Albedo Appearance, Abilities, Personality, and More

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Albedo from the series Overlord is the Overseer of the Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. She oversees the general management and supervises the seven Floor Guardians, which means that she is ranked above other NPCs in Nazarick, Nigredo is her older sister, Rubedo is her younger sister and she is the middle sister. She along with her sisters was created by Tabula Smaragdina.


Albedo Appearance

She is very beautiful with the face of a goddess and shiny pitch-black hair. Her pupils are vertically split and have golden irises. On her right and left thorns 2 vertically thorns protrude crookedly and there are angel wings on her waist.
She sports a pure white dress and her hands are covered by silky gloves. A golden spider necklace wraps her neck and shoulders. While she is in a fight she wears a full plate of black armor with a different helmet and she also carries a battle ax as her weapon of choice.


Albedo Personality

She is very loyal and extremely in love, enchanted and needy with Ainz, and shows obsessive behavior when it comes to him. She always competes for Ainz’s attention and shows jealousy if anyone tries to get close to him. 

Despite her true feelings, she states that Ainz is a Supreme Ruler and it would be unorthodox to have only one wife she will be fine if Ainz has other wives as long as she is the one whom he loves the most. Because of succubus nature and the way she was tuned to be in love with Ainz by him which is his fault. Sometimes she is also seen losing her control around Ainz as seen she almost raped Ainz against his will.

If compared to other guardians she is the most verbal about her sentiments. She will openly condemn any action or statement she sees unfair and inappropriate and sometimes up to the length where Ainz gets annoyed. As the overseer of the Guardians, she maintains her brain well and is levelheaded. She can make collected, calm, and appropriate decisions that even Ainz can’t make. Orders from Ainz are a top priority for her. As per Ainz, Albedo stores hatred and aggressiveness towards humans and she considers humanity as an inferior species.

If in any case Ainz is harmed, Albedo can lose her cool and go mad. She becomes very emotional if Ainz is somehow in a fatal condition or in any life or death situation or even if Ainz thinks of abandoning her.


Albedo along with her sisters was created by Tabula Smaragdina and was made to fulfill sexual desires but later Momonga changed her personality and made her be in love with him instead. She is a guardian and she has to keep track of all the Floor Guardian at all times.

Abilities and Powers

She has the highest defensive power against other NPCs. When she has her armor Hermes Trismegistus, she is impregnable and is also immune to various diseases. She can also transfer the damage to her armor, this allows her to handle a top-tier magic spell.

But as a limitation, she can only use it 3 times a day. The armor will break as it absorbs the attacks even if it has high defense abilities.
Her other skills include Counter Arrow, Parry, Skill Boost, Parry Missile, Devil Wings, Summon Mount, Item Destruction, Aegis, Succubus Eyes, Walls of Jericho, Poison Mist, and Transportation.

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