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Ayush is an enormous animanga enthusiast who has been watching and reading them for over 10 years. He enjoys reviewing, rating, and analyzing them as well as recommending them to his friends and peers. He hopes to introduce people to animes and mangas that tend to go under the radar and help them appreciate them.
The Best Manga to Read in Each Genre

The Best Manga to Read in Each Genre

Manga has become a worldwide phenomenon due to the variety of unique stories that it produces from several different genres. Through this, it appeals to almost every section of the audience while making them experience everything from joy to sadness. With many themes and types of characters that fit the tone of the manga, they …

Best Shoujo Manga

10 Best Shoujo Manga that Everyone Has to Read

Manga that generally tend to appeal more towards a younger female audience come under the section of Shoujo manga. These usually focus on the romantic relationships between its main characters while taking a lighter and cuter tone. The themes, genres and storylines covered are a welcome change from the high-octane action Shounen manga which dominates …

Top 10 Best Shounen Manga

Top 10 Best Shounen Manga

Through the many decades of manga that have existed, those aimed at the Shounen demographic have been the most popular kind. With intense action, exhilarating adventures, and adrenalin-pumping moments, we see protagonists gain power and form relationships, It is no surprise that it has a wide-reaching audience. In this article we take a dive into …

Top 10 Best Seinen Manga

Top 10 Best Seinen Manga

The Seinen manga aims mainly at young adults while choosing more mature and relatable themes compared to Shounen Manga. Seinen covers a variety of genres ranging from action to romance but takes a more realistic and grounded route rather than trying to go through a very fictional way. Due to their more complex plots and …

Top 10 Best Horror Mangas Everyone Has to Read

Top 10 Best Horror Manga Everyone Has to Read

Horror manga has been one of the most distinguished and loved genres among fans for quite a long time. With the disturbing topics and the eerie setting, these never fail to thrill the audience. In addition, art plays a pivotal role in these, as the gory and uncanny designs act as the best compliment to …

Good Night World Characters Age, Height,

Good Night World Characters Age, Height, and More

Good Night World is a recently released anime that takes an innovative spin on the video game setting. One of the main highlights of the series was its memorable cast, which featured several distinctive characters. In this article, we will look into everything we know about the characters of Good Night World. These will also …

Amazing Isekai Mangas Everyone Has to Read

10 Amazing Isekai Manga Everyone Has to Read

There are very few things that show the wondrous nature of fantasy more than an Isekai. These usually follow a protagonist who gets reincarnated/teleported into another world of magic and fantasy and uses his newfound powers to achieve their objective. With a plethora of organisms, creative powers, and a mix of romance, action, and comedy, …

Shangri-La Frontier Characters

Shangri-La Frontier Characters Wiki, Age, Height and More

Shangri-La Frontier is an ongoing anime that is bound to excite Shounen fans. Set majorly inside a video game with an expansive world and colorful characters, there is an excellent chance that the series will surpass all expectations while becoming an unexpected frontrunner of the Fall 2023 season. In this article, we will be looking …

Winter 2024 Anime

All Winter 2024 Anime Confirmed So Far

The Winter anime season, which runs from January to March, often has a lineup of amazing series to kick off the new year. The 2024 winter season is no different and has some of the most anticipated adaptations coming out. Here are the Best Upcoming Winter 2024 anime: Release Date Title Studio Director January 7 …