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Rimuru Tempest

Satoru Mikami now goes by the name “Great Demon Lord” and is the main protagonist of the series That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

He is the partner and best friend of Veldora Tempest’s true dragon and also the founder of the Jura Tempest Federation. He lives in Rimuru City, the capital of Jura Tempest.

True Dragon Veldora Tempest is the partner of Rimuru who is currently the founder and King of the monster country Tempest of the Jura Forest. Satoru is considered one of the most powerful Demon Lords among the mighty Eight Star demon lords and currently, he is the only proper demon lord.

Miho Okasaki has voiced Mikami in Japanese and Brittney Karbowski in English.

Rimuru Tempest Wiki

NameRimuru Tempest
Previous NameSatoru Mikami
Age2 (As Slime)
39 (Including Previous Life)
SpeciesDemon Slime
Height20 cm (Slime Form)
120 cm (Human Form, post-Ifrit)
GenderGenderless (Mentally Male)
Hair ColorNone (Slime Form)
Bluish Silver (Human Form)
Eye ColorNone (Slime Form)
Gold (Human Form)
OccupationKing of Tempest
ClassMage, Swordsman
DebutEpisode 1


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Rimuru Slime GIF - Rimuru Slime Tensei - Discover & Share GIFs

After reincarnation, he appeared as blue slime but later when he became a Demon Slime, his body is now of silver color and has streaks of gold. As he is a Slime he is androgynous, he mimics and takes on the form of respective creatures while still maintaining his individual stature.

He gains mass over time which allows him to mimic other firms without using extra magic. Initially, he only had enough mass to appear as a human child but every time he consumed an enemy stronger than him his size increased notably.

Mimicry- Human

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Rimuru has blue-silver hair in this form. There are no proper gender features, but he is mistaken for a young girl as his original form belonged to Shizue Izawa. He uses his anti-magic to keep this memento from Shizue and his pattern of speaking is like a prepubescent boy.

His hair resembles that of his original slime body, his human form and his slime body is equal in mass so Rimuru fills his body with solid shape instead of black fog. As he is not using the black fog he doesn’t require additional magic to maintain the form and there is no discomfort when he is in this form. His human form increases drastically when he is in his human form and he finds it easier to navigate around. This form is human but still, he doesn’t need to breathe or excrete, but he can eat, drink and taste freely.

He wears a black fur coat and a scarf in human form. Under that coat, he wears a kimono and pants made by Shuna. As an undergarment, he wears steel thread underwear that he made for himself, and to hide the monstrous aura he wears Shizue’s old mask.

After becoming a Demon Slime he is seen wearing a black overcoat. His fingernails have become sharper and his overall look is slightly older.


Rimuru Tempest Personality

Rimuru has a peculiar personality and a thoughtful heart. He always tries to avoid troubling situations as much as possible and he works very efficiently if there is a task to be taken care of.

As he was a hard-working salaryman and a cherished senior co-worker, Rimuru always helps anyone in need which often increases his workload.

Rimuru tends to react severely in conditions where his close ones are in danger such as his subordinates, countrymen (as his and their souls are linked) students, and good friends (as he cannot see children suffering). It can be said that he overreacts but it can be seen that he truly cares about them. 

He doesn’t shy back from destroying his enemies regardless of their numbers, who try to harm his subordinate and his country.

If a mishappening to his subsidies he quickly reverts back to his laid self and scratches his head at the scenery that he caused. 

Other demon lords describe him as cautious and cunning as they don’t know that he tries to avoid getting into troubling situations. As the story progresses he actually becomes a true demon lord and he bends the rules of the new world. He also understands the capabilities of his subordinates and allows them to handle tough situations by themselves.

Power and Abilities


His dying words as Satoru granted him many abilities and advantages in his new life by the voice of the World. This is the reason he became a slime. When he became a Demon lord his magical powers were multiplied 10 times as he shares a family name with Veldora.


This ability allows him to consume anything he wishes and get their powers. He can also take the shape of whatever he eats.


He can copy the form of anything that he eats. He gained the ability to take Shizue’s form after eating her.


He can alter or transform by creating wings or armor to protect his body.

Poison Gas

He can create various toxic gases and use them in melting things and causing paralysis.


He has the ability to create a steal or sticky thread. He gained this power after consuming a monster spider.

Thought Communication

It is a form of telepathic ability that he gained from eating Ranga’s father.

Black Flame

A strong skill that allows him to mix fire with water and lightning.


He gained this power from eating Charybdis which allows him to levitate on his own will.


He is ageless and cannot grow old and can live forever.


He plans everything meticulously and can turn any situation in his favor with thorough planning.

Master Negotiator

He can negotiate with anyone by using their desires against them.


He can stretch his body enough to cover an Orc Lord.

Temperature and Electricity Resistant

He cannot be frozen or burnt or electrocuted by any voltage.

Pain Resistant

As he is a slime he cannot feel any pain.

Poison Resistant

He likes to get drunk but he cannot as his body resists it.


He can regenerate any damaged body part by buffing out that organ.


He can create clones of himself which allows him to make fool of his enemies. He gained this ability by eating Ifrit.

Item Regeneration

He can regenerate a half item into a full one as long as he has examined it completely such as masks, swords, or even a manga.

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