10 Amazing Isekai Manga Everyone Has to Read

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Amazing Isekai Mangas Everyone Has to Read

There are very few things that show the wondrous nature of fantasy more than an Isekai. These usually follow a protagonist who gets reincarnated/teleported into another world of magic and fantasy and uses his newfound powers to achieve their objective.

With a plethora of organisms, creative powers, and a mix of romance, action, and comedy, it is one of the most entertaining experiences a reader can have.

In this list, we have recommended 10 amazing Isekai manga that everyone needs to read at least once in their lifetime.

10. The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero starts off in a manner typical of an Isekai manga as we see a man named Naofumi gets summoned to a fantasy world in order to save it. However, he is surprised when finds that few others are also summoned along with him and he is considered the weakest and discriminated against.

After being framed for a crime, he decides to leave and explore the country while growing stronger on his own. In his journey, he finds loyal companions who support him while helping him in achieving his goal. The Rising of the Shield Hero is a very interesting twist on the regular Isekai story while remaining entertaining throughout.

9. Overlord


Overlord is the most popular series in the new wave of “video game” Isekai that has recently come. It follows a man who is stuck in a virtual reality game after its servers shut down. In his new surroundings, he is considered an extremely strong and evil being known as Ainz Ooal Gown who commands over several strong subordinates.

As he sets out to explore his new world and look for the cause of his ordeal, he faces several hurdles that he has to overcome using his tenacity and vicious nature. Overlord is a very satisfying series where we see a ruthless main character who doesn’t take a moral high ground and does what it takes to get the job done. Filled with magical battles and memorable characters, it is a fun-filled adventure.

8. Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

Trapped in a Dating Sim_ The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

While this series might get overlooked by many due to it appearing like a bland harem story based in an Isekai world, in reality, it is the exact opposite. It follows our protagonist, Leon, who gets reincarnated in a world based on an otome game for women, where females hold dominance over males.

While struggling with these unfair conditions, Leon hopes to use knowledge from his previous life to benefit himself while completing the game and living his second shot at life peacefully as a mob in the countryside. Trapped in a Dating Sim has several elements of an enjoyable manga going from action and robots to a harem and romance. It refines all these genres very well while providing an unforgettable experience to the reader.

7. Re: Monster

Re_ Monster

Re: Monster is the reincarnation story we know and love but with a unique change, the main character is a monster himself rather than having a normal appearance. It follows his life as an extremely weak goblin who is constantly underestimated. However, he has the ability to get stronger through eating while surviving in his beautiful but brutal new world.

Through that, he sets off on amazing adventures while facing strong opponents and gathering reliable comrades. With a harem to boost the interest and an information dump through dialogue that gives us insight into its world, Re: Monster is well worth a read.

6. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

Arifureta_ From Commonplace to World's Strongest

Arifureta is one of the most fun stories ever made that follows the life of a boy whose entire class was transported to another world. The boy, Hajime, turned out to be the weakest in this new world and was soon discarded by his class and those who summoned them. However, through an unfortunate incident, he ended up getting stuck in a dungeon while trying to save his peers.

As he battles for survival on his own, he gets to experience his new surroundings by himself while meeting a variety of characters with unique personalities. In addition, he also starts to gain strength and knowledge in order to survive in this new Isekai world.

5. So I’m a Spider, So What?

So I'm a Spider, So What

“So I’m a Spider, So What?” similar to its title is a very unique story. It follows the life of a girl whose normal life completely changes after an unprecedented disaster and she is reincarnated in a new world as one of the weakest organisms, a spider.

On discovering the existence of a game-like feature that gives her skills however, she gradually increases her powers in hopes of evolving from her current status and having a better life. The story has a mix of various genres from mystery to comedy while fantasy continuously leaves the reader in awe.

4. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Mushoku Tensei_ Jobless Reincarnation

Based on the extremely popular light novel, the Mushoku Tensei manga makes small changes to the overall story but still manages to maintain the essence of the novel. It follows the life of a middle-aged man who is extremely introverted and stays in his room all day away from society.

However, after dying in an accident, he finds himself reincarnated in a fantasy world as a boy named Rudeus Greyrat. In his new surroundings, he plans to start anew while making sure to avoid the mistakes he made in his old life. In this world filled with magic, he gets assigned a teacher to refine his skills and eventually heads on exciting adventures.

While Mushoku Tensei is an extremely fun adventure, it also has several depressing and surprisingly realistic moments that hurt the reader. While the anime and novel follow the original story more faithfully, the manga is also worth a read.

3. The Eminence in Shadow

The Eminence in Shadow

While many might have overlooked it initially, with the anime that is currently airing, fans are starting to realize the brilliance of The Eminence in Shadow. The manga follows its protagonist Cid, an extravagant person who dreams of being a mastermind who controls everything from the shadows, similar to how it’s shown in movies and TV shows. While he wasn’t able to achieve this in his real life, when he gets reborn in a new world, he finds his dream much more realistic.

This is due to the fact that this world has magical powers and various kinds of species and the barriers of human limits can be broken. Watching Cid setting up a secret organization while controlling everything secretly is a hilarious but exciting adventure that you do not want to miss out on.

2. Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is an Isekai manga that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It follows a young and unfortunate boy by the name of Iruma who is sold to a demon by his parents. While expecting the worst, he is surprised when he is showered with love by the demon and even gets to go to school.

However, in a school filled with demons, Iruma needs to hide his identity or else he could face a disastrous outcome. The manga is light in tone and is a fun-filled adventure as we see the events in Iruma and his friends’ lives. With comedy and action as the cherry on top of the cake, it has definitely earned its spot on this list.

1. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

The best Isekai manga that everyone has to read without a doubt is “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”. Similar to the title, it follows the life of an ordinary human who gets stabbed and reincarnated in another world as a Slime.

While he is initially very weak, he is presented with cheats and buffs that help him level up and even act as a leader to several types of monsters. With his newfound comrades and powers, the Slime, who is called Rimuru, decides to explore the world, performing good deeds wherever it is possible.

While this might seem like an ordinary manga, the world-building and cast of characters are absolutely amazing while getting us more emotionally invested through every chapter. For any reader of manga, this is an experience they don’t want to miss out on.

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