Who is the Red Powered Suit Gundam in Overlord

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What is the Red Powered Suit Gundam in Overlord

At the end of Overlord Season 4 Episode 09, we saw a Red Powered Suit (Gundam) kill two of Aniz Death Knight without breaking a sweat. Also, the Gundam can fly and its speed is amazing. Now the question on everyone’s mind is what is that thing? Who sent it? and Is it A Threat to Ainz? Let’s find out –

Things we Know

NamePowered Suit (Gundam)
UsersAzuth Aindra
Who can Use?New Players
Who have it?Red Drop Group

What is the Red Powered Suit?

What is the Red Powered Suit

It is a type of full-body armor used by new players in the YGGDRASIL game to quickly level up. Any player who does not have enough combat power can use it to increase his/her fighting power. It looks like a mecha robotic suit while in use.

The Powered Suit’s settings offer the flexibility to customize magical armaments. While half of them required microtransactions, the other half required grinding. The customizations could be performed pretty much anywhere outside of combat. However, some restrictions were still placed on them because of their weaknesses.

A stronger player considers the Powered Suit to be useless, even though it might be useful to a weaker one. For that reason, in addition to Divine grade gear, even Legendary grade equipment matching a player’s strengths could still outperform the Powered Suit.  

How does Red Powered Suit look?

Powered Suits can have lots of accessories so that the user can choose how it looks. As it is based on mecha it always looks like a robotic suit. It has a human hand and finger-like mechanism so it can hold weapons. The suit had six nozzles as a cosmetic effect, each ejecting white light that makes it look like a shooting star and helps the user to fly.

Who is using Red Powered Suit?

 Red Powered Suit

Azuth Aindra, a member of the Red Drop adventurer group, owns one of these power suits called Armor of Reinforcement. It attacked death knights during the war.

He is a noble of the Re-Estize Kingdom and an adamantine-ranked adventurer of Red Drop. He is also the uncle of Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra.

After the Kingdom collapsed, he was given amnesty within the Argland Council State. However, he still holds a strong sense of loyalty to his former kingdom and often dreams of the day when it will be restored to its former glory.

He is a kind and honorable man, always putting others before himself. He is respected by those who know him and is always ready to help out anyone in need.

Red Powered Suit was actually collected by Amanomahitotsu – one of the founders of the Great Tomb of Nazarick and head blacksmith. Maybe he is the creator who brings the Armor into this world.


  • The Powered Suit can replace the user’s stats with the suit’s own stats except for HP and MP. So it helps the low-level users to fight against high-level users. It will become a huge disadvantage if it faces an opponent who can break through the armor’s defenses.
  • Because it is classified as Full-Body Armour, the Powered Suit cannot be combined with other pieces of armor.
  • The Powered Suit also grants wearers the ability to fly through the air at a greater speed than the spell.
  • It could maintain operations for over an hour underwater without any detriments and was essentially immune to almost all environmental damage.
  • It could even apply and activate different kinds of offensive spells with its shoulders, torso, and, depending on the type, even the wrists, and feet.
  • The Powered Suit has a number of spells stored on it and the highest tier of spells that can be stored on the armor was the tenth tier. But tenth-tier magics can be used only once per hour.

Is it a threat to Aniz?

Ainz analyzed the suits and noted that the strongest Powered Suits could only have offensive capabilities equivalent to level 80 fighters. The Floor Guardian shouldn’t have an issue fighting it at all. It was only a threat to weak NPCs like the Pleiades.

Ainz told that in the past he tried this suit but he could barely cast his spells with it than without it.

So, no; it is not any threat to Aniz and his Floor Guardian. But Aniz was certainly surprised to know that humans have such weapons and armor.

Who defeated Red Powered Suit?

Azuth in the middle of a battle against the capital. He was losing, but he didn’t care. He was more concerned with mocking Albedo, the capital’s leader.

“You’re nothing but a disrespectful little brat,” he said. “You’re going to lose this battle, and it’ll be all your fault.”

Albedo was unfazed by his insults. “We’ll see who’s laughing when I’m the one standing over your dead body,” she said.

The two continued to fight, but it was clear that Azuth was losing. He was using all of his magic just to stay alive, and he knew he couldn’t beat Albedo.

“You’re too strong,” he said, finally admitting defeat. “I can’t beat you.”

Albedo smiled. “I told you so,” she said.

Azuth was terrified of Albedo. He knew that she was going to win the battle, and he didn’t know how to stop her.

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1 year ago

Amanonmahitotsu was just a collector of the item, the items were distributed from Yggdrasil.

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