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Anya Forger

Anya Forger is the secondary main character or the deuteragonist of the spy comedy series Spy x Family. She was previously recognized as “test subject 007”, she was a part of an unknown organization that performed shady experiments. These gave her the esper or telepathic abilities. She appeared in the first chapter when Loid came to adopt her. Currently, she is the adopted daughter of Loid Forger and Yor Forger and a student in Cecile Hall at the prestigious Eden Academy.

Anya Forger Wiki

Anya Forger
NameAnya Forger
Age6 Years
Height99.5 cm
BirthdayNot Announced
Hair ColorLight Pink
Eye ColorGreen
OccupationTest Subject (Formerly)
First-Grade Student
Anime DebutEpisode 1
Manga DebutChapter 1
Japanese VoiceAtsumi Tanezaki

How Old is Anya Forger?

Anya Forger is 6 years Old.

when is Anya Forger’s birthday?

Her birth date is unknown.

How Tall is Anya Forger?

Anya is 99.5 cm (3.26fy).


Spy X Family Anya Forger GIF - Spy X Family Anya Forger - Discover & Share  GIFs

Anya Forger is a young girl with short height and fair skin. According to Loid’s description, she is around four to five years old. Her eyes are green and large and have oval-shaped notable eyelashes. She has light pink shoulder-length curly hair that reaches just above her eyes. Anya is noticeably smaller than most of her equivalents and they make fun of her because of her short stature.

She sports a simple black dress with a white ribbon on the front and at the bottom, she wears white socks with black shoes. In her, she wears two bright yellow ornaments that look like two small horns. She always wears these ornaments even while she is sleeping.

At her school, she wears a standard school uniform with black mary jeans and white knee-high socks. She has a brown bag that she carries around with a sheep key chain attached to it.
In her physical education class, she ties her hair with a red hairband and she wears a school gym uniform with white socks and gym shoes.

In her young years, her hair was slightly smaller and she didn’t wear her hair ornaments instead they were tied into small buns at the side of her head and she wore scrubbed clothing.


Anya Forger Personality

Just like other young children, she’s impressionable toward people around her.  For example, reading Loid’s mind and acting in odd ways, and learning how to throw a punch from Yor. She has telepathic abilities and wandering from one foster home to another she instantly recognized that Loid was a real spy.

After adoption she always wanted to go with Loid and see the spy work up close as she is fond of spies she sees on TV but after the event of chapter 1 she learned the harsh reality and sheer amount of danger of being a spy and she completely stopped messing with Loid’s work. She is clever and smart being able to spell large words on her own and helping Loid and Yor by encouraging her.

Anya only wants a family that is loving, caring, and who can look after her. Her prior family likely ditched her, she started crying just at the thought of Loid leaving her and asked Loid not to leave her behind. This is further confirmed by how she lies about her age so that Loid adopts her for his mission.

During her time being an experiment test subject she feared that people will know about her abilities, it looks like the experiments left mental scars on her personality.

Skills and Abilities

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Anya can read the minds of other people and animals, her use of the ability is depicted by small sparks around her head. She is sensitive in large crowds and she gets nosebleeds by too many thoughts. She finds it difficult to read complicated minds just like Loid’s and to use her abilities she has to be within a certain range of her target.

Classic Language

Despite not receiving formal education she has knowledge of the classic language. Loid notices that she could have scored really well if she would’ve not made so many spelling mistakes.


It is shown multiple times that she has street smart skills, she saved Loid from potential death by using her quick thinking and skills. She can also make a bomb.

Self- Defense

Yor taught some self-defense skills to Anya early on and she uses them to punch Damian in his face.

Anya Forger meme

Why does Anya have horns?

There’s no official word one way or the other about Anya’s horns, so it’s all speculation, but what are they all about? On the sides of her head, she wears two black hair ornaments with bright yellow embellishments that resemble small horns. Even when she sleeps, Anya wears her hair ornaments.

They’re always there, even during the dressing up with Becky chapter, there was a horn in the same place on all of her outfits, so perhaps they serve as an antenna for her mind-reading or something. Or like the Spy Cartoon, it is just something She loves to wear.

Where does Anya forger study?

Anya is a student in Cecile Hall at Eden Academy.

What Grade is Anya Forger in?

Anya is in first grade.

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1 year ago

Anya isn’t 6 years old. Her true age is unknown, but she may have been as young as 4 when she was adopted. (Episode 1, and the manga)

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