Spare Me, Great Lord! Wiki, Plot, Charecters

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Spare Me, Great Lord! Wiki, Plot, Charecters

Spare Me, Great Lord! is an exciting and hilarious novel, Manhua and Donghua series that is rapidly growing in popularity. It tells the story of a young boy named Lu Shu who is abandoned by his parents and works hard to take care of his younger sister. In a fantasy world where many people have supernatural powers through spirit energy, he struggles more than the average person. However, this changes when he got hit by Truck Kun. After an accident, he gains a unique system that allows him to gain power and get stronger by taunting others and triggering negative emotions.

Spare Me, Great Lord! Wiki

GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Written byThe Speaking Pork Trotter
English publisherWebnovel
ProducersTencent Penguin Pictures
StudiosBig Firebird Culture
Original networkTencent Video (WeTV)
Original runDec 3, 2021 to Feb 11, 2022

Spare Me, Great Lord Characters

Lu Xiao Yu
  • Lu Shu: He is the male protagonist who most of the story follows. Lu Shu is a very caring and compassionate person who will do whatever it takes to protect those he loves. He harbors no solid personal feelings towards anyone else or the world in general and works very hard to provide a good life for his sister.
  • Lu Xiao Yu: As the adoptive sister and accompanying main character to Lu Shu, Lu Xiao Yu cares equally as much for her brother while having dark and violent tendencies when he is not around. The two of them get into several funny incidents together and spend their days together happily.
  • Li Xianyi
  • Liu Li
  • Xi Fei
  • Li Yixiao
  • Shi Xuejin
  • Jiang Shuyi
  • Cao Qingci
  • Nie Ting (Chinese Eren )
  • Coral Odin Johnson
  • Chen Zu’an
  • Chen Baili
  • Li Yixiao
  • Li HeiTan
  • Sakura Yayoka

Spare Me, Great Lord World Power System

Spare Me Great Lord World Power System 1

Similar to many Chinese stories, Spare Me, Great Lord! also follows a Cultivation power system where characters get powerful gradually. Strength is mainly classified through Nebulas which go from the First Nebula up to the Seventh Nebula. Under these, the classes get divided further into 7 stars which are again based on the abilities of the person.

At the same time, these people with supernatural abilities, who are also known as Meta humans, are also given ranks based on their classes. These are –
F Class: Any person who has gained the supernatural abilities of a Meta human gets ranked here. They are typically much stronger than a regular person.
E Class: They have the ability to use and wield elemental abilities which need a lot of refining and practice before being put properly to use.
D Class: In addition to the above skills, D class users are able to easily evade weapons without much struggle.
C Class: Rather than simply evading weapons, Meta humans that have reached C Class can easily resist and counter its power.
B Class: They can draw their strength from heaven and the earth and usually have a life span of about 180 years.
A Class: Unlike the B Class which can only draw strength from heaven and earth, A Class Meta humans can resonate with them and use a plethora of other powers. They can also live up to 800 years. They can also fly.
• Grandmaster: Also known as the S Class or God of Stealth Realm, people in this class can defy the entire laws of the world and live for nearly 3000 years.
Universe Realm: People in the Universe Realm can discover and visit different universes while having enough power to create a small universe of their own. It is unknown how long they can live.
God King Realm: Very little is known about this but it is the highest known class that a person can achieve.

Who is the Main Love Interest?

A huge reason why people enjoy reading Manhuas is their romantic storylines which show a female character fawning over the amazing main character. Spare Me, Great Lord! retains this feature and has a character named Carol Odin Johnson as the story’s main love interest. After being saved by monsters from him, she instantly falls in love and spends a lot of time trying to win his favor. She does this by using her money, which she knows Lu Shu loves. At the same time, she is also brilliant and likable despite being careless sometimes.

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