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Debeshi found anime when she was 12 years old. Since then, anime has always been a big part of her life. Anime has taught her about having good friends, caring about family, and loving others. She wants more people to enjoy the awesome world of anime too. Her other interests include art, academia and fashion
Reincarnation Manhwa With a Strong Female Lead

15 Reincarnation Manhwa With a Strong Female Lead

Reincarnation is quite a popular trope in manhwa, with characters being offered a second chance at life. With knowledge of the future and determination to rewrite their fate, protagonists in reincarnation manhwa are smart and calculating, captivating our hearts with their charisma. And what’s better than a reincarnation manhwa with a strong female lead who …

Best Romance Manhwa with Badass Female Lead

15 Best Romance Manhwa with Badass Female Lead

With beautiful art and passionate stories, romance manhwa is a genre that has always been popular. Whether it is set in the modern world or in a land of fantasy, a strong heroine definitely makes any romance ten times better! Who doesn’t love a badass heroine who takes charge of her own destiny? If you’re …

True Beauty

True Beauty Wiki, Plot, Characters ,Review And More

True Beauty (여신강림 in Korean, literally meaning “The Advent of a Goddess”) is a manhwa series that was a worldwide sensation. Written and illustrated by Yaongyi, it was serialised on Naver Webtoon from 2018 to 2023. True Beauty follows the journey of Lim Jukyung, a girl who was bullied in middle school due to her …

Best Isekai Romance Manhwa

15 Best Isekai Romance Manhwa

Isekai Romance is a genre that has found itself a large and steady fanbase in the manhwa community. With beautifully drawn characters and thrilling romantic plots, isekai romance manhwa usually involves a fantasy world full of noble families and magic. Most of them are also adapted from popular Korean webnovels. In this article, we have …