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The Eminence In Shadow Characters ,

The Eminence in Shadow has done the impossible by getting the spotlight in a season full of star anime such as Bleach, Chainsaw Man and Blue Lock. With a fantastic first episode which blew away expectations, many fans already believe it has the potential to be the anime of the season.

This thrilling blend of action, drama and comedy is also bringing new popularity to the light novel series. In this article, we will cover The Eminence In Shadow Characters Age, Height, Birthday & More.

CharacterAgeBirthdayHeightGenderJapanese Voice Actor
Cid Kagenō / Shadow / John Smith17 (Past Life)
16 ( Ln)
UnknownUnknownMaleSeiichirō Yamashita
Claire Kagenō17UnknownUnknownFemaleRina Hidaka
Alexia Midgar15UnknownUnknownFemaleKana Hanazawa
Iris Midgar20UnknownUnknownFemaleYōko Hikasa
Rose Oriana17UnknownUnknownFemaleHaruka Shiraishi
Alpha15UnknownUnknownFemaleAsami Seto
Beta15UnknownUnknownFemaleInori Minase
Gamma17UnknownUnknownFemaleSuzuko Mimori
Delta15UnknownUnknownFemaleFairouz Ai
Epsilon17UnknownUnknownFemaleHisako Kanemoto
Nu (#13)15UnknownUnknownFemaleMaaya Uchida
Sherry Barnett16UnknownUnknownFemaleSaya Aizawa
Hyoro Gari15UnknownUnknownMaleYoshitsugu Matsuoka
Jaga Imo15UnknownUnknownMaleShin Matsushige

Cid Kagenou (Age: 15)

Cid Kagenou

Cid Kagenou is the main character of The Eminence in Shadow and is a person who got reincarnated into its fantasy world. As the famous anti-hero Shadow who leads of group of vigilantes named Shadow Garden, Cid enjoys staying behind the scenes while controlling everything from the background.

He is a capable leader who was able to recruit several strong individuals. At the same time, however, he is also extremely delusional and makes up stories on a spur, even though most of them coincidentally turn out to be true. As a person who always chased greater power, he was finally able to achieve it in this new world filled with magical abilities. He is a master at swordsmanship, has perceptive abilities and a lot of creativity in battle. Pairing this with his superhuman physical prowess and knowledge makes for an extremely deadly combo.

Alpha (Age: 15)


Alpha is a beautiful Elf who became second-in-command of Shadow Garden after being rescued by Cid. She is very dedicated to him and helped immensely in the growth of the organization. With her blue eyes and slender figure, she has a very memorable presence on screen. Alpha is very compassionate and kind to her peers but can also be ruthless if the situation asks for it. Her only motivation is to grow Shadow Garden so that they can take down the evil Cult of Diablos.

Similar to Shadow, Alpha is also a very talented swordsman who has impressive physical abilities. She is very good at infiltration and is also a very important leader in Shadow Garden who manages it on behalf of Cid. In addition to this, Alpha can also use magic handily and is seen using healing abilities.

Beta (Age: 15)


The silver-haired second member of Shadow Garden, Beta, is also a very loyal individual who is in love with Cid Kagenou. After having heard his stories from Earth, Beta writes these and becomes a very famous author under an alias. She is generally calm and humble but often stumbles whenever Cid is involved.

As the fifth-strongest member of Shadow Garden, Beta is excellent at stealth and can defeat her opponents before they know what hit them. She can resist bullets and even shows considerable talent in magic and swordsmanship. As a famous writer, Beta is also one of the better actors in the group and can easily sneak inside any gathering.

Gamma (Age: 17)


Gamma is a mature woman who seems very elegant at first glance. However, she is very clumsy and tends to trip easily. Along with this, Gamma is also one of the weakest in Shadow Garden but with Cid’s encouragement, she finds her calling in the intellectual side of things. With this, Gamma began the Mitsugoshi Company which used Cid’s recollection of objects from his past life to produce goods such as chocolates.

While she is not strong, Gamma does play a huge role in the tactical part and comes up with ingenious strategies. She was able to set up a successful business while also using it as a centre to collect information for the sake of Shadow Garden. Despite having a lot of magic, Gamma fails to be able to apply it in battle and her awkwardness often leads to hilarious situations.

Alexia Midgar (Age: 15)

Alexia Midgar

Alexia is a student in the same school as Cid and is also the second princess of the Midgar kingdom. Initially, she is a very spoilt and unlikeable girl who has a deep complex after being compared to her sister. After a variety of events and spending time as his fake girlfriend, however, she slowly starts changing into a kind and compassionate person.

Alexia is very athletic and a strong person, but since her sister is a genius, she is often looked down upon. Her swordsmanship and magic are only said to be average but she is very good at playing politics and using her intuition to analyze situations. Alexia is also a hard worker despite her appearance and she was able to overcome her lack of talent to become one of the top students in the academy.

Delta (Age: 15)


Everyone’s beloved Beastkin, Delta, is the third strongest member of Shadow Garden only after Shadow and Alpha. She is one of the most dangerous in the series and enjoys fighting and causing a ruckus while even being described by many as sadistic. After experiencing Shadow’s strength, she became enamored with him and became yet another valuable member of his forces.

While Delta lacks intelligence and foresight in battle, she makes up for it with her raw strength. As a beastkin, her senses are much more evolved than most around her. She has a lot of stamina and durability and goes into a frenzy while facing multiple enemies. Her special technique showcased her using her magic to create a huge sword of slime to defeat several opponents in a flash.

Claire Kagenou (Age: 17)

Claire Kagenou

Claire is an extremely talented individual who is the heir to the Kagenou Family. She is generally stoic and upright but has a huge brother complex which causes her to act recklessly in any situation where he’s involved.

As the person who taught her brother several things, Claire is also understandably very good at swordsmanship and magic. In addition, she also has a fast flash ability which can make her rapidly speed up and eventually even gains the power to manipulate blood. While she does not know about her brother’s powers, she can read his mind on several occasions, especially when he tries skipping out on training.

Iris Midgar (Age:20)

Iris Midgar

Iris is the first princess of the Midgar Kingdom who is a source of envy to all those around her. With her looks and beautiful red hair along with being the leader of the Crimson Order, there is very little she is yet to accomplish. However, after running into Shadow Garden and the Cult of Diablos, she soon finds her weakness and begins obsessing over defeating Shadow. While Iris is not necessarily the smartest, she is very dedicated and brave as we see her stepping no matter how poor the odds are.

She has a unique power to make powerful blasts by using magic on her sword. Along with this, she is extremely fast and can deliver smooth cuts on her opponent in quick succession. Iris can also walk and run on water, an ability which has not been shown by most characters in the series.

Sherry Barnett (Age: 16)

Sherry Barnett

Sherry is a cute, pink-haired girl who researched ancient languages. She developed a hatred for Shadow after being under the impression that he killed her adoptive father though, in reality, he saved her. She had a hard time making friends and was often engrossed with her work, but after receiving attention from Cid, she began developing feelings for him.

Sherry is possibly the least powerful character in the series and is effectively no different from a normal human bystander. However, what sets her apart is her extraordinary mind which could identify the properties and uses of various ancient artifacts.

Aurora (Age: 1000+)


Aurora is a mysterious yet legendary person who is known as the Witch of Calamity. While the Cult of Diablos was actively trying to suppress and use her power, her spirit eventually harbored Claire Kagenou’s body. While Aurora might look intimidating at first glance, she is very playful and humorous and enjoys spending time with Cid.

She can use high-level Blood magic and summon waves of weapons which gradually tear down even the strongest of opponents. Her perception is also very high and she can easily track down people. Having lived for a very long time, Aurora has a lot of knowledge of mystical elements and has a unique biology and body parts which regenerate quickly and attack enemies even when severed.

Oriana Rose (Age: 17)

Oriana Rose

Oriana Rose is a skilled swordswoman and magician who serves as a loyal subordinate to Cid in Shadow Garden. Though once a refined princess, she now uses the codename No. 666 and carries out secret missions. Oriana has mastered techniques like Quick Flash and Sword Flash, wielding both magic and blades with grace.

Her passion for swordsmanship led her to push herself to excel after joining Shadow Garden. Oriana deeply cares for Cid and her new comrades, having forged strong emotional bonds. She cut her long hair short to show her resolve when becoming the new Queen of the Oriana Kingdom, ready to defend her homeland. With unwavering loyalty and warm compassion, Oriana works tirelessly in the shadows to support Cid’s ambitions.

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