True Demon Lord in Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

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True Demon Lord

The term Demon Lord is can be used in two different ways – as a social position or as a monster class. In general, it refers to the highest position or rank among the monster classes, yet this is still debatable, as there are various beings who are not monsters but are identified as Demon Lords. 

The title of “Demon Lord” is not as shady as it sounds. Not everyone with this title has an evil nature, it is just believed that they’re evil because they have so much power. 

For reference Rimuru, Milim, and Ramiris all three are Demon Lords but the former two are childish and the latter are kind and generous, which often confuses people because of their tile.

So what is a Demon Lord?

So what is a Demon Lord?

The true Demon Lord is the most heightened form of presence in the world of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. It is a title that can also be touted as a race.

Don’t mix them up with Eight Star Demon Lords and Ten Demon Lords which are organizations.

The Designation of the True Demon Lord is very difficult to obtain. Even if you have lived for eons it doesn’t guarantee that you will get this title. Orc Disaster was about to become a True Demon Lord but was halted in the middle of the transformation which shows that other Demon Lords keep a close eye and prevent others from evolving.

How to become a True Demon Lord in TenSura?

How to become a True Demon Lord

To stand in the race of becoming a True Demon Lord first one must fulfill the requirements.

Firstly one has to enter the Harvest Festival and has to go under personal transformation. After the transformation is completed, a newly formed True Demon Lord is born and they obtain one ultimate skill.

The awakening of a True Demon Lord can be felt anywhere around the world and everyone will sense that a True Demon Lord is born. The direct subordinates who have their soul linked with the True Demon Lord will also receive a gift that will make them more useful and stronger.

Requirements to become one

Rimuru Killed 10,000 People

In becoming a True Demon Lord the first step is to possess a Demon Lord’s seed and collect thousands of souls. For normal ascension, it appears to be 10,000 souls as Rimuru and Clayman both showed.

The souls are not required to be collected directly by the one who is taking part in the ascension but as long as the deaths are conducted by their intentions the souls will be collected. Rimuru awakened the required subordinates through the soul corridor, established through Gluttonious King’s “Food Chain” ability.

But this method requires 100,000 souls and he can also awaken other demons by transmitting the energy of 100,000 souls to them by establishing a soul corridor with them.  

Harvest Festival

Rimuru Summoned Demons

The Harvest Festival happens after all the requirements are fulfilled and one agrees to start the evolution. While evolving some lose consciousness or hibernate while others struggle with their new powers.

In the Harvest Festival, the one who is undergoing transformation can physically transform and gain an enormous amount of magical power plus he can also get additional abilities and ultimate skills can also be obtained during transformation which may or may not lead to a change in personality.

The subordinates will also receive powers and abilities in the form of gifts.

Continued Evolution

Rimuru and Guy made the point that this was the final form of the monsters given normal circumstances and no matter how many souls they try to gather they cannot evolve any further. However, of course, there are exceptions to this.

Rimuru’s powers increased drastically after awakening his and Guy’s servants as True Demon Lords. It is still unclear if Guy’s subordinates would count as he only needs a brief soul corridor to evolve them and Rimuru holds a permanent soul corridor link with his subordinates.

This represents that his powers are directly related to their evolution, as they evolve his power increases. This practice also puts him in the league of other True Dragons Velgrynd and Veldora.

Furthermore, Rimuru evolved into an Ultimate Slime by sucking Veldora’s energy and leaving his core intact, this gives Rimuru in theory the ability to transform him into the 5th True Dragon.

We saw that when the Wisdom King Raphael evolved into Manas she boosted everyone’s energy to the utmost level and then only Rimuru was finally acknowledged as the Great Demon Lord by the Voice of the World.

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