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Chizuru Mizuhara

Chizuru Ichinose, commonly known as Chizuru Mizuhara, is the second lead character in Reiji Miyajima’s manga series Rent A Girlfriend. The story revolves around a man named Kazuya Kinoshita, who is dumped by his former lover Mami after barely a month of dating. He becomes unhappy, and two days later discovers an app called ‘Diamond,’ which allows him to rent girls for dates. That’s how he meets Chizuru Mizuhara, who is supposed to be his scheduled date. However, they eventually learn that Mizuhara is actually his neighbor, and the plot thickens as she frequently assists him in getting over his breakup with Mami.

Chizuru Wiki

Chizuru Ichinose
NameChizuru Mizuhara
Real NameChizuru Ichinose
Age19 Years
Height162 cm
BirthdayApril 19
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
OccupationCollege Student
Rental Girlfriend (part-time)
Leading Actress
RelativesSayuri Ichinose (grandmother)
Katsuhito Ichinose (grandfather)
Anime DebutEpisode 1
Manga DebutChapter 1
Japanese VoiceSora Amamiya


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Chizuru Ichinose is a college student at Nerima University, where Kazuya Kinoshita is also a student. She is a literature major who appears to live at Royal Hills Nerima room 204, just next to Kazuya’s house.
Chizuru has waist-length chestnut-brown hair with bangs hanging on the right side, which contrasts nicely with her light brown eyes. When she portrays herself as a dedicated student, she also sports spectacles and a butterfly adornment, as well as double braided hair.
As a result, her presentation as beauty has a standard that only a few women could ever hope to achieve, with light attire, make-up, and accessories completing her ultimate look.

The persona of the character

Chizuru Mizuhara Appearance

At first glance, Chizuru Mizuhara appears to be a sweet and considerate young lady who has been well received by all of her dates. However, it is solely for the purpose of obtaining good ratings as a rental girlfriend in order to pursue her grandmother’s dream of becoming an actress. But, aside from that, she appears impatient, sharp, and rude, with a calculated streak, as evidenced by her hatred for when her ratings fall. She only exhibits this side of herself to those who she despises (for example, Kazuya, who gives her a bad rating), and if she doesn’t, she’ll merely put up with the act of faux politeness.

Facts About Chizuru Ichinose

  1. The favorite color of Chizuru is red.
  2. She wants to become an actress.
  3. During junior high school, Chizuru was a delinquent.
  4. She used to be a clingy baby.
  5. She was born in 1998.
  6. She is completely different from her rental persona.
  7. Chizuru works as a rental girlfriend to attend acting classes.
  8. She is a college student

Chizuru Mizuhara Walpaper

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1 year ago

Chizuru is the ultimate Tsundere.

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