-Rank devil.

Clinical Expertise:

Despite not being as battle capable as the remainder of her kindred Hashira, Shinobu rather shows colossal ability and dominance over clinical and drug fields to compensate for her absence of normal conceived battle capacity, being profoundly learned about how to make different toxins utilizing Wisteria Flowers and use them in the battle to accomplish the most lethal impact. She is equipped for killing adversaries in practically no time, and even figures out how to make a toxin sufficiently able to radically debilitate Doma, the second most grounded evil spirit of the Twelve Kizuki. She has the fundamental abilities to gradually immerse her body with poison without contrarily approaching her wellbeing, as a need might have arisen to neutralize the toxins and toxic substances made by evil spirits. This is seen when she figures out how to fix the toxic substance that is gradually changing Zenitsu Agatsuma into a bug and reestablishing him back to his past human structure.

Poisonous Physiology:

In request to overcome Doma, Shinobu intensely adjusted her body by retaining profoundly thought Wisteria-based poison over a time of a year before her fight with him. She is viable in splashing her body with the subtle poisonous substance that has merged with her body’s cell structures, including those of her blood and inside organs-directly down to the genuine tips of her fingernails. With Shinobu’s general size and body weight, her body is what could be compared to 37 kilograms worth of toxin, around 700 times an overabundance to kill a normal evil presence, with the toxic substance being sufficiently able to soften Doma down to his actual bones and kept him from recovering.

Expert Swordswoman:


As a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Shinobu is one of the most noteworthy and gifted swordswomen in the entire association. Her battling style is unquestionably exceptional, yet as successful as conventional swordsmanship styles. Shinobu’s swordplay has practical experience in blade pushing and penetrating strategies to infuse poison into devils. Her blade pushes are so quick and strong that they can puncture stones and out-speed Water Breathing’s Drop Ripple Thrust structure, the quickest pushing strategy in that Breathing Style. Nonetheless, the construction of her blade makes it incapable of hindering assaults, so she compensates for it with her quick pushes and wounds. Her swordsmanship ability permitted her to conflict with Upper-Rank Two, Doma, who has lived and battled for north of a century, further exhibiting her splendid blade using expertise.

Insect Breathing:

Best Insect Breathing GIFs | Gfycat

A Breathing Style made by Shinobu Kocho, who planned it to make up for her absence of actual solidarity to remove an evil spirit’s head. She has turned out to be incredibly capable in this swordsmanship style, permitting her to overcome incalculable evil spirits and, surprisingly, go head to head with the second-most grounded Upper-Rank devil, Doma.

  • Butterfly Dance: Caprice- The client jumps out of sight and charges towards the adversary and stings them on numerous occasions with their cutting edge to infuse poison.
  • Dance of the Bee Sting: True Flutter- The client runs at their objective at blinding paces and uses the force of their speed to then fortify a solitary push into their adversary and infuse poison into them.
  • Dance of the Dragonfly: Compound Eye Hexagon- A six-hit assault with which the client intends to strike and infuse their objective with various portions of toxic substance at the objective’s flimsy points (like the neck, heart, middle, and so forth) to kill them with a huge portion of toxin.
  • Dance of the Centipede: Hundred-Legged Zigzag- An assault with which the client utilizes their max throttle to run a crisscross example that confounds their rival to make an opening for them to straightforwardly wound their rival’s neck and infuse toxic substance to kill them, with the cut’s power and power being additionally improved by the energy of their speed. Doma noticed that the sheer speed of this strategy is sufficiently able to obliterate a whole wooden scaffold.


Stinger Nichirin Katana:

Shinobu conveys an intensely altered Nichirin Katana manufactured by Tecchin Tecchikawahara as her essential weapon. It is equivalent to any katana from the handle to somewhat over the grip, yet over that, the weapon loses its edge and is supplanted by a pole. It closes in a needle-like tip, looking like a bug’s stinger apparently, and works. The “stinger” is intended for the infusion of Wisteria poison into devils, as Shinobu utilizes her clinical aptitude to supplant her general absence of solidarity and failure to execute evil presences. 

Her katana’s handle is intended to bear a likeness to four-petaled water-shaded bloom, managed with orange. The edge is lavender-blue in concealing, with the words Evil Demon engraved on the right face, while the words Destruction are engraved on the passed-on face because of her cutting edge design. Alongside her katana, she has in like manner changed the weapon’s sheath, including it as an adaptable poison blender and loader.

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