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Genya Shinazugawa

In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Genya Shinazugawa is one of the key characters. He is a Demon Slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps and the younger brother of Wind Hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa.



Geneya made his debut during the Final Selection as a short, youngster with huge, deep-set skewed eyes. As a result of his furrowed brows, he appears angry. His hair is styled into a buzz cut, with just a little cluster of muddled dark hair left on top of his head. On his right cheekbone, he also had a large, spiked scar that ran from his ear to over his nose. In his first appearance, Genya wears a purple sleeveless yukata over a plain dark shirt with long sleeves.

Geneya later appeared in the Butterfly Mansion with a considerably more wild appearance after getting sprayed with a growth spray that made him six feet tall. In addition, his hair is styled in a mohawk, reaching around his neck. All over his body, he had grown more solid and cultivated scars. His hair gets bright yellow tips after the Swordsmith Village Arc. In the wake of becoming a Demon Slayer, his outfit changed to an olive-green version of the Demon Slayer uniform, which he actually wore over his old purple yukata.



Genya begins as a profane and irritable individual who refuses to accept help from others and does not exhibit any habits. During the Final Selection, he yelled at Kanata Ubuyashiki and grabbed her hair. In addition to his terrible attitude, his reckless disposition is strikingly similar to that of his more seasoned sibling, Sanemi.

During the fight against Hantengu, a Demon of Upper rank, he showed a greater willingness to collaborate with Tanjiro, Mitsuri Kanroji, and Nezuko. The more time he spent with Tanjiro and his companions, the more amiable and considerate he became.


  • By consuming live Demon tissue, Genya briefly acquired demon power. Depending on the individual’s strength, he may gain regeneration and brute strength equal to one.
  • With the help of Zohakuten’s wood, Genya obtained the strength and speed to throw three trees at a time without pause.
  • When Genya ate Kokushibo’s hair, his demonic abilities were further enhanced, as evidenced by his ability to reattach his severed body in seconds and even intercept Kibutsuji’s telepathic communication. Having eaten a piece of the Upper-Rank One’s Flesh Sword, Genya began to take on Upper-Rank One’s physical characteristics, such as his eyes and hair. Genya’s enhanced demon abilities are revealed later on, showing that even when his head is sliced cleanly in half, he is not only alive and conscious, but also has the strength required to activate his Blood Demon Arts.
  • Blood Demon Art: Genya had developed his own Blood Demon Art while fighting Upper Rank One after eating the flesh and cells of at least two Upper Ranks (Kokushibo and Hantengu). Genya’s Blood Demon Art, like Nezuko’s, was designed to battle and harm other demons.
  • Expert Marksman: Genya has demonstrated exceptional skill with his double-barreled shotgun in battles against Upper-Rank Four and One.
  • Expert Swordsman: Genya’s main weapon before deciding to use a shotgun was a Nichirin Katana, and it was implied that he was competent with it against demons.
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