Does Uzaki and Sakurai get together in the Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!?

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Do uzaki And Sakurai Get together?

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! is a popular romantic comedy anime and manga that focuses on the growing relationship between the lively and bubbly Hana Uzaki and her reserved senpai Shinichi Sakurai.

Many intimate moments hint at Uzaki’s interest in Sakurai, like bringing him to meet her mother and not making a big deal of his accidental groping. Uzaki indulges Sakurai’s hobbies, works at his part-time cafe, and secures a couple’s voucher for them. Their awkwardness on the trip confirms their mutual interest.

But Does Uzaki and Sakurai get together in the series? Before talking about this let’s talk about their moments.

Sakurai and Uzaki Moments

Uzaki and Sakurai’s relationship progresses from friendship to romance over intimate moments in the popular anime and manga Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

uzaki and sakurai vr game

During an arcade VR game, Sakurai accidentally gropes Uzaki but she brushes it off, saving him embarrassment. She shares his hobbies like gaming, movies, and arcades and indulges his interests. At a cat cafe, Uzaki shows Sakurai how to pet the cats, again demonstrating her comfort with him.

Upon discovering Sakurai works at a cafe, Uzaki immediately starts working there too to be closer to him despite the summer break starts. Their mutual crush becomes even more apparent when they unknowingly secure a couple’s voucher for a getaway and feel awkward.


At the beach, Sakurai falls on Uzaki during a blindfolded game but she doesn’t overreact. Later when he snuggles her in his sleep, she allows it, showcasing her affection.

These intimate instances in the anime and manga highlight Uzaki’s growing romantic feelings for Sakurai through her willingness to overlook mishaps and longing to spend more time together. Their chemistry ultimately leads to them becoming a couple.

Sakurai and uzaki beach water melon press

Is Uzaki in love with Sakurai?

Of course, she is. After spending lots of time with Sakurai she falls in love with him.

Do Uzaki And Sakurai Get together in the manga?

t is revealed that Uzaki has longed to be with Sakurai for years but was waiting for him to make the first move before taking steps to get closer to him herself. Despite Uzaki’s earlier patience, her feelings culminate in Chapter 73 when she and Sakurai officially begin dating, confirming they have ended up together as a romantic couple.

Although the manga is still ongoing, it is highly unlikely their relationship will regress given the enduring chemistry shown between the two characters and the comedic, lighthearted genre. Any issues they face as a couple moving forward would realistically make their bond stronger.

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