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alpha eminence in shadow

Alpha is Shadow Garden’s second-in-command and a lineage of the elf hero, Olivier. After being cured of Demon Possession by Cid Kagenou, she dedicated her life to his cause and became the organization’s first recruit.

If that’s what you want, then I’ll devote my life to it…

Alpha to Cid Kagenou

Alpha Wiki

Age10 (introduce)
13 (Left Cid’s House)
15 (Currently)
OccupationSecond-in-Command of Shadow Garden Seven Shadows  
DebutChapter 1
Episode 1

Alpha Appearance

kid alpha eminence in shadow with cid

Alpha is a young, attractive female elf with a large bosom, long golden blond hair, blue eyes, and a slender frame.

When dressed as a civilian, Alpha typically dons a provocative dark decorative gown, opera gloves, and high heels in addition to a choker and necklace.

She wears the typical slime bodysuit, which exposes her cleavage in the chest area while participating in Shadow Garden activities. She also sports special accessories made to resemble her uniform. She also conceals her identity by wearing a domino mask attached to a flower.

Alpha Personality

Alpha is motivated by vengeance against the Order of Diabolos for the suffering she endured as a child. She is therefore determined to see Shadow Garden prosper to achieve that goal and despises those who stand in the way of her and her allies.

However, Alpha is more than that. She supports Cid and her Shadow Garden allies with kindness and loyalty. Although Alpha is completely confident in her master and is aware of his full potential, there are times when she worries for his safety and well-being and begs him to put his trust in Shadow Garden. Her faith is unbreakable to the extent she is even willing to give her life for Cid.

alpha with shadow

She always makes sure that those under her command return safely as the leader who oversaw the majority of Shadow Garden’s operations, and she won’t give them an order that she wouldn’t be willing to carry out herself. She extends this benevolence to the Order of Diabolos’ victims.

Alpha History


In the elves’ homeland, Alpha had a relatively typical childhood and even got to know the young lady who would grow up to be Beta. Sadly, the young elf was banished and forced to leave her home after it was discovered that she was possessed by a demon. She ultimately fell under the control of a gang of robbers as the Demonic Possession spread to every part of her body.

Fortunately, Cid Kagenou found the young elf, freeing her from captivity and curing her Demon Possession before returning her body to normal. The girl, known as Alpha, was enlisted by Cid after she pledged her loyalty as payment. Cid also revealed the existence of the Order of Diabolos, the group responsible for the conspiracy and the true nature of Demon Possession. After learning the truth, Alpha decided to support him, thereby officially founding Shadow Garden.

Alpha Powers & Abilities

alpha shadow garden fighting

Alpha has proven to be a formidable swordswoman, easily disarming Iris Midgar, albeit by catching her off guard and defeating a monster that the Midgar Kingdom’s greatest warrior was fighting in a single strike. Shadow, her master, was impressed with how much she had grown in strength and skill.

She has excellent stealth infiltration abilities, just like all Shadow Garden members since she was one of the organization’s founders. Additionally, Alpha is a capable leader.

Alpha entering the door to the Sanctuary
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