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Best Josei Anime

Top 10 Best Josei Anime

Josei anime is the adult evolution of the shoujo genre and is characterized by the same issues as shoujo animes, such as rosy depictions of romances and utopian courtship gimmicks. Josei is a descriptor of an audience, hence not a genre. It frequently touches on topics that shoujo may only touch upon fleetingly, including the …

Best Kodomomuke Anime for KIDS,Kodomomuke Anime,

Top 10 Best Kodomomuke Anime with Fantastic Plots for Kids of all Ages

Anime might be known for its adult theme catered to a more mature audience. That said, there are many very popular anime expressively targeted toward kids. These anime are called Kodomomuke (literally meaning – directed at children), where the target audience is restricted to kids aged ten and younger. You might also say that these …

Best Anime Couples

Best Anime Couples of 2023 That Made You Feel Love Is Real

The genre has also come to be known for its healthy dosage of romance. Many fan bases only watch anime if it features fascinating relationships and some swoon-worthy romance. In stories that astonish us with love, generosity, gentleness, and intense desire, anime fans have always enjoyed seeing the main characters form relationships with attractive and …

Best Shoujo Anime

Top 10 Best Shoujo Anime You Must Love in 2023

In the world of anime, shoujo is one of the most well-known subgenres. Over the past 10 years, the popularity of this anime genre has steadily grown, and some of the best-ever series and motion pictures have helped to unite fans. Regarding the top shoujo animes, fans make certain preconceptions. Action, adventure, comedy, and obviously …

Best Anime Husbandos

Top 13 Best Anime Husbandos

Almost all anime fans have at some point imagined one of the anime characters as their dream partner. These characters are famously known as Waifus and Husbandos in their terminology. Although this idea has long existed, it recently gained increased traction as a result of the internet. At some level, people may connect with these …

Fan Favorite Anime Characters of All Time

Top 10 Fan Favorite Anime Characters of All Time

There are tens of thousands of well-known anime characters around the globe, but some particular characters, like Naruto or Luffy, have won the hearts of nearly everyone. These are the types of characters that people can adapt to quickly. They are smart, amusing, and are praised for being amazing in every way. These indomitable anime …

A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice, also known as Koe No Katachi (in Japanese), is a 2016 Japanese animated drama film directed by Naoko Yamada and written by Reiko Yoshida. The highly regarded anime studio, Kyoto Animation, has produced an extremely emotional and realistic film. The film is based on Yoshitoki Oima’s manga series of the same name, …


12 most Hated Anime Characters by Fans of All Time

This piece of content might be worth your time if you are a devoted anime lover like we are. The media business has always benefited greatly from Anime as a medium, and its followers have good recollections of the shows they watch. The main factor that influences fans to tune in to their favorite shows …