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Who is The New Dog that Anya Met

In Spy x Family Season 1 Episode 13 Anya meets with a large, fluffy, white dog. If you are a SpyxFamily fan you may think Who is the dog? What is his ability? Here we will discuss everything related to bond up to the latest manga.

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Who is the White Dog?

The large, fluffy, white dog with a weird ability is the newest member of the Forger family goes by the name of Bond and was formerly known as Subject 8.

Bond was used for experiments that resulted in him gaining future sight (precognition) abilities.

Bond Forger Wiki

Japanese Nameボンド・フォージャー(Bondo Fōjā)
English NameBond Forger
Other NameSubject 8 (Jikkentai 8-gō)
Worfles (Bofu-kō by Franky)
Hair ColorWhite with black paws
Eye ColorBlack
Manga DebutChapter 17
Anime DebutEpisode 11

Bond Appearance

Anya and Bond

Bond is large enough for Anya to ride on and has white fur with black paws, which Anya says resemble the gloves and shoes of one of her favorite characters, Bondman.

Bond has small and dark eyes with ears that droop down.

This appearance gives the impression that he is extremely wise and kind, which is not contrary to his personality.

In the recent anime episode Bond is shown to rescue a child. He also helps in saving Anya later which will end up being the reason why he is adopted.

However, behind this lovable and compassionate personality Bond has a very sad past.

Bond’s Past

Bond's Past

Bond used to be part of a research project called “Project Apple” which had the objective of producing highly intelligent animals. He was beaten, fed disgusting food as he was given shots frequently, and electrocuted.

Once the experiment was scrapped, however, the dogs ended up on the black market and eventually became bomb dogs at the hands of a terrorist group.

While his time at the experiment was beyond inhuman, he acquired skills that ultimately brought him together with the Forger family.

Bond’s Abilities and Skills

Bond's Abilities and Skills

Precognition: The ability of foresight which allowed him to see briefly into the future, as well as a high sense of smell which helped him in detecting bombs and chemicals.

Basic Combat: Bond has received some training from Loid in incapacitating potential threats and has shown to be quite effective at bringing down full-grown adults.

What Happens to Bond in the Future?

I won’t spoil too much but finally, after the terrorist group is defeated in a later arc he finds much-needed love at his new home with the Forgers.

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