Top 50 Best Ecchi Anime 2022 with Good Storyline

Best Ecchi Anime

The word “Ecchi” is a Japanese slang that means Playful Sexual action. While many love it there are others who categorize ecchi anime as poor-quality fanservice anime that doesn’t bring anything new to the table. An ecchi anime is usually filled with light-hearted harmless sexual humor and teasing. It is popularly used as a sub-genre … Read more

Is Uzaki in love with Sakurai and Do Uzaki And Sakurai Get together?

Do uzaki And Sakurai Get together?

It seems that Uzaki has an interest in her senior/senpai Shinichi Sakurai, as she discovers more and more about him in their seemingly regular interactions. She was even comfortable enough to bring him to her house and introduce him to her mother, who had some misunderstandings of her own volition. Before talking about Uzaki’s love … Read more

How does Tokyo Revenger’s Time travel work?

Time travel, How does Tokyo Revenger’s Time travel work?

In Tokyo revengers, the protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki can time travel, the first time he does time travel is on July 4, 2017, when he falls onto the tracks and was going to get hit by the train, at that moment he thinks of Hinata Tachibana and his memories of his middle school days and then … Read more

Brook Wiki, Age, Devil Fruit, Haki


Brook is the ninth member of the crew and the eighth to join the Straw Hat Pirates. He is the musician and one of the two swordsmen of Straw Hat Pirates. He is also called as “Soul King” Brook and joined the crew at the end of Thriller Bark Arc. Brook consumed the devil fruit, … Read more

Tony Tony Chopper Wiki, Age, Devil Fruit, Bounty

Tony Tony Chopper Wiki, Age, Devil Fruit, Bounty

Tony Tony Chopper was the sixth member to join and is the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is in actuality a reindeer who consumed a devil fruit that goes by the name – ‘Hito Hito no Mi’, which allows the consumer to transform at will into a human hybrid. He is also one … Read more

Nico Robin Wiki, Age, Devil Fruit, Love Interest

Nico Robin

Nico Robin is the seventh member of the crew and she was the sixth to join Straw Hat Pirates at the end of the Arabasta Arc. She is the sole survivor of the demolished West Blue Island of Ohara. Robin consumed the devil fruit, Hana Hana no Mi which grants her the ability to reproduce … Read more

Nami Love interest, Age, Bounty, Devil Fruit, Wiki


Nami, also known as the cat burglar, is the third member of the Straw Hat Pirates, and her job aboard the ship is to work as the navigator. Formerly, she worked for the Arlong Pirates. Nami is a skilled fighter and a talented navigator. She is also very intelligent and is able to think two … Read more

Who is the Red Powered Suit Gundam in Overlord

What is the Red Powered Suit Gundam in Overlord

At the end of Overlord Season 4 Episode 09, we saw a Red Powered Suit (Gundam) kill two of Aniz Death Knight without breaking a sweat. Also, the Gundam can fly and its speed is amazing. Now the question on everyone’s mind is what is that thing? Who sent it? and Is it A Threat … Read more

Usopp Wiki, Dad, Full Name, Devil Fruit, haki


“God” Usopp is the sniper for the Straw Hat Pirates who joined the crew at the end of the Syrup Village arc, becoming the fourth member. His father is the notorious sniper Yasopp of the Red-haired Pirate. He wants to become a brave warrior of the sea just like Elbaf Giants. Usopp Wiki Usopp made … Read more

7 Bleach Characters who can Defeat Ichigo Kurosaki

Characters who can Defeat Ichigo (1)

Adapted from Tite Kubo’s ultra-popular manga series, Bleach stars Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenage human and substitute Shinigami who can see spirits and channel supernatural powers. In his quest to save the universe from the sinister Hollows, Ichigo encounters a slew of formidable warriors, most of whom possess equal or superior skills to his own. Defeating … Read more