Who is Riku Aganeia in Platinum Dragon Lord’s Armor?

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Who is the Dragon in Platinum Dragon Lord's Armor

The Platinum Dragon Lord also called the Tsaindorcus Vaision is remotely controlling the Platinum Dragon Lord’s Armor in Overlord. He told Ainz ( Pandora’s) that his name is Riku Aganeia. He is the son of the Dragon Emperor. Additionally, he was a member of the Thirteen Heroes and a councilor of the Argland Council State. According to him, Players pose a great threat to the New World.

It has been suggested that New World is the tentative name for the unknown world to which the Great Tomb of Nazarick is said to have been transported. This world’s true name has not yet been revealed in the light novel.

Platinum Dragon Lord Wiki

Platinum Dragon Lord
(Tsaindorukusu Vaishion)
EpithetPlatinum Dragon Lord
Tsa (By Rigrit)
Riku Aganeia
FamilyDragon Emperor (Father)
Japanese VAJin Yamanoi

Who is Controlling the Platinum Dragon Lord’s Armor?

Tsaindorcus Vaision is remotely controlling the Platinum Dragon Lord’s Armor.

Platinum Dragon Lord’s Appearance

Platinum Dragon Lord's Appearance

Tsaindorcus Vaision is an enormous dragon with a majestic appearance. There are white sparkles on his scales, as if he were wearing a white light that glimmers in the wind. He is graceful and elegant enough to make you question whether he is really the strongest species or a work of art. Despite his colossal body, the Dragon Lord’s voice can emanate gentleness.

Dragon Lord’s Background


In the Argland Council State, he is one of the Five Dragon Counselors and one of the few surviving True Dragon Lords who didn’t take part in the war with the Eight Greed Kings which took place five hundred years ago. Following the fallout between the Eight Greed Kings, which ended up leading to their civilization’s demise, he moved into their floating castle in order to guard their magic items and prevent anyone from misusing them. Since then, he has been fulfilling this self-imposed duty.

In order to protect the New World from players and their powers, He joined the Thirteen Heroes group under a fake identity by remote controlling an empty armor from a distance. Even after the disbandment of that group, he still controlled his armor to move about outside in the open as shown when he encounter Shalltear Bloodfallen.

Role in The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Platinum Dragon Lord is an unknown foe who forced Shalltear Bloodfallen to utilize her Valkyrie Armor and Spirit Lance. As soon as the Black Scripture retreats and Ainz learns of Shalltear’s location, Platinum Dragon Lord engages Shalltear in combat.

Abilities and Powers

Platinum Dragon Lord's Abilities and Powers

He has been regarded as the most powerful dragon among the five permanent members of the Argland Council State. His ability to sense a nearby player’s super-tier magic spell has been compared to the ability to detect an earthquake from afar. While controlling his armor in battle from afar, the equipment’s abilities were said to be powered by his own health pool.

Job Classes

  • Primitive Caster
  • World Connector
  • Overed Dragon
  • Soul Adorer


  • Platinum Dragon: Causes physical damage to all enemies.
  • True Eye: Cancels all the rising effects of a single enemy, deals physical damage, and raises its own mystery gauge.
  • Ambition: Increases own attack, hit, and critical rate, and negates physical and magic damage once.
  • Projection: Causes physical damage to all enemies and causes them to bleed. This attack is easy to stun.
  • Hero: When HP is 20% or more, reduce the physical and magic damage received and increase the physical attack power.
  • Utsusemi: Increases physical attack power and evasion


 “The deeds of those who gathered around my loving mother were wrong. They were wrong in the same way that father was. In the end, absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is the source of all faults.”

Tsaindorcus Vaision
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