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Ainz Ooal Gown

Ainz Ooal Gown a.k.a Momonga is the protagonist of the anime Overlord. He is the Overlord of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, guild master of Ainz Gown, and the founder of the pandora’s actor. He is considered as the highest of the might 41 Supreme beings by the NPSs of the Nazarick.

In the new world, he is the magical king of the Sorceror Kingdom and the strongest magic spell doer in the entire world. He is also known as a ‘Momon’ who is a fighter and the leader of the darkness, a robust adventure group of the nation. He is the most robust adventurer and the most powerful adventurer in the E-Rantel.


Ainz Ooal Gown Appearance

His appearance is like an overlord, an alive skeleton being who has no skin and flesh. He usually sports a pitch black gown embedded with golden and violet edges, when he is naked he is completely made up of bones. We can see a red orb floating behind his ribs that stems a feeling of worry.

Furthermore, he has a tiny dark red shine coming inside his empty eyeballs. That glow can increase which can lead to reddish flames coming out of both his eyes. Furthermore, Ainz also has a black halo thing shining behind his head.

In his warrior aura as Momon, Ainz sports a full pitch black jacket as his armor and it too has golden and purple markings. He also wears a red cape to respect his pal Touch Me. He also carries two large swords on his back.

Audience Hall Attire

In the Holy Kingdom and its representatives, Ainz Ooal Gown, the Sorcerer King wears a different dress altogether than his go-to attire. His sleeves and hem are made of spotless white fabric and they are also planted with purple and white colored decorations and are tied at his waist. He covers his hands with gloves that complement his clothes and are fitted with metal plates that are lustrous as the seven colors of the rainbow.


Ainz is a stingy and cautious person, he is farsighted and always plans his moves ahead to avoid any hazardous incidents that can endanger Nazarick. This includes lying to the members of the New World about his magical spells. Since he was teleported to a New World and is alive and well, he has become cold and calculative as his emotions are grounded. He is not hesitant to lie or in provoking his opponents, he uses each and every trick that he can think of to have an advantage in any situation. He likes to experiment with his powers and abilities, in the process of measuring them he can even kill and brainwash people heartlessly. Everything he does is to better himself, to go up a notch in his accomplishments, and gain new methods of using the magi and status in this New World.

As he is a hoarder and collector, he mostly spends his money in YGGDRASIL gathering large amounts of items, irrespective of their true value, he just collects them. One-time event items are of no use to him such as scrolls, armors, and swords, and these usually get thrown away. He is ambitious and always looks for ways to expand Nazarick as a whole. As the Guildmaster he likes to reflect the words said by his fellow guildmates as they may have a new meaning in the New World.

Skills and Abilities

Ainz Ooal Gown Skills and Abilities (1)

Normally a player who is on 100 level can learn up to 300 spells. But Ainz managed to learn 718 various spells with the help of a special ability known as “Dark Wisdom”. He can use these learned skills as a weapon and read opponents’ weaknesses and strengths. He is ranked in the top 5 among the Guild Members in magical knowledge.

Overlord/Racial Skills and Abilities

  • Arcane Vision 
  • Black Halo
  • See Through
  • Dark Soul
  • Acid Immunity
  • High Tear Undead- He has the ability to create an Eyeball Corpse using his racial skills
  • Middle Tear Undead- His abilities allow him to create Jack the Ripper, Corpse Collector, Death Knight, or Soul Eater by using racial skills. It can be used on the corpses to keep them around in the battle.
  • Low Tear Undead- He can form Zombie, Skeleton, Wraith, Elder Lich, or Bone Vulture, and can be used to zombify the dead creatures such as dragons, beasts, giants, or even humans.
  • Dark Wisdom- He used this skill to learn more skills than a normal player. He used this spell and learned 718 spells instead of 100 like other normal players.
  • Despair Aura- This ability allows him to create fear, an abnormality that made people afraid.
  • Despair Aura 2- This ability allows him to create panic, panic is worse than fear because more people will create more panic.
  • Despair Aura 3- This ability allows him to create confusion, this can only work if the masses are not prepared for recovery.
  • Despair Aura 4- This ability allows him to create madness or insanity, it is caused by chronic cases of confusion and can be only cured by someone from outside.
  • Despair Aura 5- This ability allows him to cause instant death.
  • Electric Immunity
  • High-level Magic and Physical Immunity
  • Ice Immunity- Ainz is protected from all kinds of ice-cold spells, he cannot be frozen or chilled whatever the temperature is.
  • Negative Protection and Negative Energy Touch
  • Speaks Evil Tongue
  • Undead Sensing and Unholy Protection- He can sense other undead beings and also have protection against them.
  • Status Damage, Slashing Damage, and Piercing Damage

Basic undead Skills and Abilities

  • Dark Vison
  • Immunity from Death and Diseases
  • Critical hit immunity
  • Double Damage by fire
  • Mind Effecting Immunity
  • Sleep and Paralysis Immunity
  • Poisoning Immunity
  • Undead Domination and Control- Ainz has the ability to dominate the mind and soul of the undead. The slaves will recognize their users as their masters and they cannot hide anything from their masters. But there is a limit to how many undead Ainz can take control of.

Super Tier Magic

  • Creation- It is an upper-level spell that has the ability to alter the terrain. It is used as protection from cold winds or heat from volcanoes. As per Ainz it has an effective large area and can also cover the whole eighth floor of the Tomb.
  • Fallen Down- By using this spell Ainz calls a mammoth blue pillar from the sky and it burns so bright and red that the entire world will become white. This deals massive damage to the opponents.
  • Ia Shub Niggurath- He uses this spell to call upon a black cyclone that kills everything in its range. This spell is so powerful that it causes instant death and is useless on golems, undead, and other those who have no living soul and is only effective on living beings.
  • Wish Upon A Star- This absorbs user experience points and grants a wish. Ainz can use this ability by using special items.
  • Pantheon- Once this spell is cast upon, Ainz can call fourth-six levels 80 Cherubims Gate Keepers who have holy magic under his order.

Weapon and Equipment

  • 10 Rings- Each ring grants him different powers. Ring of Mastery Wand, Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown, Shooting Star, Ressurection Rings, Protection Ring from all divination spells, Ring that protects from behavioral disturbances, Ring that protects from temporal attacks, Ring that has 12 magical spells inside it.
  • Robe and Belt- Robe has a special effect on the person who wears it, it creates a dark black aura below Ainz feet.
  • Boots
  • Necklace and Circlet
  • Gauntlet and Cloak
  • Momonga’s Red orb and Ainz’s Staff

Dark Warrior Equipment-

  • Full Body Metal Armor
  • Twin Great Swords
  • Black Widow Clothes
  • Haste Boots

Other Equipment-

  • Armageddon Evil
  • 5 Pointed Star Pendant
  • Gauntlet of Archery and Primary Colors
  • Infinite Backpack
  • Inferno
  • Magic Staff
  • Protective Spell
  • Blasting Staff
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