Is Black Clover Anime Canceled? When will Black Clover Season 5 Come out?

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Black Clover Anime Canceled?

Is Black Clover Anime Canceled? This was the question from millions of fans when the latest season ended all of a sudden.

The answer to it is No; Black Clover Anime is not canceled.

Black clover is an ongoing Shonen manga written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. It has been made into an anime by Pierrot and currently has 170 episodes.

However, as anime is near the manga In order to perfect the final arc, the studio has put the anime on hold so that author gets enough time. Despite not being officially on hiatus, the situation is similar.

Here we have discussed when will it come back.

When will Black Clover Season 5 Come Back?

Season 5 Will Come Back

We have had 4 seasons of the anime so far which adds up to a total of 170 episodes. The last season aired in 2021 and since it has been a long time, fans are nervous if the awesome anime will be completed or not.

The 170th episode was announced to be the last episode of the series. The main reason for the cancellation of the anime was the lack of source material as the manga is still ongoing.

Black Clover Season 4 covered 272 chapters and the remaining 60 chapters at the time are not enough to make a new season.

Black Clover Final

There is no news for Season 5 of the anime yet. The manga has gotten into its final arc so the announcement might come after its completion.

The author’s focus on perfecting the final arc has put the anime on hold. The story of Is Black Clover season 5 will most likely continue where Asta was left off and it could be the final season of the series.

Despite the uncertainty of season 5, fans still have the movie to look forward to. It is expected to be released in 2023, although its release date has not been confirmed.

Black Clover movie is anticipated to continue where the story of season 4.

black clover

Although fans suspect it might cover the Spaid kingdom Raid arc from the manga. The storyline is not officially confirmed.

Nevertheless, the fact that we are getting an official black clover movie is definitely confirmed.

The news about season 5 is expected to come after the release of the movie. So fans have to sit tight and enjoy the movie for now. Reading the manga Is always an option for the fans that can’t wait.

What is Black Clover All About?

black clover baby asta yono

This series follows the story of a young orphan named Asta who was born without any magic in a world where magic is deep-rooted in the common lives of people. Asta lives in an orphanage with Yuno who is a magic prodigy and Asta’s rival.

They both aim to be Wizard king who is one of the highest authority figures in the kingdom. Asta tries to make up for his lack of magic power by increasing his physical prowess by training excessively.


People usually get a grimoire when they turn 15 which further helps them advance their magic. In this story, Yuno gets a 4-clover grimoire which is said to be extremely lucky and powerful, it was also used by the first wizard king. Asta gets a 5-clover grimoire which is said to have a demon reside in it. He gets the ability to use anti-magic with it.

Does Asta have what it takes to be the most powerful wizard?

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